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On this day in History we lost the Eggman.

December 9, 2023

Yes, on Dec. 8th 1980, Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon. He was an obsessed fan that wanted the last autograph of the famous Beatle. A sad day in music history indeed.

In the hockey world last night, the first game, Quick Dam versus Green Goddess, ended in a 1 to 1 tie. The real story was the third period where it was green with envy in the sin bin. Goddess was down two players. They staved off that little knurly, keeping it 1 to nothing. Goddess scored in the first early. 28 seconds into the tug of war on ice. Peter Meegan on the goal. What they didn't know is a Murphy was in the house. Not just Shannon, but her broski Johnathan. He put the road block in the win and tied the game at just over 2 minutes to go. And that would do it. 1-1.

In game two, this train went off the rails in the second. Looks like Mark Clarkin got the first goal. Not sure how to count all the goals for Vescera. If you go by jersey number Eric Rondeau had a goal and 3 assists. Pete Meegan scored. Shane had 2, those were legit. In the end it was 4-0 going into the third. Early in the third the big CB for Final Touch. Shannon Caverly set up Derek Anderson for the early goal. Bob Watts, with the second helper. Unfortunately, Vescera erased that to make it 5-1. Suffice it to say, they used all the tools in the box. Even had Mike Baro come down the ice to try a shot on net. It may not be legal, but it was funny. So, yeah, Vescera Law 7-3.

Late game, Votta Properties, missing three stars, got three other stars. Edge Doctor, also down some peeps. It was good game all around. After one the score was tied 2-2. Edge Doctor started the scoring with a goal by Ben Mello. Votta answered with a goal by Steve Donavan. Later  in the period, big Sexy, Ricky Votta snuck one in to the right. Andy Morrison for Edge got the tying goal. After saying he never scores. At the end of 2 Votta would be up 4-3. Richie Dias with one early. Nick Nardone would answer for Edge with a beauty of his own. In a subbing role, Mark Kosinski would put one in. In the third, Adam Babikian would score the tying goal midway through. Late in the game, a tip in by Ricky Votta would give them the game winner, this from Kreg Labelle. Arguably getting the gwg, but we saw what we saw. Votta would go on to win 5-4. cause i suck at hockey.

Hope everyone has a good week. Wicked Rhode is playing at Stevie D's tonight in East Providence. Come one Come all. That sounds dirty. heee heee.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................................HOCKEY!!!!!

22 shopping days til Christmas!!!

December 2, 2023

Not all hero's wear capes. Actually, if you have ever seen the movie The Incredibles, you would know Edna Mode says "NO CAPES"!! However, when you get to the rink early and a team is short a player, you jump into action. That is what happened last night. I am not saying my presence had anything to do with the win by Votta Properties, but I am also saying it may have had an impact. We will never know. In the end Votta Properties won the game. Here is how it went....

In the first game of the evening, Votta Properties and Quick Dam went at it. Early in the game, Richie Dias put the purple people eaters on the board. Al Whitton set him free down the middle.  Midway thru Neil Yee would match pitch and get the tie, with Derek Antunes setting him up. Late in the first, Kreg Labelle got the go ahead. Anthony Lisi would get the tying goal for quick Dam from Neil Yee. In the second, enter me. 3 Minutes later Kreg would get the gwg. Coincidence, maybe, but I think not. In the third, Big Sexy, Don Votta, Yep Ricky V, the original bolted down the ice and forced the goal through to the back of the net. Late in the period, Kreg would finish his Hatty! I felt like a winner. Votta Properties wins 5-2.

In game, two, yours truly was not as good as the first game, but let's see how it turned out. In the first, just 40 seconds in, A new Hero enters the rink. Adam Babikian started the scoring. Let me tell you about this guy, at the end of this portion of the article. He was set up by Nick Nardone. Vescera, well, let's just say Steve Lombardi and Shane mcShane Shane McCormick were the production for the team. They would team up to tie the game. Shane from Steve. Later it was Steve from Shane. Late in the period, Adam from Edge would Tie the game. He would be set up by Andy Morrison. Later in the period, like late late, Steve would get another one, he was actually set up by Kevin Schleicher. In the early going of the second, 3 unanswered goals by Edge Doctor.  The first would be the 3rd an the hatty for Adam, set up by Kevin Keenan on his second fill in for the Doctor and Andy Morrison on the other assist. In a mad scramble the second would be a broken pass by yours truly to Ben Mello. Mello set off on the breakaway and finished. One more by the Doctor to put them ahead, this one was started by Adam Babikian, to Andy Morrison, who some how found a path to the net, Dylon would stop him at the door step, freeing up the puck to Shannon Reilly. This put Edge in front 5-3. But wait theres more. Vescera would tic tac toe their way through the forest of powder blue to the goal, another by McCormick from Lombardi. Andy would stretch the gap once again from Shooter, making it 6-4. Yet, McCormick would sneak another one by making it 6-5. Early in the third, Lombardi would get one from McCormick set up by yours truly. I know, I wasn't on the team. Mistake. Luckily, 3 goals in the third by Andy, Nick and Scott Reilly would stake the win on Edge Doctor. 9-6. Before the end of the game, Adam had completed a hat trick of a different ilk. He would get the Gordy Howe. LOL.

It is the last game to Clarksville and I'll meet you at the warm room, i'll be there by 10:30..... You get it. Anyway, Manville Pizza and Final Touch. In the first, it was tight. Back and forth they went. Final Touch would get on the board first, Bob Killa Watts from Shannon Caverly and Derek Anderson. On the Manville side, Greg Landry was the goal scorer, all by himself, tying it up. On to the second where Shannon carried the team on her back getting on the board. Derek setting her up again. Manville would tie it up again, not only that, it was Landry again, he was set up by Mark Kosinski. Late in the period, Watts would get a second goal, this time Aimee Accinno and My Boo Ralph Espaillat. Spoiler, that was the gwg. In the third, Derek would score again with Watts and Glen Marshall assisting. Marshall would finish the scoring with Boo's help. Final Touch would vault them into a tie for first place with the 5-2 win.

Wow, have you looked or cared about the standings yet. It is quite impressive. Everyone is right there. If you are not in first, like Votta and Touch, you are 1 or 2 wins away from it.

I hope everyone had a good night. Hope you all have a good week.

Here we go!!!

Live, Breathe, Love....................................Hockey!!!!