Hi, How are you?

February 10, 2024

The Matty Chronicles

Have you ever seen the rain?

January 27, 2024

The Matty Chronicles

The last games of 2023!

December 30, 2023

The Matty Chronicles EOY edition

Crazy effing night.

November 4, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Halloween spooktacular edition

October 28, 2023

The Matty Chronicles


The VP speaks

October 6, 2023

The VP speaks

Wake me up When September ends.

September 23, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Welcome back, the dreams were your ticket out.

September 9, 2023

Matty Chronicles, The new season!


Wow, right. I mean the new trophy.

August 26, 2023

The Matty-ee Chronicles. A little extra for the extra season

Warming up for playoff action!!

August 12, 2023

The Matty Chronicles. Playoff Preview

*DING* shame! *DING* shame!

August 9, 2023

Payment due chronicles

Hello Hockey Freaks

August 5, 2023

The Matty Chronicles


Ok Ray, I remember.

July 29, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Welly, Welly, Welly and isn't hockey gear smelly

July 15, 2023

You're Welcome for the Matty Chronicles (will anyone notice)

Happy Monday kids.

June 26, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Alcoletes Take The Ice !

May 27, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Special Announcement

May 24, 2023

Matty PSA Chronicles 


May 13, 2023

And here we are. The Matty Chronicles

Summer time, the livin's easy!

April 29, 2023

The Matty Chronicles


Updates Coming...

April 26, 2023

About 35 skaters (out of 77 in the league) were out last week due to the combination of hockey tournaments and April school vacation week, including "management", so we apologize that the stats aren't updated yet - we'll get that caught up soon!   In the meantime, here was a fun gem for you - I'll just call it "Then and Now".

We've been hacked!

April 26, 2023

The Matty Chronicles


April 8, 2023

The Matty Chronicles - Its a whole new season

Votta Property Champions again! Hat Trick.

April 3, 2023

Matty Chronicles - Championship edition!

The finals ARE LOOMING

April 2, 2023

Matty Chronicles : playoff edition part deux.

First game of the last of the season

April 1, 2023

The Matty Chronicles Playoff addition

Did You Miss Me? I'm Back!!

March 25, 2023

The Matty Chronicles


March 23, 2023

Announcement !!! Please pay close attention!

Not the best Article

March 4, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Waiting for me? Here it is!

February 27, 2023

The Matty Chronicles 

Sorry for the Late article

February 12, 2023

The Matty Chronicles

Friday night capers.

January 29, 2023

The Matty Chronicles. 

Its been awhile Hi

January 21, 2023

The Matty Chronicle

Tuition is due

November 17, 2022

Show me the money-Chronicles

Im Back In the Saddle Again

November 12, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Happy Halloweenie weiners

October 29, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Time to Pay the Rent

October 12, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Life is but a dream

October 1, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Opening Night

September 17, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Votta Properties takes the Summer Championship!

August 29, 2022

The Matty Chronicles Finals Edition

Suck the Life out of us day 2

August 28, 2022

The Matty Chronicles, Playoff Edition

First games under the belt

August 27, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Who Left the Oven On

July 23, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Hot Ice Beaches.

July 9, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Happy Independence Day

July 2, 2022

The Happy Birthday Freedom/America Chronicles

Its 2, 2, 2 Weeks in one

June 25, 2022

The Matty Chronicles a special report

Saturday June 18th Wicked Rhode Rocks Stevie D's

June 13, 2022

The Matty Rock and Roll Chronicles 

Votta Properties Wins!!

May 3, 2022

The Matty Chronicles - Championship Edition

And the Crowd Goes Wild

May 1, 2022

The Matty Chronicles, Semi addition

First Round and A few Shockers

April 30, 2022

The Matty Chronicles - Championship version 

Tear, the season is over.

April 23, 2022

The Matty Chronicles


April 1, 2022

The Commish Chronicles

Weekend full of hockey fun!!

March 14, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Sorry No News today!

March 5, 2022

The Matty Chronicles

Attn: Rent is past due!!!

February 11, 2022

The Matty Deadbeat Chronicles 


February 4, 2022

The Matty Cranky Chronicles

Merry Christmas to all

December 24, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Gravy Legs and Left Overs

November 27, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Friday Night is always special

November 6, 2021

The Matty Chronicles 

The freaks come out at night

October 31, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Another great night of hockey

October 23, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

As the man said, better late than never

October 21, 2021

Matty Chronicles, Covid Quarantine edition (back in the saddle) 

Quick Dam Wins 2021 Summer Season

September 27, 2021

The Matty Chronicles 


September 17, 2021

Matty PSA

It Comes Down To This!!

September 11, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Feeling Negleted?

September 3, 2021

Matty Chronicles, just the slacker version

Stats are in and up to date

August 27, 2021

Absentee Matty Chronicles 

In Cinq with Mars.

July 31, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Friday June 11th

June 12, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Come on Summah Season!

May 27, 2021

Matty Chronicles lives 

Round 1 In the Books

May 22, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Saved the best for last

April 3, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

March 19th 2021

March 20, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Late night and heavy hearts

March 13, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Rent is DUE

March 5, 2021

Pay to play

Spring is Coming

February 27, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

A new Albertelli in the world. It's a Girl!

February 25, 2021

Matty Chronicles, Special edition

Snowy Hockey Night

February 20, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

2 blow outs and Tight one at the end

February 13, 2021

The Angry Uncle Matty Chronicles

Love the Hockey eh

February 6, 2021

The Matty Chronicles


Getting Closer to the Normal

January 23, 2021

The Matty Chronicles 

Making due In Covid Times

January 16, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

OWWWIEE and other fun stuff

January 9, 2021

The Matty Chronicles

Pause is over and so are/is the Holidays!

January 7, 2021

The Covid Chronicles Matty Style

Alive and Kicking

November 21, 2020

The Matty Chronicles

Rink Closer on Nov 30th-Dec. 13th

November 20, 2020

The Pandemic Chronicles

Hey! We are back! Again

November 14, 2020

The Matty Chronicles

Season Starts Tomorrow

October 29, 2020

Matty resources 

Game 2, Night 2 action

October 18, 2020

The Matty Chronicles

Finally The Winter Season Is DONE!

October 10, 2020

The Matty Chronicles (a covid free agenda)


October 3, 2020

Matty Chronicles - You're welcome


October 2, 2020

Winter Season 19/20 concluding

Next 4 weeks schedule

August 29, 2020

scheduling shits and giggles hockey september

Organized Scrimmage for July 10 schedule

July 3, 2020

The Matty Chronicles Organized Chaos addition

Shits and Giggles Schedule

June 6, 2020

The Summer Chronicles


March 20, 2020

The Matty Chronicles - Stuck home edition


February 22, 2020

The Matty Chronicles


February 14, 2020

Matty Chronicle Addendum

I love hockey what about you?

February 1, 2020

The Matty Chronicles

Its Bigger, Its Better, ITS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

January 17, 2020

The Matty Chronicles! with 2020 vision

January is starting with a bang

January 10, 2020

The Matty Chronicles with 2020 vision

Its a whole new year but the same season

January 3, 2020

The Matty Chronicles with 2020 vision

Welcome to 2020

January 1, 2020

Matty Chronicles Public Service Announcement

The New Beer is almost upon us

December 27, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Blaim it on the Rain

December 13, 2019

Matty Chronicles

Playoff atmosphere this friday

December 6, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Black is the New Friday

November 29, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


November 24, 2019

20% off the Special Matty Chronicles edition

God Damn its cold this week

November 15, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


Great Hockey Last Night

November 8, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

This is......A clown show.

November 1, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Somethings happening here

October 30, 2019

Matty chronicles

Change in the Weather

October 18, 2019

The Matty Chronicles.

Final Touch is Shocking the world

October 11, 2019

The Matty Chronicles.


High Scoring Friday

October 4, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


September 20, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


September 13, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Welcome to Winter 2019-20

September 12, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Roman Law Wins Summer 2019

September 8, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

And then there were 2

September 7, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Hope Springs Eternal in Playoffs

September 6, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Happy Labor Day weekend

August 29, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

A word on finances

August 22, 2019

who’s got money?

Nothing has Changed

August 16, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

What is happening here!!

August 2, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


August 1, 2019


The Count Down Begins

July 12, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


Yep Votta still winning.

June 21, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Votta Properties, Nuff Said.

June 14, 2019

The Matty Chronicles


Kan Jam is back

May 31, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

The Weekend Part Deux

April 27, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Summer Season YEAH BABY!!!

April 12, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Summer Season Payments

April 11, 2019

You don't have to go home...

In Like a Lion

March 1, 2019

Matty Chronicles

Up To Date

February 27, 2019

Matty Chronicles

Ground hog day came and went

February 8, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Super Friday Night Hockey

February 1, 2019

The Matty Chronicles episode #??????

The Update is real

January 30, 2019

Matty Chronicles

Selfish Hockey

January 15, 2019

Matty Chronicles Supplement 


Genius or absolute nut job?

January 11, 2019

The Matty Chronicles

Happy New Year

December 28, 2018

The last games of the 2018 The Matty Chronicles.

Manville Pizza on a streak, Manny's continues streak

December 14, 2018

The Matty Chronicles/Life on a hot streak

Another great week of Hockey

November 30, 2018


Happy After Thanksgiving.

November 23, 2018

The Matty Chronicles


2 Ties and Roman domination

November 16, 2018

The  Matty Chronicles

November Begins with a bang

November 2, 2018

The Matty Chronicles

Payment Schedule

October 31, 2018

Payment Schedule 


October 28, 2018

Matty Chronicle, Special Edition!!!

Week 6 in the Books

October 26, 2018

The Matty Chronicles-

Warning!!! Danger Will Robinson !!! Warning !!!

October 24, 2018

Warning!! Special Matty Chronicle Report 

Upsets abound on Friday

October 19, 2018

The Matty Chronicles

Friday Night at its best

October 12, 2018

The Matty Chronicles

Fundraiser for Smithfield Fire Fighter

October 11, 2018

Firefighter Craig Garrett was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called "Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor" and is currently on leave from the Smithfield Fire Department effective immediately.  To help support Craig and his family in this time of need, Fire Fighter's local 2050 is holding a fund raiser at Twelve Acres on Sunday October 21st.  Read for details.

Welcome to Week 4

October 5, 2018

Matty Chronicles

The Emporer’s Corner

October 2, 2018

Happy Wednesday, just 2 more days until hockey time.  First things first; ABSOLUTELY NO MORE VAPING INDOORS AT THE RINK... contrary to popular belief, the fire alarm was not induced by my getting burned repeatedly during the 1040 game, nor was it caused by the goal light overheating behind me.  So please, take it outside...  next, at this point, you should be paid up to $250, please see Jim Friday and square those account!  Much appreciated.  I will not be at the rink this week, so all if you, especially my teammates, enjoy the break!

May the goals be with you


Sloppy Seconds

September 21, 2018

The Matty Chronicles 2018-19

Opening night at the old Barn

September 14, 2018

The Matty Chronicles


2018-19 Winter season to begin this week

September 9, 2018

Please bring your deposit of $150. to get your season off on the right foot (skate). 

Playoff weekend

August 24, 2018

The Ahab Report

3RD ANNUAL PIZZO'S Kan-Jam Tournament

August 19, 2018

August 31st - Rain date September 7

Playoff Stage almost set

August 10, 2018

The Ahab Report 

The End Is Near - Don't Waste ice time - Ice time is Life

July 27, 2018

The season is winding down. Now is the time to play your best hockey.

Welcome to D'Angelos can I take your Sub order

July 20, 2018

Subs a plenty as our comrades fight MS with hockey sticks

Winter 2018-19

July 12, 2018


Upcoming games, just because I felt like it

May 23, 2018

Manny's vs. Votta

Green Goddess vs Vescera 

Manville Vs. Final Touch 

Emporer rising...

May 10, 2018

The updates are coming, the updates are coming!



May 1, 2018

Until payments are made the content will be effed up

Final game of the Winter Season

March 30, 2018

Playoffs here we come!

The season is coming to an end with 2 games left

March 17, 2018

Manny's and Manville fighting for first!

The end of the season is heating up

March 9, 2018

Its Like playoffs have already started

PED'S SUSPECTED, Goalie being questioned

February 24, 2018

Dussault was spectacular. Votta keeps on winning. GG dismantles FT


February 16, 2018

Friday night

love me some hockey


Frostbite Face-Off

January 28, 2018

Frostbite Face off 

Many Story lines

January 19, 2018

great night of hockey


Happy New Beer!!!!

January 5, 2018

Another great Friday night


Merry Christmas Hockey Family!

December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas to you and yours from NRIAHL

Christmas came early for some teams

December 15, 2017

Votta late tie

Manny's overcomes Final Touch

Roman takes care of Vescera


Cumberland High School Hockey Program Fundraiser

December 6, 2017

Cumberland Hockey Team Program Fundraiser

Votta off the SHNIDE!!!

November 27, 2017

Votta Properties snag a win

Manny's Black Friday Sale

November 19, 2017

A message from our sponsor

A little fun.

November 18, 2017

This is great

Gobble Gobble

November 17, 2017

The Ahab Report

Vescera Steps up again

November 10, 2017

Vescera 5 game unbeaten streak

Lost and Found

October 16, 2017

Black and red CCM right handed stick found by Bill Vescera

Great Great Hockey Night!

October 13, 2017

Roman, Vescera Pizza Wins

Gold, Black and Red

October 6, 2017

Green, Purple and navy.

And now we know?

September 22, 2017

The Business of hockey? nah its fun

Rest in Peace Scott Travis

September 19, 2017

Rest in Peace Scotty

Winter Season to Begin Sept.15th

August 30, 2017

Winter Season begins Sept. 15th

Final Touch are Back To Back Champions

August 27, 2017

The Final Touch Wins the Cup! 


August 25, 2017

The Ahab Report

Don't let me down!

August 9, 2017

Don't let me down!


August 4, 2017

The Ahab Report!

The Plot Thickens

August 3, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 17

July 26, 2017

The Ahab Report


July 14, 2017

Matty Chronicle is back. Installment, cameo, just plain fun.

Summer 2017 Week 13

June 23, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 11

June 10, 2017

The Ahab Report

Gravy sucking Pigs

June 8, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 9

May 24, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 8

May 23, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 7

May 18, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 6

May 13, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 5

May 12, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 4

May 5, 2017

The Ahab Report!

New Feature: Automatic Calendar Download

April 28, 2017

We're excited to announce a new feature that was added to the website this week - automatic calendar downloads!

If you navigate to the Schedule page you'll notice there's a drop-down field where you can select a specific team.  Select your team and hit "Update" and you'll see the page refresh to show just that team's schedule for the remainder of the season.  At that point you can hit "Download Schedule" to pull down an .ICS file -- the internet standard calendar format supported by Apple, Microsoft and Google that pretty much covers 99.99% of the market.

If you do it on your phone, such as an iPhone, it automatically opens and gives you an option to "add all" then just click "Done."   BAM!  Your entir

Summer 2017 Week 3

April 28, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 2

April 22, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer 2017 Week 1

April 18, 2017

The Ahab Report

Summer Hockey Guide

April 17, 2017

Here is a guide to this summers hockey.

Money : Money : Money

March 22, 2017

Time to pay or not play!

Looking for your support

March 20, 2017

Rob Schaivone's house fire fund

The Ahab Resort

March 10, 2017

The Ahab Resort

The Matty Chronicles: Magic Car Care Ride!!

February 24, 2017

LOVE THIS GAME! Hate the politics.

Deep Thoughts

February 10, 2017

By Captain Ahab

The Matty Chornicles: Lord take me downtown...

January 7, 2017

I'm just looking for some tush.

The Matty Chronicles: Happy New Beer!

January 2, 2017

Mens league Hockey. You can buy the whole seat, but no one is there so sit wherever you want.

The Matty Chronicles: The Goddess is Rising

December 6, 2016

Goddess, Touch and Roman Prevail


November 18, 2016

The Ahab Report

The Matty Chronicles : Oh the Drama!!!

November 18, 2016

Manville gets top spot with Final.

The Matty Chronicles: Episode 9 : Resilence

November 11, 2016

Final touch comes back! MSCCC has Epic second half and Manny's gives up 3 early and cannot come back!

The Matty Chronicles: "Manny's Comeback"

November 5, 2016

Manny's and Final Touch Comeback to beat there opponent, while Roman Law and Green Goddess skate to a tie.

The Matty Chronicles: There is a Cluster at the Top

October 29, 2016

4 way tie for the tops in the league

The Matty Chronicles: The Pizza has Risen

October 23, 2016

Pizza Rolls, Mannys Folds and Roman Law gets the Final verdict

Final Touch's Forfeit

October 12, 2016

Final Touch's forfeit.

The Matty Chronicles: "Vini Vidi Vici"

October 8, 2016

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered


September 30, 2016

The Ahab Report

Derek Signoriello's New Home: MANNY'S CUMBERLAND

September 27, 2016

Derek Signoriello is now running the Cumberland Manny's Hockey Shop.

Please make sure you pay him a visit!

Closing Time

September 15, 2016

Turn out all the lights

Semi final breaking news

August 27, 2016

The Ahab Report


Who wants chowder?

August 13, 2016

The Ahab Report


August 5, 2016

The Ahab Report


July 22, 2016


This is Beer League Hockey!!! at its finest.

July 15, 2016



Manny's, Manville and Final Touch Win this week, lets see what happens in the mirror next week.



July 10, 2016

The Ahab Report


July 1, 2016

The Ahab Report

June 23

June 22, 2016

The Ahab Report

Still Undefeated

May 27, 2016

The Ahab Report


May 21, 2016

The Ahab Report

Breaking News:

May 13, 2016

The Ahab Report!

The Ahab Report

May 7, 2016

The Ahab Report


May 3, 2016

Does this remind you of anyone???

Purple Rain

April 22, 2016

Purple Rain

The New Guy

April 15, 2016

The Ahab Report

Playoffs! Who will be crowned Champion?

April 6, 2016

Its up for grabs and anyone can win! Who will bring it?

Season ends with some great games. Playoffs NEXT!!

April 1, 2016

The season ends and the teams are locked.

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Tonights Action is At LYNCH Arena On Dexter Street in Pawtucket

March 31, 2016

Alert Alert Alert!!!

Pawtucket's Lynch Arena or Blackstone Valley Sports Arena is hosting the games tonight.

All game times are posted.


Friday Night Winter is Closing in on the End of The Season

March 25, 2016

Great Night of hockey one more week to go then playoffs.

Better late than Never! Tight games all Night long!

March 18, 2016

Very close games as the teams prepare for the playoffs. 

Venue Change for Tonights Action ALL GAMES AT MOUNT TONIGHT

March 10, 2016

All games will be played at Mount St. Charles, Adelard Arena. All times are the same.

Season Winding Down

March 4, 2016

Roman, Manny's and Manville win tonight.

New Business / Old Business

February 28, 2016

If you want to play in the summer money is being collected now to secure your summer spot

Its A Topsy Turvy World in Hockey

February 26, 2016

Manny's Ties Manville Pizza

Final Touch lets the game slip away and Allows MSCCC come back. and win

And Vescera Law beats Roman Law


Barn Burners and Surprises

February 19, 2016

Manny's Wins over MSCCC. Starts their Epic Comeback!

Manville continous to impress and just gets past Final Touch

Vescera brings in a finisher to finish off 401 Consulting


Valentines Day

February 16, 2016

Valentines Day

After Super Bowl Hangover

February 13, 2016

Friday Night Hockey

Sorry Mike D, I couldn't figure out how to take the video you had on facebook.

Friday Night Hockey Alive and Well

February 6, 2016

Mannys, Vescera and Final touch fall. 

Welcome back from the break

January 23, 2016

401 falls to Final Touch, Manville is downed by Vescera and Mannys loses to Roman. 


And now for a break.

January 9, 2016

With the season half over the teams are starting to assert themselves.

Manville Palace Pizza remains 2 points ahead of Roman Law. The Red LAW keeps winning and keeps pace in the second spot.

Vescera Law comes back to stay tied in the standings with Final Touch and on the scoreboard tonight.

MSCCC helped out everyone ahead of them. 401 seems to be that Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hockey i mean Hyde teams. 

Manny's did not lose! Because they didn't play.


January 8, 2016


Our Sincerest Sympathies

December 20, 2015

The whole Friday Night league offer  our sincerest sympathies and condolences to the loss of the Labelles father. 

Why hate global warming? This is awesome!

December 11, 2015

mannys lost, so did msccc and the final game was a tie.

Hockey and Can JAM? Can Jam Still? STILL!!!

December 4, 2015

Warm weather continues. Well warm enough to play can jam. Or kan jam

Black Friday! Well at least for 3 teams

November 27, 2015

Vescera Wins, 401 Consultants wins and Manville wins


November 20, 2015

Manville Roman and Touch all winners

Top of the Standings Assert Themselves

November 7, 2015

Final touch, Roman Law and Manville Pizza Get big wins.


Happy Halloween

October 30, 2015

Manny's out of the cellar. Vescera Law and the Consultants skate to a tie and Pizza falls to Final touch.

Last weeks news was weird right? French but not Woonsocket French

October 19, 2015

Manville wins big/Tie of the titans, with Vescera and Final going at it/MSCCC back to winning with Shannon as a C player

Vendredi soir le hockey or Friday night hockey

October 9, 2015

Vendredi soir le hockey or Friday night hockey


Another Great Friday

October 2, 2015

A tie, A blow out and a tight game. 

Roman Gets in the Win Column along with MSCCC

September 25, 2015

Close games with Vescera Law and Msccc, Tie with Manny's and 401. and Roman gets a win.


September 19, 2015

Vescera, Manville and Final touch all win


Great Drafts make for Great Teams!

September 11, 2015

Manny's, Manville win. Tie for 401 and Final Touch


September 7, 2015

Welcome to the Winter Season 2015-16


August 30, 2015

Mark Schiavone allowed only 3 goals in the playoffs. Amazing stats.


August 28, 2015

Roman wins 4-3 over Final Touch

Manville Beats up 401 Consultants

MSCCC Beats up Vescera Law

Schedule tonight.




Playoff Picture is now clear

August 20, 2015

August 28, 2015
08:20 PM
MSCCC VS. Vescera Law

09:30 PM
Manville Pizza VS. Final Touch

10:40 PM
Roman Law Vs. 401 Consulting

Playoff Picture

August 15, 2015

Playoff Picture

Summer Season Winding Down Payments ARE DUE!!!!

August 5, 2015

Summer payments due.

Winter is coming

Hot summer nights at the rink

August 1, 2015

manville loses to manny's 

Roman Law ties 401 consultants

Vescera loses to final touch

Nice Night for Hockey!

July 24, 2015

401 downs Vescera. Manville makes strides and puts down MSCCC. Roman Law taking shape and wins a close one over Final Touch

Heavy air in a humid rink. HOT ICE!

July 17, 2015

tie of MSCCC and ROMAN LAW

Manny's Hockey Shop wins 3-2 over Vescera Law

Manville Pizza beats Final Touch. 



July 10, 2015

The News is, MSCCC climbs along with Roman Law, as Mannys stays in front and 401 is falling.

Great Hockey! Great Friends!

June 26, 2015

Manny's Hockey shop Wins 8-4

Msccc wins 7-0

Manville Pizza wins 9-4


Payments are due!

June 24, 2015

Payments are due.


June 19, 2015

show-fat-shame? any guesses as to what this is? Perhaps the name of a Chinese organized crime family? 


Sunday Night Hockey

June 14, 2015

Manny's does a showtime on Final Touch, leap frogging past them in the standings...

Upsets abound Friday.

June 13, 2015

Vescera, 401 and MSCCC win

FNL In full swing as we head into June

June 6, 2015

Loving the summer can jam and grilling at the rink.


Another Fun Night at the Rink.

May 29, 2015

Roman Law, Manville Pizza and Final Touch winners.


A couple of close ones and a sisters kiss

May 22, 2015

Vescera is bested by Manny's

Final Touch finishes Manville 

Roman Law and Mineral Spring Car Care Center Square off to a tie


May 8, 2015

Law v. Law tie

Blow out for Manny's v MSCCC. MacDonald with the shutout

Final Touch V. 401 also tie

The Rink Was Alive With Hockey Fever

May 2, 2015

This week a close game and then a couple of routs to edge out the evening.

V. Law gets first win, Touch keeps rolling

April 24, 2015

Vescera Law, Manville and Final Touch win

April Showers bring May Flowers!

April 17, 2015

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? 


Week 2 and 401 Debut

April 12, 2015

Manny's 7-Manville 2

Final Touch 3-Vescera Law 2

401 7- Roman 6

And it was even warm out. Way to start the summah

April 3, 2015

Final touch took care of Manville Pizza as Roman Law wins over MSCCC and Manny's wins 9-4 and it wasn't even that close over Vescera Law. 

Summer Season 2015

March 31, 2015

New Season New Hope

Veni, Vedi, Vici! ROMAN LAW WINS 2015 WINTER

March 29, 2015

Roman Law wins 5-0 over Final Touch to secure winter season.


March 28, 2015

In the first game Roman Law took care of business as they have all season

Final Touch had there best game of the season


March 27, 2015

Roman will host 401 and Manville to play Final Touch

Last Week of the Regular Season

March 20, 2015


Roman Law moves into first with Shutout

March 14, 2015

Another fun night of hockey Roman Law moves into first by themselves this week. 

Delay Pushes games an hour

March 7, 2015

The Northern RI Hockey League got pushed up an hour to make room for Girls HS hockey that went into double OT and seeing Mount girls overtake Lincoln/Cumberland (co-op) 2-1. 


3 more games and then playoffs! PLAYOFFS?? Playoffs!

February 28, 2015

Final touch beats Mannys hockey shop 7-4

Roman Law beats 401 Consultants by 4-3 decision

Manville Pizza beats MSCCC by a margin of 7-4



February 22, 2015

Got to pay to play

Green Eggs and Meat-Suitcases

February 13, 2015

missing were the stats, but now the are back. I know you were worry, so here they are in a hurry. 

Friday night I crashed your Party!

January 31, 2015

MSCCC Continues to stay in the top of the standings

Manville Pizza has an impressive showing

Manny's climbs into the top spot and is in the drivers seat! 

"You are the Captain of this sinking ship"

January 24, 2015

Hockey night is back. Friday night as exciting as ever.

Manny's Makes its Move

January 10, 2015

Manny's Hockey Shop firmly in Second with a game in hand

Happy New Year! Welcome League to 2015

January 2, 2015

Roman, MSCCC and Manny's Win this week.

Holiday Hockey!

December 28, 2014

Game 1 Mannys 4 Vescera Law 2

Game 2 Manville Pizza 7 Roman Law 2

Game 3 401 Consultants 7 Msccc 1


Twas the weekend before XMAS!

December 20, 2014

Twas Friday night hockey and all through the rink, not a player was nervous, not even a wink. The stockings put over pads, on the left and the right, while visions of hat tricks were thought of in delight.

Please Bring Money !!!

December 18, 2014

Payments are overdue

In Memory of Ashley Signoriello

December 9, 2014

In Memoroy of Ashley Signoriello

Woot Woot Hockey Night In RI

December 5, 2014

Manville Wins HUGE

Mannys Scrapes up a Win

MSCCC wins again

The Day After Filling Our Grocery Holes

November 29, 2014

MSCCC Wins 3-2 over 401 Consulting

Roman Law wins 3-1 over Manville Pizza

Vescera Law Wins 7-4 over Mannys Hockey Shop

Cold night/Hot hockey!

November 21, 2014

Roman Law Rolls over Final Touch

Vescera Law doubles up 401 Consulting

A wild ride and its tied Manny's Hockey Shop vs. MSCCC


Winter is here!! Brrr But the ice is HOT HOT HOT

November 14, 2014

With the arctic vortex upon us, the Friday night league was hot on ice.

Hockey Hockey Hockey

November 7, 2014

Roman Law 6-3 over Manny's Hockey Shop

Manville Pizza 6-4 over Vescera Law

Final Touch 5-2 over 401 Consulting

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN Money is due!!!

November 6, 2014

Please pay another installment of fees.

Frightfully Fun Hockey Night On Halloween

October 31, 2014

Manny's escapes with a 5-4 win over Manville

MSCCC destroys Final touch 13-4

Roman Law keeps rolling with a 5-3 win over Vescera Law 

6 Games in the books on Friday Night

October 18, 2014

Vescera blanks 401

Manny's wins 4-1 over MSCCC

Roman Law overcomes close one 4-3 against Final Touch

Winter Season keeps on rolling

October 4, 2014

Mannys 9 - 401 Consultants 2

Msccc 7 - Vescera Law 4

Final Touch 6 - Manville Pizza 5

Winter Season keeps on rolling along

October 4, 2014

Mannys 9 - 401 Consultants 2

Msccc 7 - Vescera Law 4

Final Touch 6 - Manville Pizza 5


September 27, 2014

Roman 5 Vescera 4

Final Touch 10 Msccc 2

Manville Pizza 4 Manny's 3


September 19, 2014

Manville Pizza 6  Roman Law 4

Manny's 5  Vescera Law 5

MSCCC 5  401 Consulting 2

2 Weeks of Winter are in the books

September 14, 2014

Week 1 and 2 in the books


August 24, 2014

Final Touch is your Summer Season 2014 champions.




Eliciting Semi Finals

August 23, 2014

2 very close games

Exciting Round 1 Action Last Night

August 22, 2014

Round one had a ROUT, a BARNBURNER and damn TIE!

Last Game of the season

August 16, 2014

401 Consultants win Presidents Trophy. All the games were close this year.

Just 1 game left THEN PLAYOFFS

August 9, 2014


The Season is Winding Down

August 1, 2014

Just couple more weeks left, then Playoffs!!

Friday Night at the Old Barn

July 28, 2014

No close games this week. Domination by all winners in each game.



Hot Summer Nights at the Ice Rink

July 20, 2014

No ties this week. YA! Final Touch wins 4-3. 401 Consultants edges out Manville Pizza 6-4 and Manny's stays in the race beating 2-1 over Roman Law.


July 11, 2014

Back from the holiday! GAME ON!!!!

Top Teams In A Close Race at the top

July 2, 2014

A Touch of a win, A Man V. Man Tie and Consulting Win Over Law


Payments are due:

June 5, 2014

It is a new month, and as always, this means James Gallagher, Our League President, will be at the rink diligently collecting payments which are now due.  Please make your payment tomorrow night at the rink.  Each and everyone of us should communicate with Jim tomorrow night.  Thanks in advance. 

Week 3 Summer 2014

May 22, 2014

Scott Hawes scores the natural hat trick...

No Pay, No Play!!!

May 15, 2014

Just to review:  The summer season cost are $325.00 per

Congratulations Manville Pizza Champions

April 27, 2014

Breaking News: Manville Pizza beats Final Touch 2-1 to win it all.


Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

April 23, 2014

Now that all the flipping and the flopping is

April 11th Games

April 11, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Manny's clinches first place, Manville Pizza re-establishes control of second place, and Vescera Law leap frogs from 6th place to 4th place.

April 4th Games

April 9, 2014

In the most important regular season game of the season it was The Happy Couple

March 28th Games

March 31, 2014

401 Consulting is now only four points behind first place after knocking off Manny's, the top team in the league, 5-3.  The absolutely unstoppable

March 21st Games

March 26, 2014

401 Consulting slows down Vescera Law


March 14th Games

March 19, 2014

Manny's shuts out Roman Law 2-0, keeping a strong hold on Thieir quest for The President's Cup, and most importantly the first round bye.  Manny's Captain, Derek Signoriello, could not be happier with His Team's position.  "What's not to be happy about?  We're in first place,  We continue to get results, and our defense and goaltending has been astounding."  That's an understatement.  Allowing only forty three

Final Payments Must Be Made This Weekend!!!

February 4, 2014

That's right people, You actually have to pay to play.  If You have not paid in full for the season...

League Play Resumes Friday

January 21, 2014

All seven teams had the week off on January 17th due to an annual tournament at the arena over the long Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend.  Play resumes this Friday, January 24th with MSCCC taking on Vescera Law at 8:20pm, Roman Law facing off against Manny's at 9:30pm, and Manville Pizza taking on Final Touch in the late game.

Matt Connell Ices Win

January 9, 2014

The teams are all clustered fairly close to one another in the standings, and it showed it tonight's action, with very close scores all around!   401 Consulting edged out Final Touch in the first game of the night, holding off a late game surge by Final Touch that had the Consultants worried until Matt Connell put in an empty net goal to assure the win.  The second game between Roman Law and Vescera Law was even closer, ending in a 3-3 tie.  The late game was another close one, with first place Manny's beating out MSCCC by a single goal, 4-3. 

Final Touch Disappointed Again

December 18, 2013

MSCCC hands Final Touch their fifth straight loss, 4-2. Rob Edelman scored two goals and an assist, and Gary “showtime” Myers picked up The Gordie Howe hat trick scoring a goal, an assist, and picking up a penalty. MSCCC is in the thick of the battle for second place between four teams. Tommy Gaboreault scored both goals, unassisted, for Final Touch.

Manny's On A Tear

November 20, 2013

Manny’s dismantles Final Touch 6-0. Greg Landry scored two goals and an assist and Derek Signoriello scored twice. Dan Albertelli picked up the shutout, and He is on record pace for least goals allowed in a season. Somebody better stop these guys, or it’s going to be a runaway for The President’s Cup.