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Nothing has Changed

August 17, 2019

And so it goes, nothing has changed.

We did learn that Votta Properties can lose. Roman Law proved it last night. Roman Law got up early in the game with Andy Morrison burying the muffin from Andy Meegan. The lead wouldn't last as the young buck, Adam Babikian would tie the game from Steven Albertelli, soon to be Mrs. Albertelli after his up coming nuptials. The tie would last from 4 minutes into the 1st all the way through to the 1 minute mark into the third as Roman Law would go ahead. Roman Law would stretch the lead with Morrison getting to chapter two of the book of hattrick. This one from captain Shawn Smith. Votta would rev the engine with Captain Nizzle, Ricky Votta putting the boat in the ocean from Nate Arruda. Albertelli would then tie up the game on a power play, unassisted. A minute later Roman Law's Andy Morrison would complete his hattrick with a beautiful drop pass by Shawn Smith. And Roman would hold on to win. 4-5.

Manny's v. Manville, mano y mano and the wolverines would come out swinging as Manny's Peter Meegan would storm up the wing for the opening goal. Manny's would extend the lead with Brian Pendergast feeding the puck across to Anthony Lisi. The lead would be erased in one shift by Larry Lefebvre and his two identical shots. All of a sudden, the Evil Empire would go ahead on a phantom penalty. Tommy G, you fell, nobody took your legs out. Just like when I was falling and you helped me down. Same thing. In any event, the fast dude would pop the puck in off the face off in the power play. Turned out to be the game winner. So subbing up does help. Huh? Who knew. Manny's would not recover. Brian Duboc would get the next one to seal Manny's fate. Not that it mattered as the game didn't change anything. Manville Pizza wins 4-2.

In the final game, Mike Bragan was the hero for the Green Goddess bending the twine late in the first. Final Touch would tie it up by a sub, whom I am not sure who that is, but they wore 6, set up by Richie Dias. In the second, Final Touch would go ahead in the game with a goal by Ralph Espilat from My Roomie Eric Campbell. The lead would be short lived as again, Bragan would find the net. On the face off, literally the face off to start the third. Really, I am not kidding. The third started, the face off happened and then boom Jim Galvin was set up for a goal to get the lead. As the third period would wind on, Final Touch would never lose faith. They would pop the puck in to tie this shiz up with 2 and half left on the old time bomb. Eric Campbell would make this one a cousin kissin, take you sister to the prom, tie for the FT and the GG. 3-3 would be the final for this one.

So here is how it will go. Next week will be just for fun. If you want to have better stats, bring your A game. If you want to just skate like you don't care, stay the hell home. Jackass.

Looks like September 6 will be 2 9:30 games. That means the 4 and 5 teams are going to Pawtucket. Yep, Manny's and the Goddess will have a bucket party. While the other teams will face off at home.

See you all next week folks. Have a safe and fun week.

Live, Breathe, Love.................Hockey!!!!


As the summer league winds down, Votta is running away with it.

August 10, 2019

The summer wind came blowin' in from across the sea
It lingered there, to touch your hair and walk with me
All summer long we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand
Two sweethearts and the summer wind

Well Votta has the first place slot. I think they had it from day one. Order the jackets, no reason to play the playoffs. Never mind we still play the playoffs, cause one game could make a difference. 2 games left in the season. Roman could sew up second place by beating Votta next week. Manville can jump ahead of Roman, if Roman Law doesn't win and Manville wins out. And Manny's can jump ahead of Manville if they win out and Manville loses out. I now have a popcycle headache.

Final Touch came in with high expectations with Jay Goyette filling in for Richie Dias and making an impact. Glen Marshall started the scoring with a beautiful goal at the end of the first period and yes Goyette fed him. Next goal at the beginning of the second, with a stretch play to Greg Landry, Landry would hand it off to Goyette and boom. The next goal would be Goyette again from Greg Landry and Glen Marshall. Did anyone else play in this game for the touch. Boo where are you? So it was over right. Up 3-0 and cruise to the end. NOT TONIGHT! Shannon Caverly would put the puck on the net. I thought she scored, but the have Nate Patterson cleaning up. Later in the period Nate would strike again around the net off of Peter Meegan's shot. In the third on a bullshit call, Manny's was on the penalty kill and actually hemmed in FT in their own end. Peter Meegan would get a pass out to him at the top of the slot from Dillon Rabitor. Meegan would make it count and tie up the game. With 2 minutes left, Anthony Lisi was the hero. Lisi would chip the puck past Eric Campbell and make him pay with a back hander past Clarkin. The comeback was complete and Manny's hung on to win 4-3.

Roman Law would come out on a mission against the hottest team in the past few weeks, Green Goddess. Roman Law would break the ice first with a goal by Andy Morrison in front of the whole family and guests. Jimmy Meegan would scrap in one for the Goddess to tie the game at one before the end of the first. Green Goddess would go ahead one early in the second with a breakaway goal from Mike Bragan. Ray Iannuccillo would get the next goal for the Red with his yellow socks from Bobby Gravel. Shawn Smith would put his team ahead by one from the two Andy's, Meegan and Morrison. Morrison would extend the lead with a goal just 14 seconds after the last goal. Green Goddess would come back again with another goal by whomever was wearing 13, to keep it close. Goddess would get into the third down by one for sometime, but then they would tie it up again. Goddess would go ahead in less than a minute later with a goal by the elusive number 13 from Jimmy Meegan and Iggy Gozman. Roman Law said, I got this, Hold my beer. Paul Bergeron with the time ticking away would tie the game at 5. Just when you thought this could go either way, Roman Law's very own captain would put the dagger in the heart of the green lady, with just under 2 minutes to play. That would do it in this one. Romany would win 6-5. Damn 2 exciting comeback wins.

Ok, and I say this with all the love in my heart for Ricky Votta and everyone on his team. FUCK YOU VOTTA PROPERTIES. HA!!! Here we go, gotta score a boat load of goals to make this stupid stats and report take forever. Lets just say, this is all the press you are getting. Steven Albertelli got 4 freakin goals and 2 assists. Ricky V had a goal and 2 assists. Adam had a goal and an assist. Another ho hum time at the rink. Vescera was actually up in this one 4-3 heading to the end of the second. Shane McCormick, Paul Praderio and Jay Arruda would put in their best effort and score for the other Law. It wouldn't be enough to beat the Purple people eaters. What a season for the VP. Mike Baro and Steven Albertelli have been the hero's all season.

Really! only two more weeks. I hope you are all paid up. Don't fuck your Team by not being able to play in the playoff, cause you didn't pay. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy the sun!

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE.....................HOCKEY!!!!