Weekend full of hockey fun!!

March 14, 2022

It is now Monday afternoon. Looking back at a busy weekend. I will make this brief. Thank you Ben for improving your handwriting. I do love your comments on the scoresheet. Good job buddy.

Let's get into it. Friday night was full of fun. 

Votta Properties and Manville Palace Pizza started the night off on time. After the first it was tied, Votta Properties got on the board with Joe Martin's goal and Mark Kosinski's assist. Pizza responded towards the end of the period with a goal by a sub, set up by Ben's dad, Dan Dussault. The tie would not hold up, as Votta owned the second with Mike Bragan getting a goal from Kosinski and Joe Martin getting a second, from Kosinski (I'm sensing a theme). The final goal in second was Brandon Bell, this time from Bragan. Good news for Manville starting the second with a goal by a sub from a sub, then making it even closer, with another at the 5:10 mark. This would be another sub from Dussault and Craig Pizzo. Votta would control the balance of the third. Yep, you guessed it Kosinski with a goal from Bragan. Later Bragan would finish it off with a goal and getting the assist was Kosinski. Final score Votta 6 MPP 3. 

Game 2. Final Touch would face off against Green Goddess. Goddess would start this one with a goal by a sub, not sure whom, but Andy Morrison with the assist. Final Touch would get the tying goal by Steve Manning from Tim Pincince. The jubilation would be short lived, as Goddess would get another in the first from Neil Yee, unassisted. The second was all Goddess. Andy Morrison would get the Hatty to pull away from Final Touch. Assisting in the endeavor was Iggy Gozman 2x and Jay Cinq-Mars on the last one. In the third Final Touch would get a goal from Steve Owens with Dan Clare on the assist. That would be all they could muster, as Goddess would seal the win 5-2. 

Game 3. Edge Doctor and Vescera Law took on the late game with vigor. Edge got on the board in the first and would turn out to be the only goal in the first. Kreg Labelle would get one unassisted. In the second, Kreg would get another from Derek Franco in the early play of the period. Vescera would finally put one in the net, to cut the lead in half. Kevin Schleicher would find twine with help from Bill Vescera. Late in the period Edge Doctor would stretch the lead with a goal by Sean Coffey, Adam Babikian and Mike Thomas on the ass-ist. Onto the third and the Doctor got another making it 4-1, in the early going. Neil Foley would keep his stats on the rise with Franco on the assist. Vescera would not go away that easily, as a sub scored midway through. It would not be enough as Kreg would complete the Hat Trick and dash the dreams of Vescera. Final score Edge Doctor 5 Vescera Law 2. 

Wait there is more. We played Sunday as well. What a family event it was. Lots of fans in the rink. LaBelles and Ouilette's and Votta's oh my. Others as well, there were Lisi's and Mrs. Bragan. Mrs. Dubs was there. Crazy. Sorry if Missed you and you were there and you actually read this silly thing. 

So here we go, Game one. Quick Dam and Manville Pizza. Tight first period with 2 late goals. Quick Dam started the scoring with My Boo and everyone's favorite Boo, Ralph Espilat getting the party started. He was assisted by Shawn Smith and Glen Medeiros. It was a very short lived lead as 28 seconds later, MPP, yeah you know me, got one from there number 8 who is truly great, Glen Marshall. He was assisted by Shane McCormick. Onto the second and Quick Dam would be first on the board. This time Glen Medeiros would score from Chad Labaste's rebound. Manville would come screaming back and tie with another goal by Marshall from Jack Babineau. Did you know he was a musician? Apparently he is, should check him out. Any who, Manville would get another goal before the second was over by Adam Babikian. He was on call from the Doctor. He would be assisted by Kreg Labelle. (cannot keep Kreg off a scoresheet). In the third, Quick Dam came storming back and tied the game with a sub from Frank Nardone. They would pull ahead with a goal by Ralph Espilat, you sexy beast. He would be helped by Brian Roman. This game aint over yet babies. MPP pulled the goalie. Mike Dussault. This would be a good move as Shane McCormick would ruin the celly for QD and tie the game with 7 seconds left. Wow. Tie ball game 4-4. 

Onto game 2 of the Sunday Matinee. Green Goddess and Votta Properties. Two of the titans of the league going at it in this one. Goddes would score quickly with a goal by Adam Babikian. He would tuck in the beginner 22 seconds into the game. Votta would come right back with Mike Bragan getting a great tape to tape from Mark Kosinski. Remember at the beginning of this article when the abused their wonder twin powers. Here they go again. Midway through the first Gary Ouilette came to play with a breakaway. That rhymed, did you see that. huh. I am a poet and didn't even know it. He was sprung by Andy Morrison. Now this is where it gets fun. JoeBoo is in the locker room laughing at this one, along with the rest of the rink. Our favorite orator and goalie for Votta Properties actually scored a goal. I know, it is rare a goalie scores. Oh, but wait, there is more. He did it on his own net, credit went to Shawn Smith for watching it happen and yelling in jubilation. The ole spinnerama right into the far side of the net instead of clearing the puck. We love you Santiago. This would put the Goddess up by two. Late in the period the wonder twins would make like hockey stars and get another, yep Bragan from Kosinski. In the second, Goddess would get on the board again by Ouiltte from Timmy Sheehan and Morrison. Late in the third, Morrison would get his own from Adam Babikian. That would be all the scoring for the Green. In the third, Votta would scratch back with a goal by Brandon Bell from Brian Cormier. Goddess on my knees, was starting to panic. Guess what happened next, yep Kosinski fed Bragan, Bragan with the hatty. It would not be enough as Goddess held onto the win. 5-4. phew. Mike Dussault had a stellar game by shear fact he didn't put one in his own net. Yep my team so suck it if you don't like what I write.

Ahh the late afternoon game on a Sunday. Vescera Law got after it against Final Touch. In the first, Kevin Schleicher got on the board early with help from someone. They would get another midway through as Aimee Accino and Richie Dias would feed the sub a goal. Who's number 7 filling in? In the second, repeat, Schleicher from same sub. And in the third Number 7 from Jay Arruda. (what do you call a Portuguese cheerleader?) That would be it kids, the Great Santini redeeming himself with a shutout. 4-0 Vescera Law wins. 

Now don't get used to the Pizza in the warm room. That is the treat the Sunday night league provides it's players. It was good to see the entire Labelle family. Mama Labelle needs a beer!! Awesome. 

Well my bodies aching and my time is hand. So, until next time my favorite people, have a wonderful week. 

Live, Breathe, Love..................................HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!