God Damn its cold this week

November 15, 2019

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the hockey games are delightful, and since we've no place to go, get a goal get a goal get a goal

Ladies and gentlemen, It's Hockey Night in North Smithfield. The night started with Votta Properties and the assless chaps that Ricky Votta was wearing. "ice out, balls out" is not a saying. And yes all chaps are assless. Purple came out strong with a first shift goal. Guess what folks, everyone's favorite Boo started the scoring. Pat Ralphie Espilat Smith got a goal past Mac with help from Ricky Votta and Our Republican rep in RI Brandon Bell. Final Touch would be up to the task early with Bill Figuerido scoring from Mark Kosinski. The tie wouldn't last with Nate Arruda setting up Kevin Webster for the go ahead. Boo would stretch the lead getting another goal with Chad Labaste paving the way late in the period. In the second, Ricky V (the original) would set up two more to put the purple out of reach. Not so fast, FT would chip away, as Steve Manning would mix the dough and set up Richie Dias with Peter Meegan. In the third Votta would start out early. Kevin Webster would take the drop of the puck from Yep BOO BOO BOO and take it down for the goal. Two shifts later Brandon Bell would crush the hopes and dreams of Final touch, again from Ricky V and Webby. Final Touch would get a couple more one from Billy Figs for his second and the other from Rick, "im not Freddy" Mercuri. Its MER - CURRY. In any Event, it wouldn't be enough as Votta Properperties prevails. Say that 10 times fast. 7-4

So, when the next game ended you would have thought it was the game of the night. Manny's Vs. Manville Pizza. Manny's started off strong. It seems to be their Modus operandi. Jay Goyette would fill in for TLP getting Manny's on the board in the middle of the period with help from Scott Hawes and Derek (my captain) Signoriello. Late in the period Andy Meegan would do his impression of Russ Tyler and bring out the Knuckle Puck, and it worked. Yes, that was the kids name in Might Ducks who was the innovator of the Knuckle Puck in the sequel. Oh and yes, I looked it up. In the second Manny's would extend the lead with Goyette getting another, this time with the help of Shooter, Marc Dionne, Mcgavin. 3-0 Manny's but wait, there's more. Manville Pizza would get on the board, literally halfway through the period. It would be the star of the show, and shows best buddy, Brian Beck finally figuring out Jay Pires. Greg Landry would drop pass to Beck who made no mistake to score. Back and forth they went through the end of the second and most of the third. Tim Pincine would be brought out of Moth Balls. (yuck) and score for Manville to get things close in the 4 minute mark of the third. Manny's would hang on despite trying to give it away. Mike "Big Sexy" Dussault, played with a broken wing to give the Pizza a chance, but Pires would prevail late with the save of the game on Pincine that would dash the hopes of the Palace. Manny's would eek it out 3-2.

Yes that was a hell of a game. Back and forth Back and forth. But not as good as the next one. True hockey fans know a good game is low scoring. The purest would say this. They are not wrong. Watching goalies duke it out saving shot after shot, is a thing of beauty. This is what you had in the third game of the night. Frank, Vescera Law's new goalie is really good. Mark Schaivone is also exceptional. These two were the story. Only Robby Edleman could figure out Schaivone late in the first on a breakaway. It would be the only goal of the game. So, long story short. or short story as long as I can make it, because, I had the 9:30 and was hanging out in the locker room have a beer with the boys. In any case, I heard it was awesome. In any case, Vescera Law is on a mission, winning their last 4. New goalie, might be the reason. 1-0 final in this one.

So, I believe that some of you have fucked up the weather pattern. This cold air is coming from the North Pole. Hear me out. It is November. This is the month for us to celebrate important Birthdays, like mine and Mike Dussaults. It is the time for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the native Americans that didn't let the English settlers starve and showed us that corn (we call it maze) does not digest at all. Honest ingine. Huh Huh right Pete. Seriously though, it is the time for us to celebrate with our families and eat, drink and be happy. So, stop putting up your damn Christmas decorations. It aint time yet. That is for black Friday when you tell your wife, honey I would like to stand in line for hours to save 50 cents, but I have to put up the lights for Christmas. Those who are celebrating now, are fucking up the space time continuum and causing this bullshit. Santa will probably come on the 25th of this month. What the hell. I have said my peace MRS. MORRISON!!!

Hope everyone has a great week. Turkey on sale for $0.39 a lb all over the place. Ha!!!

Live, Breathe, Love.................................................HOCKEY!!!!!