Hey! We are back! Again

November 14, 2020

It is November 13th 2020. The pandemic is raging. Yet here we are on Friday night playing hockey, by the rules. I am not going to get political, Junior did enough of that last night. Right. So lets get right to the hockey. Oh yeah, we can only play two games so this will be quick.

Manny's and Votta went at it last night. The big story, Ricky Votta skating without hockey pants. He could really fly out there. Manny's managed to get a goal in the first. It was Shawn Smitth, Captain of Quick Dam filling in for the maize and blue. He was set up by Adam Babikian coming out of the corner. Back forth action throughout the game, but the goalies were stellar. Finally, in the second, Brandon Bell would set up Chad Labaste coming in from defense. The Goalies were the real story here, Frank Zabata for Votta Properties had some robbery on Manny's time and again. Jay Pires was a beast keeping the puck from the back of the net. In the end, it was a tie. 1-1 but not a boring game.

Green Goddess got on the ice first time this season finally and played against Vescera Law. Tim Pincince broke the ice, and scored late in the first for Goddess. In the second, Vescera Law would tie it up with a nice goal by Bill Figuerido. The action really started in the third. Green Goddess broke it open with 2 goals within 2 minutes of each other. 8 From 16 and 16 unassisted. Goddess win going away 3-1.

For the next few weeks we will unfortunately sit 3 teams because of the curfew advisory. Basically breaks down to the team that would have the by and the normally 10:40 game. Games are supposed to start now 10 minutes earlier. So 8:10 and 9:20. Mike should have the schedule up soon.

Thank you for doing your best. We want to keep the rinks open.

Live, Breathe, Love...........................Hockey!!!