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February 10, 2024

I am going to get right into this.

Game one was a tie. Manville Palace Pizza and Green Goddess went at it. With 2 of the best goalies in the league, it is no wonder it was a tie. Shannon Murphy and Frank Zabata mono y mono. Mono Y Mono Y mono Y mono, etc. cause there are 10 other players on the ice, I digress. In the first at 10:53 yep, that late, Dan Dussault would break the egg. Ryan Degnan and Jay Cinq-Mars on the assist. The euphoria was short lived. (so, euphoria was the word I chose over Jubilation, because I use that too much. Enjoy my creative side). Green Goddess would score with 10 seconds left. You are thinking, "no way Matt, how could that be?".  Well let me tell you, What does Gary Ouilette look like? Does he look like a bitch? Cause he wasn't last night, he got that goal. So, nothing happened in the second. Probably just took the whole period off. But in the third, Manville tipped the scales with an early goal. The bartender himself, Mark Kosinski, did what he does, served up a goal and margaritas. He will need to do that next week. It helped out Junior play like he was in the playoffs. Jay got the assist on this one as well. But wait there is more, remember Gary Ouilette, Apparently he doesn't stop until the final whistle. He took a shot that Mike Thomas would tippy canoe in the net. Guess how many seconds were on the clock. I don't know either cause I cannot read the scoresheet. It was less than a minute though. Does he look like a bitch. love that line. Anyway, that is a lot of words for a 2-2 tie. I will make the rest briefer. Briefier? Brevity? whatever, hey on to game two. Look below. 

All kinds of surprises in this game. Vescera Law and Quick Dam went at it. Quick Dam would win. Told you this would be brief. In the first Quick got on the board sort of Quick. It would be Larry Lefebvre and his talent, putting the puck past. He had help from Rick Mercuri. Just 2 shifts later, the bliss would be erased, as Vescera would get one from a sub and Young Manzo on the assist. In the second, Quick Dam would get 2 both real late and Back To Back. Joe Chatier would go five hole. And Derek Franco would just squeak one in under the wire. 10 seconds into the third Raffi would make it 3-2. And then, Quick Dam, got another one from Sub Joe. That would make it 4-2. And that's it Quick Dam wins. 

Late game, Edge Doctor stuck on the west coast against Final Touch. Suffice it to say, Mike Dussault played his best game. Ok, gonna go real quick on this one. The first had Andy Morrison from Richie Dias would get on the board for Edge Doctor. The delight would be short lived. Gotta love the google machine. If you are counting, that is three different words for Jubilation. :) Ok so here we go. 1-1. 2 shifts later, Adam Babikian would get on the board, helped out by Brian McDonald. With 5 seconds left in the first, Adam would stretch the lead, Matt Connell and Kevin Keenan on the assists. Yeah, thats right the defense helping the offense. In the second, Morrison would get 2 in a row to get the hat trick, also helped by Keenan. Now, I gotta say, I was thinking, Evan Huguenin has been playing awesome. And then he roofed it back hand. Guess what I was right. Oke, On to the third, Richie Dias would get one with Morrison and Jimmy Meegan on the helper. Jimmy with a heck of a pass. Sandy Anderson would get his second midway through from Aimee Accinno. The Last goal was Edge Doctor, A great shot by Me, that turned into a goal for Andy. It's just what I do. Kidding. I barely do anything. The final, 8-2 Edge With the Edge. 

Now tonight, Richie Dias and Loose Screws will be taking the stage. If you have not seen Richie perform, you are missing out. Get down to the Oriental Pearl in Westport on Route 6. Good Chinese food. 

Hope you all have a fun day watching the Kansas City Swifties take on San Fran. San Fran going for 6 to be tied with Pittsburg and New England. Sorry Kreg Labelle, Andy and I were right about the stats. 

See you all soon!

Live, Breathe, Love.....................................................HOCKEY!!

The sun has not shown up in 19 days

February 3, 2024

I know you guys are looking for the dare to be different article. Alas, I am not feeling it today. Got pretty roughed up out there on the frozen tundra. 

So, Final Touch and Votta Properties went at it. Votta started with the lead of 1-0 through the first. Kreg Labelle with the goal, go figure. Once the second hit, ole yella got on the board. Bob Watts with the goal from Shannon Caverly. Watts would double down and make it 2-1 FT, helper was Mike Strayer. On a personal note, Love Mike Strayer. But, wait there is more, Another goal just at the 4 minute mark, Derek Anderson would stretch the lead. Votta would bring it back and score the next three. My Man Ray, Iannuccillo would get start the fire, Labelle and Big Sexy Ricky Votta on the helpers. Richie Dias would get 2 before the end of the second, both were from Labelle. In the third, Anderson for Final Touch and Strayer would make it 5-4. No goals for Votta in the third. What a game. Strayer would score with less than a minute left for the gwg. 

Here is another exciting game. Vescera Law vs. Green Goddess. Goddess got on the board, 42 seconds in. Mike Thomas with the goal. At the next face off, Vescera would match it. Shane McCormick from Rob Edlemand and Steve Lombardi. Late in the period Lombardi would make it 2-1 Vescera. Late in the second Green Goddess would tie the game with another from Thomas. In the third, Vescera would open up the period with a goal by mini Doc Raffe Manzo. Again, Green Goddess would tie it up. Another goal by VEE LAW would make it 4-3. Late in the period, Goddess would get on the board, to tie it once again. And then, the wheels came off, 2 more late goals by Vescera would do it, Mini Manzo with the gwg. 6-4 the final. 

And the last game was a travesty. Manville Pizza against Edge Doctor. Lets just say, according to this, their sub got 4. Shawn Smith with the first three. Mark Kosinski with helpers on all of them. Greg Landry with a couple and Keith Wait, nope I see 11 on the score sheet for Manville, I think Krunelis. In any case, who ever wore 11. Maybe Dan Clare? I don't know. I am really wondering, I mean we are all really wondering, who is going to get the "player of the game award plug". Praderio has to be uncomfortable by now or maybe not. I am betting you get a new one. So, I heard by an anonymous source, "the boys are really playing much harder with the motivation of the award." They are on a streak. So many puns in that statement. Ok, well they one 7-0. Yeah. Fuck off. 

Badgers Pug in Pawtucket will be the venue for Wicked Rhode and guest between sets, The Underground. The fun Starts around 9 actually. I hope to see your beautiful faces. 

Live, Breathe, Love...............................................HOCKEY!!!!