Suck the Life out of us day 2

August 28, 2022

Game Deuce!

Final Touch earned the right Friday to continue to face the first place team of Votta Properties. The juggernauts that are the Globo Gym Purple Vipers, I mean Votta Properties, were set, fresh and ready. The seas were angry that day my friends. The first period would see ole yella socks himself, Ray Iannuccillo, breaking away and finish. you mutha.... sorry. In the second, Mr. Reliable Gerry Fahey would tie up the game with help from Craig Pizzo. Eric Rondeau would score later in the period. Oh wait no, the ref said it wasn't a goal. And then Adam Babikian said it wasn't either. Everyone else said it was. Either way, Rondeau would get redemption however, it would get help from yours truly and Kevin Webster. The lead would not last as Kevin Bartels would get a stinger over the right pad of Shannon Murphy to tie it up once more and with 5.5 seconds left, Steve Lombardi would get lone goal for the game winner. The third was all Votta, first shift goal by Chris Bolton was the real dagger, set up by Andy Morrison and Bartels. Bartels was the difference in this one. Another one by Lombardi and then an empty netter by someone wearing Bragans, must have been Iggy. That would do it. Great game, Votta Goes on to the finals 6-2

Babikian had a line on this game, 8 points. I dont remember what the line was on the next one, I assume it was 6.

Here we go, Game 2 of the second game of the playoffs. What? that sounds weird. whatever. Manville Pizza Vs Quick Dam. Nothing happened in the first except hard feelings for a hook by Bob Watts. In double jeopardy the scores really changed Quick Dam got on the board first with Brian Cormier scoring and subs getting the assists. They would go up by 2 with Shawn Smith leading the way with help by Jack Babineau. Late in the period, the Evil Empire that is the MPP, Yeah you know me, would cut the lead in half. Mark Kosinski, doing what white gloves does, got the black in the black. Early in the third, Mike Thomas would get what would turn out to be the game winner (spoiler) and again Babineau with the apple. Manville would get another to keep it close midway through. Keith Kraunelis getting on the board from Kosinski. One more from Quick dam would be enough, as Cormier would get another to seal the deal. Quick Dam wins a close one 4-2.

Hope the league can make the game tonight. 8:20 Quick Dam up against Votta Properties.

Good Luck to whomever is in the game.

Live, Breathe, Love...................................HOCKEY!!!