Love the Hockey eh

February 6, 2021

A couple of epic things happened last night. First and most important, I got called to play for Manville Pizza. And second, and less note worthy, Andy Morrison had 6 goals for Green Goddess against Manny's. 

In the first game, Manville Pizza and Votta Properties went up against each other. This was an awesome contest that went back and forth. Manville came out on top 2-1. Mark Kosinski had both goals for the Pizza and Shane McCormick had the lone goal for Votta. The goaltending was the story with Brian Glaud filling in for Mike Dussault and Shannon Murphy would in net for Frank Zabatta. 

Game 2 set Vescera versus Final Touch. Shannon Caverly's players were ready for the Law. Stephen Albertelli was the difference as he scored 2 and got an assist. He had the game winning goal in the second. Vescera Law got 2 goals in the second that made it close, but no cigar as Final touch took it 4-2.

In the late game, this was a barn burner. This is the game that Andy Morrison took Green Goddess on his back and scored 6 goals. To put that into perspective, the two other winning teams got the same amount of goals together. Apparently that is really all they needed. He had 5 of the goals in a row, by himself. Green Goddess had Ralphie score the first goal. Late goals by Mike Riendeau and Jimmy Meegan to round out the 9 to 3 win. Manny's got 2 goals from Adam Babikian and one from Anthony Lisi. It was just not Manny's night last night. They really miss Derek Signoriello. If not for a bit of verbal ass kicking. 

PSA ladies and Gentlemen. We need to follow the rules and wear masks around the rink. The rink manager was pretty upset with us last night. We do not want to get closed down. Do the right thing.

Hope y'all have a good week. Lets see if Tom Brady is the goat or is a goat. 

Live, Breathe, Love..............................Hockey!!!!