Why hate global warming? This is awesome!

December 11, 2015

Final Touch dismantled Manny's Hockey Shop in the early action 8-1. The one goal by Derek Signoriello, was because Junior was doing his best impression of a proctology exam. On the hole Manny's did not get many chances, but when they did Dussault stood on his head. Tommy Gaboriault would lead the team with 5 points on 2 goals and 3 assists. Peter Meegan and Brian Pendergast would get 2 goals and 2 assists each as well. All without the Iron Man Peter Meegan. Petes streak has fallen. It was impressive, if it were an actual important streak. Like Cal Ripken jr. and baseball. But its beer league hockey, soooooooo, yeah. Sorry you missed a game. 

In the middle game it was the Beck Experience or Project or something. A hat trick by Brian and a goal and 3 assists by Kenny. Aside from the duo, Eric Robichaud would start the scoring and get an assist on the final goal. MSCCC did get on the board with 2 goals one by Neal Foley and Peter Sanchione. 

In the final action, a blast from the past and with major flow, Kraig Labelle would put roman law in the drivers seat with 3 goals in the first. Dussaults Pizza would not give up as apparently Showtime bleeds pizza? There is pizza in his veins. with 3 goals in the second and 2 in the third, Pizza would come back and seal up a point, keeping Manville in first, ironically tied with Roman Law. 

Games next week as we prepare ourselves for the Christmas Season!!! 

Live, Breathe, LOVE....................Hockey!!!!!!