Two Teams left after tonights action

April 6, 2019

What a night of hockey. Unfortunately with a kids tournament in front of us, the games started about 40 minutes late. When you are faced with a game like this, waiting around is no fun. You end up noticing tattoos on people you never noticed. Some of them are DY-NA-MITE!!!!

Manny's and Vescera Law were pitted against each other. Vescera Law struck first, with a rainbow rebound, the puck found the back of the net. Nate Arruda would be set up by his brother Jay Arruda. Nate took the shot that would up popping high and back. Sort of like a magic loogie or bullet. "back and to the left, back and to the left". This happened just 15 seconds in the game. Manny's would not stay down for long. A minute 45 later Glen Marshall would put his stamp on the playoffs, unassisted. Nate Arruda would gear up in playoff mode once again. And like before Jay Arruda would set it up with the iron man himself, Rob Edleman. Vescera Law would be up 2-1. Manny's would get back into the game. Mike Thomas would get the next goal with Steve Owens setting him up. Late in the first, Joe Martin, back from the IR had put it in from the low slot, with Thomas and Derek Antunes on the helper. That would be the game winner as they skated through the second period. The Hockey shop squad endured a 5 on 3 a 4-4 and 2 more power plays, thanks mostly to the Mike Baro and solid defense. Glen Marshall would put the stamp on this one late in the third. Manny's moves on to the finals 4-2.

In the next semi final, Votta Properties would take on Roman Law. Roman Law would strike first. Peter Meegan would put the biscuit in the basket from Brian Romans rebound. Off the next faceoff Mike Strayer would get the equalizer from Adam Babikian and Paul Bergeron. Votta would strike again with Rick Vasconcelos stepping in from the point and scoring a beauty. Steve Albertelli on the helper. Paul Bergeron would grab the next goal for Votta and they were running like a well oiled machine. Late in the first Roman kept it close with a great goal by Shawn Smith. Smith scored taking it down to the circles from JW Prestons pass. The second was all about the goalies. Votta Properties would also get into some penalty trouble with a hook and 2 trips, but Roman could not capitalize. In the third, Eric Campbell would finally get the equalizer for Roman Law. This one was back and forth throughout the third. In the end they would go to a shoot out. Mike Strayer, Chad Labaste and Steven Albertelli would score for Votta to win the game in the shoot out. Derek Franco and Eric Campbell would get the 2 for Roman Law. Hell of a game.

Votta Properties will take on Manny's Hockey Shop tonight. The 2 teams that have gone at it the hardest all season. Votta has the edge as they beat Manny's 2 out of four and 2 ties in the regular season. It should be a great game tonight. Lets all support the league. Come out, bring beer and have a ball. You can buy the whole seat but you will only need the EDGE!!!!!!

Live, breathe, love...…………………………………...Hockey!!!!!!