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Life is but a dream

October 1, 2022

Good Morning.

When you got up, did you expect the news to be ready and done? Aha you didn't! Did you? Well here we are.

I got up really early. Then I looked at 6 score sheets. And then I felt like going back to bed. In any case here we are. If you are sitting there and thinking of me? Please be kind, regarding how I look in your mind. Or think of the most handsome person. Same thing.

Last week Final Touch had gotten the best of the juggernauts of Green Goddess in the 8:20. A little help from Webby on a couple and Paul DeCataldo in net.

In the second game, the Edge Doctor, got the edge on Votta Properties for a 4-1 final. Peter Meegan on the vanguard of this one with a couple to win the game.

In the late game, Vescera Law improved there standings with a win over Manville Palace Pizza, getting 7. Kevin Schlecher sporting the sombrero at the end of the game with 3 on the sheet. The Law wins 7-3.

I know what your thinking. If this is the bland sort of writing, what the ever loving hell did I wait for? Well it is early. And this is two weeks of shhhtuff.  Maybe next week it will be better or maybe not.

In the first game this week, Edge Doctor continues there dominance of the league, putting up 8. Did anyone see Steve Owens with a layup and sent it back to the defense? Yep, when you are up by 7, even the hardened hockey player can have a soft spot. Glen Marshall put up 3, nice job coach. The captain put a couple by, Adam Babikian leading the way. My Boo even got a breakaway and finished to impress ms. Rosie. In the end, it was Edge 8-3.

Game 2, This was a freaking barn burner! The Steve's put up most of the goals for their respective teams. Steve Albertelli put up 5 for Votta. Lombardi put up 4. Wait, the other part of the teams was the difference. Tommy Martins kept the purple in this one. Andy Morrison put up a hatty for the purple as well. Richie Dias had a beauty back hander for the Goddess. In the end, Votta held on to the 8-7 win.

Did you ever notice how the late game is so late? Quick Dam and Vescera Law had a blast playing I am sure. The scores in each period were Quick Dam 2-1. Period 2, tie 2-2 Third Period Quick Dam 2-1. Are you not entertained! Look, it is super early in the am. Kreg Labelle scored a couple and looks great in orange. Shawn Smith got a couple as well. Vescera put up 4 by several different players. Like the diamond, club, heart and spade. My kind of deal. In the end 6-4 Quick Dam.

On to bigger and better things. The standings. Final Touch is in second. That's right and they didn't even play. Who knows how long this will last with the Doctor burning up the score sheets. Votta winning last night over the upstart Goddess was huge. Let's see how long that lasts.

I hope everyone has a great week. IF you are at all interested, Wicked Rhode, Motif Magazines Favorite band of the year, is playing at Badgers Pub tonight at 8! We would love your support. Great venue, great people, great show. Hope to see you there.

Peace, Love, Tranquility! Namaste! What, that isn't my sign off. Namaste, who says that, unless you are doing Yoga. By the way, the inventor of those pants, must have been a guy. And thank you.

Live, Breathe, Love....................................HOCKEY!!!!


Opening Night

September 17, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls... The Circus... 

In any type of organization, we sometimes have a hiccup or two. In this case, the stripes didn't make it. Thank you to Jay Cawley, Frank Nardone, Peter Meegan, My Effing Booo Ralph Espilat and Nick Nardone, for helping out. Great job boys. 

In any case the games must go on! They went on, starting with Votta Properties Vs. Final Touch. Votta started out quick with a goal in their first shift. Adam Babikian, subbing in for the Purple, would five hole the shit out of the puck. He was set up by Andy Morrison. Final Touch, kept their wits about them and would end the period, by tying it up. Neil Yee would grab the goal with help from Shannon Caverly and Matt Connell. Yep me. In the second, Yee would do it again with help from Jared Martin, early in the period. Votta would tie it up with Morrison getting going. He would take this one unassisted. Later in the second, Morrison would grab a second one, with help from Chris Bolton and Mark Kosinski. On to the third, Final Touch would tie it up halfway through, Captain my captain, Shannon Caverly would put the puck in the net. Again, the help of yours truly to Neil Yee. Shannon would get the rebound and finish. That would do it, tie game. 3-3. 

Edge Doctor and Vescera Law went at it in the second game. Roughly 20 minutes late. The Doctor came out firing. Ed Cardoso would get their first goal of the season with help from Pete Meegan and Steve Owens. Vescera would tie it up fairly quickly with Gary Ouillette getting the tie goal. Edge took the edge and stepped on the gas to get 2 more in the period. One from Jay Cawley and Adam Babikian to stretch the lead. Brian Cormier and Peter Meegan on the helpers. Peter is just a helper monkey, setting everything up. Edge would add another late in the second with Ralph Espilat (boo) getting the 3 goal lead. Vescera would get one back and cut the lead in half. Mike Thomas would get it to help the cause. In the third Ed Cardoso would put another one in the back of the net, with Steve Owens serving it up, again. Vescera would get a smoke show from Robbie Edleman. In the end, one more goal by Ralph to dust this one off. Edge would win 6-3.

Green Goddess the odds on favorite for the season kings, took it to Quick Dam. I wish I had their numbers, because whomever number 6 is, they are pretty, pretty good. While little went on with the first period. Vescera would get one. The second was all Quick Dam with Kreg Labelle getting on the board, as well as Shawn Smith. Derek Franco and Derek Antunes on the assists. I am not sure who number 6 is on Green Goddess, but I have a guess. In any case, that was the difference. 4 goals out of 5 to win the game. 2 out of 3 in the third. When I get the numbers, I will have a better write up. Sorry Ray if this does not meet my normal standards. I actually was supposed to say something about something, but I forgot. What can you do. Anyway Goddess wins 6-2. Word has just come in, it was Kevin Labelle getting 4 goals as a filler. Damn, boy. Must be doing it for his kid. Chase, I hope you were watch. Greg Landry was out and now has to fill some big shoes. All this from a call by the GM making sure the right people got credit. Less we forget that Jimmy Meegan got the middle goal of the book ends by Labelle. 

The season has started. The talk of the warm room is Green Goddess. Are they the odds on favorites. On Paper they look pretty good. But we do not play on paper. The puck has a tough enough time on ice moving. Imagine paper, wow that would be a slow game. I like Final Touch's chance personally. Great bunch of people and a very roomy locker room. 

Next week, the writer of this bologna is not going to be around. I wish you all luck. You will all be jonesing on Saturday morning, waiting for your news. You never know if I will get the sheets sent to me. 


Mike and the Rhodesters. I mean Wicked Rhode will be at the Tavern on The Hill in West Greenwich tonight at 7. Please try to make it. Witness the Award Winning tones of Rhode Islands Favorite Cover Band. 

Live, Breathe, Love....................................HOCKEY!!!!