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Neil Foley with Game Winner and other such nonsense.

January 22, 2022

It was so cold last night, the warm room was redubbed The Fridge. 

Hey, let's get into it. The Edge Doctor in front of Mike Dussault, Jr. and Vescera Law in front of Shannon Murphy, went at it in a playoff like atmosphere. In the first Eric Rondeau gave the Doctor the edge, with Kreg Labelle on the assist. In the second, LaBelle would get one of his own, sent to the net by Sean Coffey. Seriously, that was it a goal in each period with the goalies holding their own between the pipes. In the third, Vescera Law found a chink in the armor of Junior, getting on the board 2 and half in. Nate Arruda would put it past on a bing bang play from Paul Praderio and Kevin Schleicher. Just a short minute later, Praderio would tie up the game with Nate Arruda on the helper. The intensity just went to "eleven". Adam Babikian fired up the bench and a minute later Derek Franco would put the DR. EDGE back in the drivers seat. He was helped by Rondeau. Rondeau keeps playing like this, his rating is going up. Midway through the third, V-Law would dig deep and get themselves another one, set up by Jay Arruda and Rich Dias. What a game. With everyone in full pucker to the end, Neil Foley set up in his office in front, grabs the rebound from Mike Thomas and Kreg LaBelle's shots and bing bang boom, grabs the game winner. I know spoiler. The action was not done, the real unsung hero of the battle, was Sean Coffey stopping the open netter with his keaster from his keaster, and preserved the win in the waning seconds of the game. Edge Doctor wins 4-3.

In game two, Ricky Votta's, Votta Properties and Dan Dussault's Manville Pizza were ready for the popular 9:30 game. I will say, this does not happen often, but the Dussault's out numbered the Meegan's at the rink last night. More about that later. Votta Properties, sans Ricky V, due to a nasty cold. Although there were plenty of Votta's at the rink to route on the purple. Votta's team would start the scoring at the very end of the first. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe it was Ralphie My Boo who scored, but it looked like a pick up game with all the different Jerseys. Mike Bragan and Brian Roman set him up. Guess what happened in the second? Nothing but great goaltending by Frank Zabata and Tommy Martins. In the third, Mike Bragan would get a goal of his own with Kosinski setting him up. Guess what happened next Mark would set up Mike again. Deja vu, not really this was on a power play. I know that hockey is a passionate game, but it is men's league beer hockey. I know our lives are only fulfilled by the hour on the ice, but can we all calm down. Anyway, Ben Dussault has renamed Manville Pizza "The Butt Nuggs". I think his Fort Night might be suspended for a few hours today. Although, he can write in cursive so, that is something. By the way Votta wins and puts themselves in First in the standings 3-0. 

Later in the evening, Final Touch and Green Goddess went at it. Green Goddess got on the board from the drop of the puck, or 17 seconds into the game. Neil Yee would take the pass from Andy Morrison to put the GG on the right course. It would be the second that things went even better for the Goddess. JW Preston, back from hiatus would rush the puck (against his captains direction) and score with Morrison setting that one up. Less than a minute later, Matt Connell would take the shot, both Brian Pendergast and Jimmy Meegan would take a shot for the rebound, Jimmy would be successful. 30 seconds would tick by, and Brian Pendergast would get the next goal from Meegans pass. 3 goals in less than 2 minutes. Final Touch, did not want a 4 goal lead deter them. Late in the period Gerry Fahey would ruin the shut out bid. Got out in front of the net allowing Steve Owens to put it right on his tape. In the third a late push by Final Touch would get a couple more, undistracted by the skirmish on the opposing bench. Rich LaPlante, right place, right time, would take the puck off his shaft from a whip by Tim Pincince. Steve Manning also figured in on the goal. Pincince would get some puck luck again with less than a minute remaining. Final Touch would pull the goalie, Neil Yee from Goddess would take advantage and score a last minute goal. Pincince from Final touch would get a late goal with a pin point shot off the pads, finding its way in the net. A little too little a litte too late. Green Goddess wins 5-3 and is in third place with Edge Doctor. 

A couple of announcements. Next Friday, Wicked Rhode led by Mike Dussault, Jr. will be playing at the Coach's Pub in Smithfield. Coach's is located off 44 towards Centerdale (North Providence). Also, Loose Screws, led by Richie Dias is playing next Saturday at the Joint in Cranston. 

Over the past week, there has been some bad blood in the rink. Lots of yelling at the ref's specifically. Let's keep in mind, none of us have a chance for the NHL, AHL, ECHL, etc... This is our home. Hockey is a passionate sport. That doesn't mean we can be assholes. It is beer league hockey. It is supposed to be fun for everyone. Please keep this in mind. Much love. 

I hope you all have a great week. See you at the rink.

Live, Breathe, Love............................................HOCKEY!!!!!!

It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

January 15, 2022

Keep the Brass Monkeys in today. By the way, a brass monkey is ring or dimpled brass part that holds cannon balls on the deck of a war ship. They would freeze and contract and the balls would fall off and roll around the deck. 

The expression: "It is cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey" comes from the practice of putting iron cannon balls on a dimpled brass plate on the deck of a war-ship. When very cold the brass contracted sufficiently to cause the iron balls to fall out.

That said, let's get into it. Votta Properties moved up in the standings with a win and is now tied for first with Vescera Law. Votta faced Quick Dam, without their sponsor Schaivone. We are thinking about you Mark. Hope you heal up quick. Mike Bragan Started the scoring with the only goal in the first, for Votta, this was unassisted. In the second 2 drops of the puck and Votta was on top 3 to zip. 2 goals by the new guy and my neighbor, Brian Cormier. One was assisted by the captain and a handsome devil, Ricky Votta and Mike BONE-IN Bonin. His second was helped by Mark Kosinski, white gloves doin' what white gloves does. Another drop of the puck and Quick Dam was on the board. Shawn Smith showing off for his beautiful wife, buried the rebound of Frank Nardone's bomb. For those of you scoring at home, that is 3 total goals in less than a minute. Quick Dam would get the next one half way through the second. It would Smith again, this time with help from Jarred Martin, who was showing off for his little girl. All of a sudden it is 3-2. Ricky Votta took the wind out of Quick Dams sails with a goal of his own from Kosinski and Bonin. Late in the second Bragen would stretch the lead to 5-2. The score would remain such through the third. With Votta holding on for the win.

In game 2 the over/under was 12. who knew how right Vegas was. Hang on to your hats, this is how it went. First goal by Final Touch early on with touch. Rich LaPlante to Jim Galvin over to Tim Pincince and he buried. Next goal by Manville Pizza, Frank Nardone would get a goal from Rick Mercuri and Keith Kraunelis. Manville again would put the puck home off the face off 8 seconds later. Shane McCormick unassisted and minute later, it would Shane again from Greg Landry. The next two goals in succession would be from Pincince unassisted and then Final touch again by Jerry Fahey. Before the end of the period, Frank Nardone would put Manville ahead with a goal at the 5 second mark before the buzzer. Kraunelis and Nate Patterson on the assist. Hi Nate!. In the second, Keith would start the scoring for the Pizza stretching the lead to 5-3. And then Final Touch would get a 3 pack within a minute. A couple of subs on the goals with Galvin in the sandwich. 6-5 Final Touch all of a sudden. Shane McCormick for Manville would tie up the game and get a hat trick in the process, helped by Nardone. Final Touch would get 2 goals before the end of the second, scoring in bunches. Jim Galvin would get both of them from Tim P. That would Galvin getting his sombrero. In the third, Galvin would get another one early on. Next drop of the puck Manville would get one to keep pace. Greg Landry helping the pizza rise (get it). McCormick on the apple. Final Touch would get the next 2 and secure the 11-7 win. 

On to the 10:40 game. This one was going to be tough for Green Goddess. We could tell coming out of the gate. Adam Babikian was back from Covid Protocol, along with Jay Cawley. Mike Dussault out with the VID. Adam got some quality subs to help in his quest for the cup. Edge Doctor started early with Kreg LaBelle slipping the puck through a tiny window, Sean Coffey on the assist. First shift goals are always good. Late in the Period, Kreg would get number 2 for the doctor, from Albertelli. Green Goddess finally got on the board midway through the second, as Ricky Vasconcelos put the puck home, with help from Brian Pendergast. Score was 2-1 for a hot second. The jubilation wouldn't last. Yours truly with the assist against his own team and helping Kreg LaBelle complete his hat trick for the Edge. My generosity knows no limits. Yes, I am very tired. That shit will keep you awake. BTW they gave the assist to Eric Rondeau. But really it was me. Late in the second, the puck and the game ran away from Green Goddess. Edge Doctor would get won at the 2 second mark and end the second with a 4-1 lead. The next goal would be the Edge's finest Rondeau. He muscled his way out of the corner (yeah, he kinda just nudged me out of the way) and scored on the short side. LaBelle on the assist. The last goal of the game was scored by the Captain, Adam Babikian on the snipe. That would do it, 6-1 Edge Doctor. 

Check out those standings, it is still anyone's season. Vescera has been hanging on to that top spot, but now share it with Votta. Manville Goddess and Edge all knotted up with 12 points. Final Touch helped themselves and knocking on the door. Quick Dam has a lot of ladder to climb, but I believe they are the dark horse in the race. 

Hope everyone stays warm. Have a great week. 

Live, Breathe, Love...................................HOCKEY!!!!!