Its a whole new year but the same season

January 3, 2020


I erased it 3 freakin times and I am sick about it.

Vescera Law and Roman Law went to a hockey game. Vescera managed a 3-2 lead in the second. Jay Cinq- Mars would be the scoring and points leader for his team. Jay would mop it up in front of the net from Scott Reilly and Paul Bergeron. Jay Arruda would get the next one with Cinq-Mars. Shane McCormick would cut in on this dance doing what he does best, with Shawn Smith giving him the breakout pass. Vescera would extend the lead with Scott Reilly putting it passed the goalie. Paul Bergeron would set him up with, you guessed it, the former NS Northmen football team captain, Jay Cinq-Mars, sans the mullet. Roman was not done, they pushed back and scored with a 35 seconds left in the period, cutting the lead. Eric Rondeau roofed the puck late with a beauty. Midway through the third, Roman would tie it up. Captain Smith with the tying goal to help his team. And then it was Glen Medeiros with the eventually game winner and pride of the Red to get the goal. He would be helped by Smith and Craig Pizzo. What a game.

Another interesting game in the 930 slot. Final Touch and Votta Properties. With Ole Mac on the shelf (get well soon Dave), Final Touch gave Gary Showtime Myers the nod. Shows second stint in as many weeks. Show was a bit shaky at first giving up 4 goals in the first. Jared Martin would get it for the Property with Nate Arruda on the helper. Kevin Webster would follow it up with Sean Forrant and El Presidente Jim Gallaher on the apples. Next the New Chick Aimee Accinno getting the goal from Nate Arruda and Ricky Votta. Nate Arruda would follow up with a goal of his own, helped by Webby and Sean Forrant. Final Touch would get on the board in the second and early on. 7 seconds in to the period Mark Kosinski would take Jay Goyette's faceoff win and tear down the ice for the goal. The elation would not last as, Ricky Votta would score 30 seconds later with Nates help. Jay Goyette would take the next three goals with help from Jerry Fahey on all three. Mark Kosinski would help on 2 and Rick Mercuri the third. Rick Mercuri would end the third with the tying goal, with Fahey and Goyette assisting. Heading into the third with a fresh game 5-5 on the board. Midway through Goyette would find the back of the net once again with Gants Blanc Kosinski and Mercuri assisting.

Now onto the top teams competing against each other. Dan Dussault and the Manville Palace Pizza. With great power comes great responsibility. On the other side, Manny's Hockey Shop, lead by Derek Signoriello. To win, you must draft well. These two captains are the epitome of that statement. Manny's would break the ice in the first with Jimmy Meegan finding that the puck wants to go in sometimes. He was led to the goal by Brian Pendergast. In the second Manville would own the second, and score five minutes in to the period. Steve Owens would take Dan Dusaults pass out of the defensive zone passing every one and finding the back of the net. Early in the third Brian Beck would get the lead for MPP with his brother Kenny throwing him the pass from the corner. Signoriello would switch with yours truly early in the third going to the forward position send Matt Connell back to the defensive responsibilities aside Derek Antunes. The change would prove to pay dividends. Matt (me) would pass the puck up to Derek in the neutral zone. Signoriello would find a streaking Tommy Gaboriault who would finish and tie the game. In the same shift, Deja vu all over again, Matt to Derek to TLP and same results. Manville would catch a break as Manny's would have to go to the box with 1:20 left. MPP would pull Mike Dussault and have a 6 on 4 advantage. This would work out for the tie as Kevin Bartels would pull the trigger and tie it up from probably all five on the assist, but officially Greg Landry and Mike Bragan. The two goalies played their hearts out in this game, Kudos to Jay Pires and Mike Dussault Jr. Great game, take your sister to the prom finish. 3-3

Hope every one has a great week.

:Live, Breathe, Love...…………………………...Hockey!!!!