March 19th 2021

March 20, 2021

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea. Dateline March 19, 2021.

Manville Pizza and Edge Doctor took to the ice against each other. Peter Meegan donning a J&J jersey, got the Doctor out in front. Get that washed Peter. In the second Peter was off to the races again with Adam Babikian beating the defense to get it going. The second it was all MPP as they would score early and often. Rick Mercuri would beat Pires to the post from Mark Kosinski. Kosinski would get one of his own by surveying the zone and eluding the defense. Mike Bragan would finish up the rebound of Keith Kraunelis' shot to complete the second period on slot. Early in the third the Doctor answered the call just 30 seconds in to the period. Derek Antunes would fly down the ice with Glen Marshall and Brian Pendergast, popping in the tying. Manville Pizza would turn the tides in the middle of period. Rich Dias and his ribbed for his pleasure hand, scored with help from Kosinski and Chris Bach. The combination would be deadly again for the second goal, this time Kosinski would get the goal. Then Kosinski would finish the sombrero with his third. This would end 6-3 in favor Manville Pizza.

In the middle game Quick Dam took the ice against the number one team, Votta Properties. Dam would get it started early with a goal from Kevin Webster, heading up the forward trio of Shawn Smith and Neil Yee. Votta would use their greatest weapon and send Shane McCormick sailing up ice and hitting him with a hail Mary pass, from Eric Rondeau. Really incredible he caught it in his feet and scored five hole. After that, it was all Quick Dam. in the second 2 goals one by Webster from Smith and Yee. The next would be Yee from Smith and Sean Coffey. In the third it would be Glen Mederios popping in the loose change from Paul Bergeron and Derek Franco. Late in the game, Franco would finish the scoring from Steve Garneu. Quick Dam had their full roster for the first time since the first game of the season. Quick Dam would get the W 5-1.

In late action, Final Touch would be up against Green Goddess. Steve Albertelli, the new dad, would start the scoring for final touch, getting the helper would be Steve Owens. Owens would be incredible in this game getting 3 apples. The lead wouldn't last as Jimmy Meegan would tie the game with Larry Lefebvre and Ralph Espilat getting the helpers. In the second the Touch would pull away, getting 2. one from Albertelli, again with Owens. A mystery goal scorer would get the second with help from Shannon Caverly and Jerry Fahey. Apparently it was a sweet goal by Nick Miranda, Mystery Solved. Goddess with cut the lead as Ralph 'Boo' Espilat would get one and then do his best impression of Showtime. His helpers were Larry and Jimmy as well. In the third Final Touch would stretch the lead with Jay Cawley starting it out, Albertelli and Owens on the helpers. Late in the period, Albertelli would complete his Hattie, with Cawley on the helper. Goddess tried to claw back with a goal by Gary Ouilette from Larry, but it would not be enough. Final Touch wins 5-3 in a tight one.

Really fun night of hockey. Even some crazies playing Kan Jam outside. The weather is getting better but was still cold.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Stay positive, things are getting better.

Reminder Wicked Rhode is playing at Copperfields, 678 Killingly Street, Johnston, RI. Tonight at 8. come and see some good ole fashioned rock and roll.

Live, Breathe, Love..................HOCKEY!!!!!