PED'S SUSPECTED, Goalie being questioned

February 24, 2018

Roman Law have lost their captain and motivational leader this past week. Shawn Smith has a knee issue and is shelved for the rest of the short part of the season and playoffs. It was noticeable, as Roman Law one, could not beat Mike Dussault in the opposite net, who was magnificent, but also had no answer for Steve Owens, Mark Kosinski, Mike Bragan and Tommy Gaboriault Manville Pizza kept coming and coming and it was obvious that they were not going to be denied. MPP wins 5-2.

Whoever the hell number 11 was for Green Goddess, i hope you had beer for him. The busboy set up every goal for the goddess. Ralphie Espilat had a goal and four assists and Andy Morrison continues his dominance over the stats board. Final Touch would be busy all night with their hands full. It would be the third period that would decide this game as Goddess was only ahead by one for most of the game. Late in the second the stretched the lead, but The touch came back. Dan Clare and Gary Ouilette were the goals scorers for the Navy and Yellow. It would not be enough as the goddess got 2 within 20 seconds in the latter half of the 3rd to put this one away.

Don't look now but Votta Properties has really put it together. In the last 6 games against the field, they are 3-1-2 getting a point in 5 out of six. Come on! frankly, i am not surprised. Votta would have 2 on paper, Rick Mercuri from Nate Arruda and vice versa. That would be enough to put away Vescera Law. Vescera would get the lone goal from Chris Hammond from Shane McCormick.

Great Night boys and girls.


See you next week.

If you still owe, you suck. Pay up.

Live, Breathe, Love...........Hockey!