Message from the rink

November 5, 2015

Hi Guys,

 As a heads up, our main hot water heater is not working and
we have approved a replacement, however, may not be in place until late next
week.  With that said, our back up heaters used for the Zamboni hot water
should allow enough pressure and hot water to satisfy the showers.  I am
advising my staff not to fill the Zamboni hot water until 30 minutes after your
game ends.  If you could try to get the showers completed within the 30
minutes slot after your game, you should be fine.  Also, I would like to
know if there was enough hot water, not enough, cold, warm, hot etc…. 
Please send me a note if you don’t mind.

 I will keep you advised as to the project status and when
complete.  As always, please feel free to contact me anytime with issues
or concerns.



 Rick Beauregard

Facility Manager, KMD Hockey


RI Sports Center and Lynch Arena