Last weeks news was weird right? French but not Woonsocket French

October 19, 2015

In the first stanza, Final Touch continues to stay relevant and in the top of the standings with a tie against the prolific Vescera Law. Law looks like the favorite on paper, but has had run into some puck luck, with a couple of ties, including this one. Vescera would have to come back to tie this late in the second. Then they would go ahead of the Touch, Jimmy Meegan would tap in the pass from Tommy Gaboriault. This was a great game.

Roman Law would start the scoring in game two. Brian Roman himself would put the puck in the twine. The Captain Sean Smith would put the second goal of the game in and Roman was sailing. It would not last. Gary Oiulette's squad would score twice in the second, both by Pete Sanchione. Sanchione would complete the sombrero in the third and get an assist to round out a 4 point night and help MSCCC to its 2 win of the season.

In late action, 401 Consultants would be served a loss by Manville Palace Pizza. The Pizza tossed the dough in the oven 8 times, 4 in the first alone. Frank Notorianni would get a goal and 3 assists along with Keith Kraunelis getting 2 goals and 2 assists and Jodi Pachonski with 2 goals and 2 assists, led their team to a decisive victory over the blue.  

The summer weather is gone, the chill is in the air and the hockey is hot.

See you all next week. BTW the management would like me to remind everyone, money is due on the first weekend of the month. Please make a deposit. Thank you in advance.

Hope to see you all at the rink.

Live, Breathe, LOVE..................Hockey!!!!