Great Hockey Last Night

November 8, 2019

Vescera Law is on a tear and started the games off within the first 2 minutes. As filling was Dillon Rapitore getting the white on the board to Final Touch dismay. Later in the period, Bill Vescera and Paul Praderio would get the apple to extend the lead for VL. The second period belonged to Final Touch as Richie Dias drove the bus, scoring from the raking of Peter Meegan keeping the puck on the stick. Richie plowed the field and planted the seed. Mike Riendeau made his presents known by putting the the vulcanized rubber past the goal line from Mark Kosinkis rebound, knotting the game up. Early in the third Vescera would strike again with Dan Clare setting up the game winner. And then an embarrassing thing happened at the end, open net, empty net and Dillon trying to impress. Yuck. Teed it up and popped it in dashing the hopes of Final Touch's Miracle ending.

The next game was crazy. Roman law jumped out to a 2 nothing lead going right up to the end of the first.  Andy Morrison and Shane McCormick got the red out to the quick start, Shawn Smith and Eric Rondeau getting the apples on the quick start. Green Goddess would answer at the 11:21 mark with a break away by Steven Albertelli and his mustache, beating the goalie five hole. In the second Sean Coffey would extend the lead for Roman with Bill Babikian setting him up. Not so fast, Green Goddess would chip away and get the next one with Jim Gavin feeding the beast. Roman would send out Andy Morrison to answer at the drop of the center circle and he did with a goal and Rondeau helping. STOMP STOMP STOMP, late in the second. Green Goddess sent out Kenny Beck and Anthony Lisi to tie the game. Kenny said yes sir and popped it in. Anthony was out to impress his lady and got the next one. 4-4 folks going into the third. In the middle of the third Andy Morrison would be the hero and break the tie for Roman Law. Wait we play 36 minutes on Fridays. And Green Goddess used all of them. Lisi would tie it up at the 915 mark. The next shift GG would break the tie on a breakaway. Then 2 more late one by Neil Foley with Adam Babikian and Adam Babikian putting the exclamation mark on it with 6 seconds left. Wow what a game.

And that is all that happened last night.






Just kidding. Manny's gave away the game late last night and it sucked. Yep, you can say what you want about my writing, but since i do it, I can say what I want. HAHAHAHA.

Actually with the captain of Manny's suspended and after some creative player substituting by Votta properties that needed to be straightened out the game got on der way. (that is not right but go with it). Manny's scored early with Sub Jay Goyette getting fed by Brian Pendergast. Later in the First Shooter Marc Dionne would put Manny's up by 2. The lead would be cut in half by Steve Albertelli playing in his second game of the night. He was set up by Ricky Votta at the top of the key. Manny's would get their crap together and get another one late in the second as Tommy Gaboriault (TLP) got on the board with a tic tac toe play started by Scotty Hawes. Then the wheels fell off the big yellow machine. Votta beat down Manny's in the third starting with an acrobatic move by Chad Labaste. Hell of a goal. Later in the period Kevin Webster would tie it up as Yours Truly failed to get it out of the zone. And then late and I mean Late, Kevin Webster would take the lead for the first time by getting a bad angle shot to deflect in the net. Votta pulls it out and Manny's loses the top spot to them.

Here comes winter babies. It is effing cold out there, and I blame all of you early Christmas decorators. If your house smells like pine needles and is donned with green and red, you are to blame for the early winter!!!!!

Have a great week everyone. Stay healthy and happy.

Live, Breathe, Love....................................Hockey!!!!