The Matty Chronicles: Getting out of Moms Basement and Open Mic

January 21, 2017

Let’s start at the beginning. Final Touch and Vescera Law ready and anticipating a great matchup. What happens when the one job someone has fails for the fourth time this season? You get shitty ice. Yep, it happened again folks. With 2 zamboni’s and none are working. Wow! It’s reasonable if it happens once a season.
YOU HAVE ONE JOB!!!! WTH! Ok I am off my soap box.

So, Vescera Law and Final Touch took to the pond like ice and made the best of the situation. One of the best shots of the season started the game off. Andy Meegan took a shot from his point position. It was a dart that beat Baro clean, due to screen in front. Vescera Law came back topping the great goal with a shot from his freakin knees! Holy Smokes what a shot to beat Albertelli. Glen Medeiros would get by Vescera on a rebound to put The Touch ahead. Vescera Law would come back and score and tie it up early in the third. It would end that way 2-2. Credit the goalies and Defense on both teams with a hell of a game.

With a fresh sheet of ice, the Zamboni fixed apparently for the second game. MSCCC faced off against Roman Law. It was not much of a contest with Roman Leading 5-0 after the first and would be up as much as 7-0. MSCCC would not go away quietly however. They turned in 4 unanswered goals. Dan Claire would be the hero with 2 assists starting the scoring with Gary Ouilette and Mike Thomas. He would strike with 2 goals for himself leading his team back. It would not be enough with Ralph Espilat, Eric Campell and Ricky Votta putting in the nails to close the game out. 8-5.

In the final game Manville Pizza would crush the hopes and dreams of Manny’s Hockey shop. Mike Dussault would keep the door shut and give up only 2 goals. Meanwhile, the offense would put up 6 with Frank Notorianni getting the offense set up with 2 assists and a goal. Manny’s had gotten a couple from Aaron Crossett to put the Gold and Black on the board. They kept in the game the whole time but it would not be enough. Mannville wins 6-2.

NRI Hockey Trivia: Who out of the 77 players, has multiple talents in the music world specifically? We all know that Richie Dias is a paid musician, with awesome vocals and beating the drums like Neal Pert. We know that Bobby Jordan was a paid musician and is kick ass guitar player, with great vocals of his own.
Did you know that the two in the picture below were diamonds in the rough?
Mike Dussault Jr. belted out House of the Rising Sun, Proud Mary and a garbled, don’t know the words, version of Sultans of Swing, with guitarist extraordinaire Eric Robichaud would wow the crowd at open mic night in the bowels of Manville. I did not get a video, but proof is below.