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Getting Closer to the Normal

January 23, 2021

Great games last night. In the first game a new goalie was introduced to the league and she has the same name as another famous player and a river in Ireland. Apparently Shannon Murphy played net for the Property and kept the Goddess at bey. Votta had 8 goals to their credit. Ricky Votta, captain of his team, had a whopping 4 assists along with Brian Roman having the same amount of set ups. Neil Owen Foley got 2 goals at the end. Kreg Labelle chipped in two as well. And number 47 had a hatty, but I don't know who it is? On the Goddess side, Jimmy Meegan, Andy Morrison, Ralphie My BOO Espilat and Mike Riendeau scored for the Green. Just not enough to pull it off. Votta would win 8-4

In the second game of the night, Quick Dam versus Manny's. Quick Dam came out dam quick and scored 3 goals in the first. Kevin Webster started the rally with, Neil the new guy and Sean Coffey getting the third. Lot of helpers with Bergeron, Smith, Garneau and Franco setting them up. Early in the second, Derek Antunes would put the puck in the net top corner to start the Manny's rally, set up by Richie LaPlante. The flame was extinguished a minute later as Nate Patterson put one in from the point. That would be all the scoring. Great Job by both goalies as, Mark Schiavone would be a stone wall and Jay Pires was brilliant after a barrage of shots.  In the end, Quick Dam would win 4-1.

I cannot wait to get back to three games. It should be soon. Stay tuned. 

Hope everyone has a great week. 

Live, Breathe, Love........................................HOCKEY!!

Making due In Covid Times

January 16, 2021

Welcome to another Friday night of fun and skating.

Quick Dam and Green Goddess took the ice in front of well, just one or two. The two teams took the ice and apparently, already had a chip on their collective shoulders. With the new way, we just keep skating through one long period. Just keep skating, skating, skating. 8 minutes into the game, Paul Bergeron would put the puck behind GG's goalie, getting things going for Quick Dam. The QD's would extend the lead with Kevin Webster from Sean Coffey and Shawn Smith. Green Goddess cut the lead in half with Jimmy Meegan getting a goal from Timmy Pincince and Mike Reindeau. Green Goddess would tie it up with a goal from Larry Lefebvre from Andy Morrison. Green Goddess started rolling, with another goal by Andy Morrison tapping in the go ahead goal, nice pass Mike Riendeau. Quick Dam dug in and got a goal just after the 9 o'clock hour. Shawn Smith would put the puck in front for Sean Coffey to pop it up and in the net. Late in this one with 2 minutes left, Goddess finally blinked and Kevin Webster put the puck in the open net for the Quick Dam Win. THE QD is now 1 win 1 loss and 1 tie. Green Goddess remains in first tied with Manny's.

Speaking of Manny's they played Vescera Law last night. It was sad to see Manny's without their Captain and soul of the team Derek Signoriello. Hopefully he is feeling better from his injury. I am sure it will be a long road back. Without him Vescera Law thought they could take advantage. Coming out fast the Law, Sean Forrant would get on the board with Dan Clare setting him up. The lead wouldn't last as Rich Laplant getting on the board from Eric Campbell and Brian Pendergast. Manny's would strike again with Adam Babikian from Derek Antunes. And again with Glen Marshall from Babikian and Antunes. And again from an unknown source with Antunes setting that up. And again with Puppa, Bill Babikian getting one. Finally Vescera would get a second goal from Kevin Schletcher. Then Manny's would put 2 more up to cap the scoring with Eric Campbell and Glen Marshall getting the next two, both set up by Adam Babikian. Manny's looked like the real deal and why they are in FIrst, tied with Green Goddess. Of course they are also tied with Manville Pizza and Votta Properties.

Anyway, thank you all for coming to play tonight. It was a blast as usual.

Take care of each other and yourselves. Life is too short not to smile.

Live, Breathe, Love.............................HOCKEY!!!