This is......A clown show.

November 1, 2019

Gather 'round children, there is an article.

In the first game, Manny's and specifically Shooter (Marc Dionne) started Friday night off with an early goal from Derek Signoriello and Jimmy Meegan. Later in the period, Scotty Hawes taste testing the back of the net, this one from Sig as well. It was on, like Rodeo Clown on. Late, and I mean Late in the period, a turn over on the blue line was taken advantage of by Roman Laws Shane McCormick, who would finish and cut the lead in half. Roman Law turned the tides in the second getting 2 goals within 20 seconds of each other. It would be McCormick again and Andy Morrison. Andy Morrison comment about how bad the reffing was last night, he was called off sides and he was on the bench. Pretty much that epitomized the quality of the stripes. At the end of the second, TLP Tommy Gaboriault forced his will and got the next goal to tie up the game for Manny's from Iggy Gozman. Shane McCormick would regain the lead for Roman Law and getting himself the Trick, which was a treat. On to the third, back and forth they went, both Mark Schaivone for the Red and Jay Pires for the gold would hold up. It would be in the Ford F150 five minutes that Scott Hawes would save the game for the Hockey shop from Brian Pendergast and TLP. This is how it would end. 4-4 tie.

Game 2 of the evening. This is going to be Great. Vescera Law and Votta Properties set the stage for a melt down by a ref and a certain captain. This is why playing 2 games can be an issue. Early in the game Derek Signoriello would help the white by getting it going. Held off the Defense and went hard to Tommy Martins, set up by Paul Praderio. Early in the second, Nate Arruda would box yours truly out in front of the net and pop in a rebound to tie the game. In the Next shift, Dan Claire would tear out Votta's heart by taking the lead again for the Billy's law, with not one, but 2 goals in the same shift. At this point in the story, Whats the good Webster? Oh its goals, thats the word. Or is it bird, bird bird bird, bird is the word. In any case Richie Dias set up the Kevin Webster chipping away at Vescera late in the second. Before we end the second, the entertainment began. D Sig undressed the Ref and was tossed for too many penalties. What a clown show, hahaha. The third belonged to Vescera's new goalie, stopping one after the other and holding back Votta's surge. In the meantime, Paul Praderio would take advantage of a break and finish on the other end to extend the lead for Vescera. Late in the game, Scott Reilly would put the capper on the game from Paul Bergeron. Vescera Law strings 2 games together for wins.

In the late game, Manville Pizza and Green Goddess didn't get started until the second period. I guess Mike Dussault and Marc Clarkin carried their teams for the first. Finally Manville 5 minutes into the second would break the bubble. And it was on. Shannon 'i wasn't really feeling it tonight' Caverly would carry the Palace from Greg Landry and Brian Beck. The lead would not last as Neil Foley would put the puck in the net from a rebound by Steven Albertelli. Later Jim Galvin would take the lead for the Goddess from Anthony Lisi. Manville would not be dismayed. They had a hired gun in Mark 'White Gloves' Kosinski. Kos would tie the game with Rich Laplante setting him up. Goddess would start the third, literally. 19 seconds in, Mike Bonin would score and the crowd goes wild. And on the next shift, Brian Beck got it tied up from Greg Landry. This one is like a fast break basketball game. Down comes Lisi. Lisi picked up the puck and came straight at the warm room. That was my view anyway. Lisi finished to show his daughter he can play and he finished. The lead would not last again. This time LaPlante would score to tie it up. Then Kos would get the next one with Lapante getting another apple with Danny Dussault. in the same shift Shannon finished what she started, that's right bitches, from yep, Beck and Landry. These three would book end with the game starter and game winner. Manville Pizza sends Mike Junior off to Florida with a win and a song in his heart. Also, goddess sent Eric Campbell with Mike and well, left over shots for the plane ride. Manville wins a close one 6-5.

Let me esplain, no no too long, let me sum up. Vescera looks ligit in the last two games. Manny's gets to first place and holds the lowest goals against. And actually second in scoring, which is not the Manny's way. Manville Pizza is resilient and has talent up and down the roster, the just find ways to win. Votta has to be the hardest team, they play heavy, with a bunch of talent. Goddess has exceptional talent. Have you seen Final Touch. OMG, that team is built to win. So we are all dog faces, we are all mutts. But what is the most loyal, most faithful, most lovable animal, the mutt. Who saw ole yella? What I am saying?

Some Managerial notes here. Please pay the next installment. Last night was the first Friday. If we keep up on payments, maybe they won't have to put up advertising all over the rink, which is annoying.