Black is the New Friday

November 29, 2019

Welcome children and gather 'round for tales of the day from the coolest place on earth......

Thursdays thanksgiving feast weighs heavy on the skates of these ice warriors who come to shed the fat.

Manville Palace Pizza and Roman Law would come to test the ice first, to see if it could handle their new found girth. Roman Law would break the ice in this school dance, with a goal at the 4 minute mark by Shane McCormick who is climbing the ladder of the stats chart. It wouldn't be long before MPP was equal to the task. Dan Dussault leading the team as captain and with the first goal, less than a minute later. In the second the goals would start coming fast and furious. In one 2 minute stint, Glen Mederios would bunt it in from Nate Arruda donning some whitish gray jersey from the bottom of his bag. Greg Landry would match him and with help from Brian Beck and SHANNNNNON Caverly. Back and forth they go, Shane McCormick would serve the goal mouth with a pill while, again, Nate Arruda wrote prescription. MPP took the drop of the puck down the other end, with light speed by Brian Beck again feeding Greg Landry for the goal and Shannon with the helper. Like deja vu but not. It was all knotted up until another minute went by and Timmy Pincince broke the tie with Steve Owens on the apple. At the start of the third and I mean the freaking very start, like wow 34 seconds in, Shane McCormick would finish the 3rd jewel in his triple crown. ie hatty hatty hatty and it would be Nate again with the helper, along with Bill Babikian. " Eat Papa, Eat, No one has ever heard of a skinny Santa". Less than 30 seconds later MPP would take the lead again. And by you guessed it the leader himself Danny D. from Pincince. Not sure of his spelling. At the end, with just a minute 3 left, Brian Beck would stick the dagger in the empty net to finish the red off. Manville would beat Roman 6-4.

Now here's something we think you'll really like.

Manny's would face Final Touch. The last time these two met, Final Touch beat Manny's 3-1. This time the tables would turn. Manny's started the scoring. This article has been changed to protect the innocent. Apparently this is how it went. In the first, Manny's scored, the sheet says Scotty Hawes. But I am guessing it was actually Ralph. Because he had the Hatty and I do believe he did score first with Hawes and Tommy Gaboriault. IN the second Jimmy Meegan had a sweet back hander set up by Derek Franco. Although the score sheet says that Boo scored from Shooter and Derek Signoriello. So sorry that the score sheets are wrong. Still in the second Boo did score from TLP (Tommy Long Pants). Oh and welcome back to the fold almost was Gary Ouilette, who shot it right at Mac for the save. Early in the second, I am sure that shooter scored this tuck in goal as he gathered the loose change. This one from Andy Meegan according to the score sheet, which is not possible because he wasn't out there. Then Boo would score again, and again from TLP. Later in the third, Jimmy Meegan would break away and deke the goal in tic tac toe. Manny's could not hold the shut out however, as Peter Meegan would wrap up the scoring from Mike Perrela. So, now that the story is straight. I wrote this over to illustrate, you don't always get credit when it is due. But if you win the game, that is all that matters. Sorry if I screwed anyone on points.

From Western Canada, the home of Eskimos, no your not part indian, IMAHO is not a tribe. The feed for the late game came in strong. Green Goddess and Vescera Law would have a great late game. Lots of subs as you could imagine. Yet, with the 2 great goalies, not a lot of scoring. In the first Steven Albertelli got the party started with helpers from Neil Foley and Rick Vasconcelos. It wouldn't take long before Vescera would tie 'er up. It would Jay Cinq-Mars doing the damage from Paul Bergeron (Happy Birthday Buddy) and Scott Reilly. The second period was a draw but not without action. Early in the third, Albertelli would get the game winner 2 minutes in and that would be it. Late in the period with the goalie pulled, Albertelli would finish the hat trick on the Empty Netter. Vescera's unbeaten streak came to an end via a bitter green pill. 3-1.

I hope everyone has had their fill of Turkey or whatever nice meal, maybe a bland pork roast that your sister made you. In the end, it isn't all about the food, even when you make the perfect fried turkey with injections of melted butter, pepper and garlic. It is about the family and friends and the blessings we have. Take stock and count them. Perspective is all we need. Even if a smile comes from the smallest of things, it is still a blessing. Enjoy it.

Live, Breathe, Love...............Hockey!!!