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Another great night of hockey

October 23, 2021

October 22

Votta Properties versus Green Goddess to start the game night off. Votta got the first one on the board at 5 minutes in. Mike Bragan closed the deal with Joe Martin and Mark Kosinski on the helpers. In the second it was the white gloves show. Kosinski would score early and often. Off the face off in the second, from Shooter and Tunes.  A couple of minutes later, Kosinski would get the high tip from the blue line shot of Mike Bonin. Bonin collected the down up from Bragen. Last but not least for the white glove sombrero, Antunes setting him up for push it to 4-0. I heard there was somebody saying shut out, shut out, on the purple bench. That was the jinx, as Jimmy Meegan would pop the shut out bubble, set up by Al Whitton and Neil Yee. 4-1 Votta takes the win.

In game 2 Final touch brought the thunder and Steve Albertelli. And he would not disappoint getting the first and second goal 14 seconds apart. He was set up by Rich Laplante, Jim Galvin and Dan Clare. Clare would set up Rich Laplante and Albertelli for goal number 3. That would be the first period 3-0. Early in the second Jim Galvin would make it 4-0. Ahhh but wait, Vescera was going away that easy. Jay Arruda would get on the board with the help of Paul Praderio and Rob Edelman. Edelman would make even more interesting with a goal of his own. Unfortunately, nothing happened in the third for either team, except the goaltending was awesome on both ends. In the end, Final Touch would get the big win, 4-2.

In the late game, Manville Pizza is on a tear. The rink was full of Dussaults, one in net, one skating and one scoring keeping. Early on it was a tight game. In the late part of the first Shane McCormick would get the pizza on the board, set up by Pizzo. In the second, Rick Mercuri would take advantage and pop the puck in making it 2-0 MPP. Quick Dam would not give in, a goal by Anthony Lisi, set up by Shawn Smith and Ed Cardoso. Cutting into the lead. In the third, deja vu all over again, as Lisi from Smith and Cardoso tied it up. And then the dam broke. Nick Nardone would start the attack. Right off the face off, McCormick would get another. Krunelis would get on the board. Then it would by Nardone again. Krunelis would clean it up, making it 8-2, Manville for the win.

Great night of hockey for some, not so much for others. In the end, the beer was cold and the company was stellar. Always a great time at the rink. Love you people.

Live, Breathe, Love....................................HOCKEY!!!!

As the man said, better late than never

October 21, 2021

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea. A crazy week of hockey was played. Alas, I was locked up, tied up and twisted, due to the 'Rona'. Fortunately, I never was ill. Just the sniffles and a little loss of senses (taste and smell). All back to normal now. The biggest problem is missing you wonderful people. 

Lets get to what happened on Friday last. 

The first game was Edge Doctor taking on Quick Dam. The lovely new jerseys were flowing in the breeze of the high speed skating. A collage of colors splayed in view. The Edge Doctor started the game on time with a lot of the damage done in the first. Mike Thomas got the party started with a goal in his second shift of the night, set up nicely by Kreg Labelle. A shift or two later, Thomas returned the favor, setting up his line mate Labelle for a goal of his own. Not long after, Thomas would put the biscuit in the basket again, this time set up by his defensemen, Derek 'Green-Pants' Franco. Late in the period, Eric Rondeau would get the one timer to finish the period. Edge would get up 4-0 in the first. Early in the second another opportunity was not wasted off the face off for the Doctor, as the head of surgery, Adam Babikian, would stuff it by for the 5th goal and the back breaker. Or was it? In the third, Quick Dam woke up and started getting to the goalie. Early in the late period, Brian Roman's heavy shot would find it's way to Jared Martin. Martin would set up Shawn Smith to pop the bubble and get the Dam on the board. Late in the period, Quick Dam would cut into the lead a bit more. This time a goal by Eric Campbell would get some excitement flowing, a little to little? A minute later, Anthony Lisi would give the Orange some hope. Unfortunately, it would not be enough, the damage was too insurmountable and the clock ran out on the Quick Dam. The Edge Doctor held on for the win. 5-3. 

Game 2 of evening, stuck in the middle with you was Vescera Law and Votta Properties. Vescera got up quickly on the purple with 3 goals in 3:39 minutes. Little Robbie Edelman would put the Law up at the drop of the puck, 12 seconds into the game. Was the goalie not ready? Nah, Edelman is just that good. He was assisted by Aimee Accinno and someone else. Wait there's more. Apparently, Votta didn't learn from the last puck drop, as another quick goal, 37 seconds in, was scored by Edelman. I guess he liked what he saw the first time. This time, Richie Dias touched the puck first apparently. Aimee liked that so much, she got the next goal a shift later. Wow, 3-0 quick. Votta was not liking the way this was going and cut into the lead at the 4:25 mark. It would be Mark Kosinski and his magic gloves getting the puck to fall, with Mike Bragan on the helper to set it up. Vescera Law got the answer to that goal with an unassisted one by Nate Arruda. The Purple Property would cut that lead in half late in the first with Branden Bell from Ricky Votta, to make it a respectable 4-2 score. In the second, Aimee Accinno would get a second goal in the game, set up by Rich Dias and Rob Edelman. Minutes later, Jay Arruda would not let his brother have any glory and scored one of his own, coming up from the blue line. Guess who got the helper, yep Rob Edelman. Robbie had 2 goals and 3 assists to lead the scoring and get the win for Vescera Law 6-2. 

Welcome to the West Coast feed. Is everyone still with me? Ok, well this is the game that meant the most. Yep, that is totally my perspective. I believe this game should not count. As, I was not there, so it didn't happen. Ok, here we go. Manville Pizza versus Green Goddess at the 10:49 mark of the evening. Almost the eleventh hour, as they say. As in the previous 2 games, a goal was scored early on. Manville would take the puck drop to the net. Nick Nardone would make his presence felt early and often as the game progressed. He was set up by the captain himself, Daniel Dussault. That would be the whole thrill of the first period, as the goalies shut down the rest of it. In the second, Manville Pizza would strike again. This time, Shane McCormick would get the stretch pass from Nate Patterson and light the lamp. A shift later, Nardone would set up Keith Kraunelis, who never misses the opportunity to help the team. Green Goddess would get their collective heads out of their assess and finally get on the board late in the second. Andy Morrison would break the bubble to cut the lead, set up by Iggy Gozman. Immediately following, literally 7 seconds later, Nardone would answer and get the goal back with Keith on the assist. A shift later and MPP would put a stamp on this one with Keith's second, from Nardone, of course. Goddess did make it interesting midway through the third with a goal by Neil Yee from Ricky Vasconcelos, but it would not be enough to overcome the onslaught by Pizza in the second. Manville Palace Pizza for the win 5-2. 

I hope you all had a great week. We will hope to see all of you tomorrow night for another thrilling chapter of how the Hockey Turns. 

Take care of yourselves and each other. 

Live, Breathe, Love.................................................HOCKEY!!!!