September 4, 2014


(...and now a message from Your League Treasurer) Did You know a $150.00 deposit was due for The Winter League by September 1st?  Did You know a $100.00 payment is then due on the first of each month from October through January?  The total fee for the winter per non/goalie players is $550.00, or 70 X $550 = $38,500.  The Seven Goalies pay $300.00 for an additional $2,100.  In addition, non league players, aka subs, pay $15.00 per game with an average of six per week for 28 weeks, or $15 x 6 x 28 = $2,520.   The grand total is over $43,000.00.  Your League President, Jim Gallagher, has to collect this 43K from 77 individuals.  He then has to distribute it to pay the various bills.  Three and a half hours of ice time every week at $285.00 per hour for twenty eight weeks not including playoffs.  Two refs at $120.00 per night per ref plus $50.00 for the scorer per night.  How about we lend Our fearless leader a hand in this process by making our payments in a timely manner so He can keep this very successful league running strong?

(...and now a message from Your League Scheduler)  Did You know The Playoffs are scheduled for the last weekend in March?  This is the weekend before The Holiday Easter Weekend.  In case Your Team makes The Playoffs, You might want to advice Your Master in Chief, aka, Your Wife, so that You can get permission to participate in said playoffs.  FYI, We all make the playoffs.

Now get Your heads out of the mud and take care of this crap!  TIA




Hope you all had a great summer! Congrats again to the summer winner Final Touch.

Things have changed a bit as we are now in winter and there is now 7 Teams.

Good luck to everyone!!!!

This is what you are playing for!!