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Wake me up When September ends.

September 23, 2023

Hello fellow hockey junkies. Friday nights are getting revved up!!

In the beginning yeah yeah, 

Votta Properties and Green Goddess started us off. In the first period, Votta was sailing. A goal early by Kreg Labelle with helpers from Big Sexy Ricky Votta and Al Whitton. The would get a late one to make 2-0. Richie Dias from Somerset Massachusetts. With less than a minute left Goddess got their shit together and popped in a goal. The Reilly Clan, Shannon and Scott, set up Brian Cormier for the goal. Off the face off in the second, Goddess would tie it up. Mike Thomas would put the english muffin in the toaster with help from Shannon and yep the goalie Frank Zabatta. Goalies getting points, That's unheard of, but it is Frank so, Ok. Wait, I think we have a problem. Because the next two goals wer by Frank as well. So, I am thinking there was a sub with number 5 on. Lets just say it was 5-4 at the end of the second. Steve Owens would get a goal and an assist. and the Game Winning Goal. Ricky Votta and Al Whitton would get goals for The Property in the second. Unfortunately for the purple, there scoring dried up. Scott Reilly would put in another and Frank Zabatta would have a hat trick. Yep, according to the stats, the goalie got a hat trick. I cannot wait for the texts on this one. 7-4 Green Goddess. 

Vescera Law and Manville Pizza in game 2. Manville Pizza got their game on, or should I say Ryan Degnan got his game going. He would get off 5 goals to up his stats, the GWG, Hatty +2, etc... That really is the story. Manville would go on to win 8-4. Vescera would get a couple by Ben Hevner and Shane McCormick. Not enough to get over the tidal wave of Degnan. Also, Frank Nardone had a beauty to start the game off for the Pizza. Jack Babineau and Greg Landry would round out the scoring. Manville Pizza wins 8-4

And now the close game. My former team was tough to play against. I still have Final Touch in my heart. That said, I was subbing for Quick Dam. Game on. Early in the contest Final Touch would get on the board. Derek Anderson would five hole the five hole. The lead would not last as Matt Connell, yep Me, would get a beautiful pass from Jimmy Meegan out in front. A tumbling muffin would just get in the net. In the second, Kevin Webster and Neil Yee would get back to back goals to stretch the lead. On to the third. Turn around is fair play as Final would get back to back goals within 30 seconds. One by Bob Watts, making it 3-2 and then the former Captain Aimee Accinno would pop one in from behind the net. Then she made the fatal mistake of a 'celly'. Quick dam would come down and score 20 seconds later with the game winner. Quick Dam 4-3 wins. 

A quick Note:  Richie's band is playing at the Oriental Pearl in Dartmouth tonight. It sounds like it will be a bunch of hockey players will be taking over the China Diner. 

I hope we all have a great week. Let's keep in touch with ourselves. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE...............................................HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!

In the Beginning Yeah Yeah. This is going to be a great season.

September 16, 2023

I am struggling for an opening line.

So let's get into it. High speed to the report, just like them cops who went by me last night on the way to the rink.

First games first. Quick Dam gave Vescera a run for their money. QD got on the board first with a beauty tip in and set up. The set up was Neil Yee, The tip in was Rick Mercuri. Like, who the? what just happened? It was special. 2 minutes later, Yee set up another. 2 zippo in the first. Vescera, had to change gears, and so they did. Raf Manzo, you know Doc, his kid, sped down the ice getting one over the goal line from Brandon Bell. Then with 2 consecutive goals by Steve Lombardi, one just ridiculously good five holer. (holer a word)? That made it 3-2 Vescera. Uh Oh Toto, duntdah duntdah dah dah. Vescera would get a 2 goal lead early in the third. A goal by Shane McShane Shane McCormick on the topper. Don't count QD out, they would match that goal with one Scott Costa getting on the board. Who the heck is Scott Costa? Anywho, Vescera would extend the lead to 2 once again, with Lombardi getting his hat trick. It aint over yet. Quick Dam will get one from Larry Lefebvre and then one from Neil Yee late and I mean late. Vescera had it in the bag, but Quick Dam went to the prom with their cousin for a tie. 5-5

Ok, Annoying game, here we go. Final Touch getting on the ice late because of a police incident on 146. You would think that Edge Doctor could have capitalized. Womp Womp Womp. It took half the period in the first to get the score cracked. It would be Edge Doctors very own Andy Morrison from Adam Babikian. At the end of the first, Final Touch would tie it up. My Boo Ralphie Espaillat from Shannon Caverly and the jubilation was over the top. Yuck. Literally one second on the clock of the first. In the second, they would give Derek Anderson 3 unanswered, although I am pretty sure 2 were Kreg Labelle. You know why? Cause I was there. But kudos to my boy Derek. Hatty baby. Adam Babikian would take the team on his back and cut the lead in half. A couple of early goals in the first for Final Touch to make it 6-2. Yet, with plenty of time left, Andy would try to start the rally cutting the lead in half once again. That would be it. 6-3 sorry no fan fare. fuck you. I mean Good Job Final Touch. 6-3.

And here we are with the most interesting game I didn't see. Manville Pizza making their mark early and often in the late one. Two early goals in the first by someone. Good job number 6 from number 5. Green Goddess would get a late one from number 8. That number 8 huh. In the second goddess would tie it up, number 5 with a beauty. Manville would get the tying goal from, you guessed it, number 6 from 5. Plus 2 more unanswered goals, all by number 5 on Pizza. Goddess would get on the board late, I am betting it was Steve Owens. (2). And one more in the third. It would not be enough for them. Manville would hold on to win. 5-4.

What a Friday. Huh. Can you believe the hurricane winds for the can jam outside. Team Sexy tearing up the court. Also, a little acoustic jam out with a broken strap. All just part of the charm of hockey on Friday.

BTW there is a fund raiser for the Seekonk police woman who was killed in a motor cycle accident, to cover funeral expenses. She was the colleague of our very own Ben Mello. Every little bit helps.

I love you all. See you Next week.

LIVE-BREATHE-LOVE....................................>HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3