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Tommy Needs Some Love. Here it is Much Love Tommy!

June 3, 2023

Let us jump right into it. Remember the first day of school and the teacher said that? That was hell.

In any case, Green Goddess took it to Manville Pizza winning 5-3. Larry Lefebvre got a Hat Trick and an Assist. Andy Morrison got 3 assist for the Goddess. Manville Pizza got on the board in each period. Glen Marshall, Pete Meegan and Keith Kraunelis all getting on the boad. In the end it was 5-3 Green Goddess.

In the next game, it was Final Touch and Votta Properties went at it. The highlight for Final Touch was Mike Baro. Baro set up their only goal with an assist from the crease, up to Sean Coffey. Coffey to Evin Huguenin finished. The highlight for Votta was Tommy Martins in his crease only letting up that one. Also, after losing the entire game, Votta put 2 in, in the third. One from the blue liner Frank Nardone, surgically going through Final Touch and putting the biscuit in the basket. Midway through the 3rd period, Votta would put it away. 2-1 Votta Properties.

In the final game, Vescera Law and Edge Doctor took the ice. I have to say for the first time, since playing for Vescera, I was routing for them. Early in the third, Edge Doctor would start the scoring with a goal by Steve Donovan. Would you believe it, a Connell scored a goal. Weird right. It wasn't me though. It was the handsome kid subbing in for Vescera Law, Sean Connell. Before the Period was over though, Edge Doctor would get over on VL with another goal, this one by Mark Kosinski. In the second Shane McCormick would tie it up. It wouldn't last as Steve Owens and Donavan would make it 4-2 going into the third. Shane again would get another one and yet another one to tie it up midway through the final period. Owens would get the GWG and Kreg Labelle the dagger. Edge Doctor would win 6-4.

Ok, I bet at the end of this article, that you been waiting for, you had thought about how many times you refreshed this morning. Where the eff is the article. Sorry, late night playing Kan Jam. It was a trifle windy, but we made it work. Sort of?

Hope you all have a great week. Tonight, Wicked Rhode is at Badgers Pub in Pawtucket, just off Broadway. Come on by.

Live, Breathe, Love.................................HOCKEY!!

Time to pay. First of the month. Fees Are Due

June 2, 2023

Hello league,

Please bring money to the rink if you owe for the summer season. You should already be paid up.


thank you,