Frightfully Fun Hockey Night On Halloween

October 31, 2014

"On Halloween Night you get a big fright oooooo ooooo ooo " 

It was a great night at the rink. The first game had Manny's out ahead in the first shift, with Derek Signoriello beating Dan Albertelli five hole. Later in the first Signariello would put the puck in front while both Joe Martin and Shannon Caverly closed the gate. Shannon would be the last to touch it.  Mike Dussault stood on his head as a barrage of shots came at him, stopping them all. In the second Martin would get his from a beautiful set up with Steve Sullivan and Shannon Caverly. Yours truly would get on the board, thanks to Kenny Beck serving up the puck in the slot. Ricky Votta would sub in on the line and it was clicking. Just when you thought the Pizza was done in the oven, Mike Thomas would break away from the blue line and put Manville on the board getting the pass out by Dave McQuaid. Like De Ja vu all over again, Thomas would take the water bottle off the top of the net. Again McQuaid would break him out. Just 10 seconds later, Derek Antunes would break out of the zone and never look back, scoring the 5th goal for Manny's. Again, the Pizza was not ready to give up. A mistake by the offense of Manny's not getting back to help, caused a 4 on 2. Kelley Hoover would move the puck to Frank Notorianni  to again keep it close. The Pizza pulled the goalie, as Manny's struggled and scrambled. Pizza would score again and make it tight. In the end, Manny's would escape with the win. 

In game 2 whatever Nate Arruda ate before the game, I want 3 helpings before next weeks. Arruda would end up with half the goals scored for MSCCC. Arruda had 6 goals and 2 assists. Jay Cinq-Mars was all over the score sheet with 5 assists and a goal. On the Final touch side Gary "Showtime" Meyers kept it close in the first getting 2. In the second Brian Beck would contribute a goal. It was way too overwhelming in the second and got out of hand. 

Roman Law pulled off another win. They are the elite team of the winter season. Capt. Ahab, would get 3 assists just getting by Vescera. Vescera made a big comeback in the third getting 2 goals, unfortunately for them, it was not enough. 

Fun night all around. 

Happy November