Late night and heavy hearts

March 13, 2021

Good Morning Fellow Hockey Enthusiasts. It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of a member of our hockey family. Mark Guindon, one of our perennial referees, apparently died during surgery yesterday, according to reports. We are saddened by this news and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May you rest in peace my friend.

In other news, 2 local high schools, Smithfield and Hendriken got together for a fund raiser for AJ Quetta. What a great thing to do.

On the other hand it pushed us back an hour. We go t started at 913 according to Senior.

So, without further ado Votta Properties and Final Touch went at it in the first game. Final Touch seemed to be setting the pace of the game. Chris Pilot Scored early to get the Touch on the board. Late in the second, Shane McCormick got loose with some nifty passing by Eric Rondeau and finally scored figuring out the goal tending of Jay Pires. Early in the third, it was Rondeau getting McCormick loose again, with the same results. Both Goaltenders, Frank Zabata and Jay Pires, were superb in this one, thwarting the enemy time and again. Final Touch would not give up. It took to almost the end of the game before Steven Albertelli took a shot and Captain Shannon would save the day with a beauty tip in. Tie game 2-2.

Game 2 The Evil Empire welcomed back Mike Bragan and Richie Dias to the fold. They would be against Green Goddess in this one. Both teams were even in the first. It was all MPP in the second with Bragan getting 2 one with the help of Mark Kosinski. This will be a force down the stretch. Goddess wasn't ready to give up. In the third they took over. Their most prolific goal scorer, Andy Morrison would get both goals and be set up by Pincince (of course). Again, the goal tending by Mark Clarkin and Chris Santiago, was excellent, both giving their teams a chance. this one too, would end in a tie 2-2

IN the extra Late game. which played into Saturday. DAM. I mean Quick Dam and Vescera Law got out their. This game was much anticipated. Quick Dam got out in front late in the third with Papah Bill Babikian filling in to set up Sean Coffey to break the ice. The lead wouldn't last as Jay Arruda would sneak up high and bury the loose change after a great fighting chance by Rob Edelman. Quick Dam would answer the call, using Kevin Labelle, finishing with help from Paul Bergeron. Again, The Law would straighten it out and, this time Dan Clare would score with help from Arruda and Kevin Schliecher, tying the game at two. Early in the third, Vescera would take the lead. Again, it would be Dan Clare getting his team over the hump, with Sean Forrant on the assist. The jubilation wouldn't last as in one shift, Quick Dam would take over the reins. The newest member of the organization, Neil Yee would get 2 back to back with in 30 seconds and that would be the end of the scoring. Shout out to the tenders in this game, Shannon Murphy and Mark Schaivone, lots of action on both ends and the real reason for a great game. Quick Dam pulled it off 4-3.

Public Service Announcement : Wicked Rhode, featuring the vocal talents of Michael Dussualt, jr. will be playing next Saturday, March 20 at 8:00. The venue is Copperfields, 678 Killingly Street, Johnston. Come on down and support. Have a few drinks. Enjoy.

Take stock in every moment. Have fun. Be good to one an other. Positive energy is contagious.

Have a great week everyone.

Live, Breathe, Love..............................Hockey!!!!!