Alcoletes Take The Ice !

May 27, 2023

Good Morning Ralph, Aimee and Frank! Refresh now. My loyal fans, ahhhh Love you guys.

Last night was a mammoth night for some and a downer for others. Gotta love summer hockey. Just something special about going outside, in comfortable weather, to chew the fat with the rest of the league. I wax poetic. So, what about the games.

In the first game, Final Touch took the ice donning the maze and royal. Their opponent, donning the Tony the Tiger orange and black, Quick Dam, ready for the action. What a game this was. Nothing to report from the score sheet really. Final Touch Goalie, Mike Baro, was bit once again by his own team. What's that make Mike, about half the goals against this season? Mike is the backstop and keeps Final Touch in every game. The goal that I speak of was credited to the new comer, John Moriarty of Quick Dam. John has made his mark early and often. The puck went off his foot on a tenacious fore check. (because I know some of you don't know what that is, I'll explain). Fore check is when a player on one team (offensive) goes after the other teams defense that has the puck, in that teams defensive zone. We will go over off sides in another article. Later in the period Mike Thomas would pursue the puck in front of the net against Alex Bailey, who was excellent in net. Thomas would score, with the swarming of Aimee Accinno and Jimmy Meegan. 1-1 tie.

Here is a game for you. The 2 Dussaults went at it, Danny and Mike. Manville has finally gotten of the schnide. Peter Meegan taken the team on his back, like the yolk on the oxen. Meegan would come out shooting and getting the early first period lead with Nate Patterson and Shannon Reilly getting the helpers. Late in the first, Edge Dr. would make it a new game with a tying goal. In the Second, another Pete Meegan goal with Shannon and Nick Miranda helping out. 2 Minutes later, Manville would add to the lead with a goal by Ryan Degnan. Ryan didn't want to have Shannon telling him she had more points than he did on the ride home. Yet, she did Ryan, She did. In the third Edge started to come back midway through, making it 3-2. This time Kreg Labelle would pour the sugar on the game. Neil Foley with the assist. The Dagger came with just under 3 minutes to go, as Peter finished his hat like trick. And it was over, the losing streak, the pointing fingers. Manville wins 4-2.

Votta Properties versus Green Goddess of the gables. Joe Chatier subbing in, 21 seconds in to the game, shot one from the blue line and got it in. He would get another one late with Chris Palmeiri feeding him. In the second Goddess would get another one, this time Cormier would put the biscuit in the basket. I love that one. That is one burnt motha fuckin biscuit. He was helped by Scott Reilly. You better get a point Reilly. Your daughter will really give you shit. And then, Votta got started. 3 late period goals in the second to tie this up. Ray Ray Iannuccillo would get 2 goals 15 seconds apart. One solo effort, one with help from Richie Rock Star Dias. Richie liked getting points so much, he got the tying one with a goal. And then just 17 seconds into the third, the don of the purple, the chairman himself, Mr. Ricky "the handsome one" Votta would get, what turned out to be, the GWG. helped by Steve Lombardi. This is the point where the dam broke for the Green. 3 more unanswered Richie, Ray completing the Hat Trick, and Steve Lombardi. But wait, Goddess did manage to get 2 in the third, one by Chris Palmeiri and the Hat Trick by Joe Chartier. It would not be enough. Gary Ouilette with the late goal and stats grab. That would do it. 8-5. Votta Wins.

Thank you all for helping Jim Meegan with the food drive, the generosity was overwhelming.

Hope all of you have a wonderful memorial day weekend. Remember those who have put themselves in harms way to give you the gift of freedom. We have some in our very hockey league. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for serving the country so selflessly. God Bless.

Live, Breathe, Love..................................HOCKEY!!!!