Bomb Cyclone leaves millions without power but Hockey is not affected

March 2, 2018

For those of you without power, at least you had hockey. What a night of hockey as well.

Green Goddess continues to impress and climb the ladder in the standings. In the first Andy Morrison and Joe Martin set up the scoring, something they would do throughout the game. Manny's would come right back with Derek Signoriello and Bill Bibikian on the helper. Green Goddess was not phased as they would get 3 unanswered goals, Andy Morrison, Ralphie Espilat and Eric Campbell would bend the twine and run away with it. Manny's would not give up as Steve Albertelli from Signoriello would cap the evening. Espilat would get another as well for the GG and his teammate, Morrison, would end up with 4 points.

In game two, Manville Palace Pizza and Votta Properties would get together for the next tussle. Votta would start the scoring with Chad Labaste setting the stage with a goal early. He would be set up nicely by Rick Mercuri. A couple of shifts later Manville would get it knotted up with Tom Gaboriault setting up the ghost of Keith Krunelis, whoever played in the number 11 jersey. Andy Meegan would be the hero on the next goal, getting the helper just 30 seconds later to take the lead again. Before the period would end Mark Kosinski would get the pass from Captain Dan Dussault to tie it up again. The second period would be back and forth and forth and back but the goalies would keep the black dot within the boards and out of the hole. The Pizza would deliver in the third, (never gets old) getting 3 to cap off the game. Kosinski would get another one. Dussault would be the hero with a goal and 2 assists. In the end Manville would win 5-2.

The new look Roman Law, with Brian Beck coming on board, still doesn't know his team, as Roman had ended up with 6 subs. The Law learned quickly that Final Touch is a really good team. 2 subs would make things happen to begin the game for Red, Kreg Lebelle from Rich Laplante. Undaunted, Peter Meegan would end the period by getting it tied up with help from Gary Ouilette. In the second the Touch would take the lead and again it was Meegan on a breakaway. And then, Brian Beck would make his debut get the noticed. Again, the Touch would come right back with the combo of Ouilette and Meegan again, this time Gary would take it to the hole. And then it was SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!! Kenny Beck would break it out with a scrum win by yours truly in the corner. Beck would get it to Beck who would scream down the left as Showtime would break to the net. Brian would pop it over to Myers for goal. BING BANG SHOW!!! Jarred Martin would get the next one and the game winner from the point to start the second. Brian Beck would finish the game from Kenny Beck as Roman Law would take the win.

Hope everyone is safe and has their power back.

See you all next week.

Live, Breathe, Love....................Hockey!

and now this little tid bit. Thanks Captain Obvious...