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Gravy Legs and Left Overs

November 27, 2021

Did anyone see that it snowed yesterday? I did, I blame all those who decorated early. You know who you are (Mrs. Morrison). 

In any case the ice heated up quickly. The battle between two goalies in the first game. Votta Properties, Frank Zabatta and Vescera Laws, Chris Santiago. They blanked each other in the first, but in the second Rob Edleman cracked the egg for Vescera from Aimee Accino and Paul Pradario. Paul took the shot from the point, Aimee tried shoving it in, Rob cleaned up the change. Later in the period, Jay Arruda came up from the blue line taking a rebound from Doc Manzo on a cannon of a shot. Late in the period, Edleman got another from Aimee. That was it for the scoring. In the third some masterful saves by the goalies, would make this a 3-0 game with Vescera winning. 

In Game Two, more magic by the great Santini Santiago, playing for Green Goddess. Early in the First Gary Ouillett scored from a rebound of Brian Pendergast. A couple of shifts later, Neil Yee and Andy Morrison hooked up for a goal. In the second, Morrison would get his from Yee. Late in the Period, Pendergast would get a goal of his own with help from Dave Poisson, filling in for one of the missing players. This little paragraph is a bit stale compared to the game, which was a great skate. Both teams were at their finest with opportunities on both ends. 

In the third game, despite the (how did Mike Dussault put it) gross over reach of substitute players, nah that wasn't it. Basically using 3 A1 players for not so A1 players. In any despite that, the game was a 2-2 drawer. (Mike you can edit that part). So, Quick Dam was trying to get a win, but it was not enough. All scores happened in the second. It started early as Kreg Labelle got on the board with a breakaway for Edge Doctor. A shift or 2 later, Mike Thomas got on the board for the Edge. Kreg and Neil Foley on the Helpers. Quick Dam got both back late in the second. Nick Nardone filling in for the Dam got the first one with help by Frank Nardone. And yes, they are related. Brothers actually. I bet they have played a little hockey together through the years. Just a guess. As time ticked away in the second Chris Burkel (Pilot) would get the tying goal from Nardone, (Nick, not Frank). That would be all the scoring in this one. 2-2 in the end. Both goalies were stellar, Mark Schiavone and Mike Dussault in each net. Mike says NeeNer NeeNer to Shawn Smith. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you have received the warmth of family and friends in your hearts. 

Have a great week. 

Live, Breathe, Love...............................................................Hockey!!!!!!!!!


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving

November 20, 2021

Hi everyone! This is the time of the year when we reflect on how grateful we are for what we have. I am grateful for my family and my friends. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to play hockey every week. You folks and the game give me something positive to look forward to each week. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all!!

Lets get to it. The first game was a hard fought game, that came down to inches and Steve Albertelli. Yep, Steve got the first goal in the second period. Albertelli came down and beat yours truly and our trusty Goalie in a mail slot. Fucker. In the second Albertelli got another one set up by Steve Owens. Back and forth it went. The two goalies, Jay Pires for Final Touch and Mark Clarkin for Green Goddess were stellar. Late in the third, Dillon Rapitore would fill in nicely. Dillon would collect the puck in front of the net from Andy Morrison and get the Goddess' only goal. That would end up doing it, but it was close. "in the end it doesn't even matter". Final Touch took the game 2-1

Game two had a lot more going on, as far as stats go. Vescera Law came out against Edge Doctor. The Law started early with a goal by Kevin Schleicher and they were off. Edge Doctor had the answering goal by Kreg Labelle unassisted. Game on bitches. AIMEE ACCINO would get the next goal for Vescera Law. Picking up the apples were Rob Edlemen and Paul Praderio. On to the second where Schleiicher would get his second goal and start another period with Edge in the hole. He was set up by Edlemen as well. The Doctor would answer that one with another goal by Kreg. He was set up by Neil Foley and Mike Thomas. Did you see that Aimee Accino got a goal in the first. (apparently I missed a goal she scored last week. I am making up for it). On to the third. In the first minute, Number 12, I assume was Doc Manzo. A late goal by Schleicher would complete his Hat Trick and the world is a better place. Vescera Wins 5-2

Ahhh the late game. Manville Pizza vs. Votta Properties. Mike Dussault in net against Dan Dussault. Just over 2 minutes in to the first and Dan gets one over on his brother. Just like that, Mike immediately regretted his decision to play a second game. Dan Was set up by Keith Kraunelis  and Nick Nardone. Greg Landry would get the next one 2 minutes later with the help of Craig Pizzo and Shane McCormick. Shane would get the next one midway through the period set up by the smooth criminal Glen Marshall. At the end of the period, Nick Nordone would get one as well from Rick Mercuri. After one, it was 4-0. However there was a lot of game left to be played. Glen Marshall would get one of his own to start the second with the help of McCormick. But wait, just when Santiago thought he was going home with a shut out, Votta Props got on the board. Kreg Labelle filling in for Ricky's team would give them hope. Kraunelis would squash that hope immediately following. He scored with help from Rick Mercuri. In the Third, Nick Nardone put the finishing touches on the game with the help from Kraunelis and Mercuri. 7-1 Pizza.

Again, thank you all for being who you are, a cornucopia of personalities with the like mindedness of competitive hockey. Happy Thanksgiving.

Live, Breathe, Love................................HOCKEY!!!!!!