Lifting our spirits while lifting the curfew

January 30, 2021

Great couple of games this week.

Final Touch pitted against the evil empire, minus the emperor, Manville Pizza. The Palace and the Law kept it close in the first. Mark Kosinski set the tone early with a goal. Final Touch would tie it up, but that would not last. MPP came back with a quick goal to stay ahead. The Pilot on the Touch tied it up again. With time running out in the first, MPP would go ahead, seemingly for good. In the second the lone score would come from the Captain Dan Dussault, beating the goaltender 5 hole, with POWAH. But wait there's more. Just when you thought MPP was running away with the game, scoring another early in the third, The Shannon C Calendar boys would pick up the slack. The Touch would get 2 goals but needed three. In the end Manville Palace Pizza would take the game.

In the late action, Vescera Law, without their captain, went up against, Quick Dam (the new sponsor). Kevin Webster started the goal scoring with Neil getting the assist, no not that Neil. The QD's got another goal with the roles reversed and Shawn Smith starting the action. Early in the second, Paul Bergeron of the Orange added to the lead, without a lovely assistant. A minute later, Neil, nope not that one, although that Neil, had a few chances. No this is the new Neil, would score with the help of, you guessed it, Shawn and Webby. Vescera would stop the bleeding a bit in the middle of the second by Dan Clare. Seeing eye shot. That would be all they could muster against our hero, Mark Schaivone. Only one goal in the third would be a wrapper by Webby. Quick Dam wins 5-1.

Next week we go back to the 3 game schedule. Thank God. A schedule will come out as soon as i get it from the powers that be.

Love you all.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe (through a mask), Love...........................HOCKEY!!!!