The Season is Winding Down

August 1, 2014

True parody abounds this summer season. Final touch blows up last week only to scrap together a win this week. The team that blew out the Touch last week fell to Roman Law. Later, Manville Pizza took it to Vescera Law to climb up the standings.

In the first game, there was back and forth action. Manny's Hockey Shop faced off against the up and comers Final Touch. Andy Meegan would score the first goal but it would not come until the second period. In the second Manny's would come right back with 2 unanswered goals to make it 2-1. Steve Sullivan would get a goal and an assist to lead Manny's in the scoring. Unfortunately, it would not be enough. Final touch, got another goal in the second late to tie up the game. In the third an early goal by the Chris Bolton would be all the Touch would need and finish with a hard fought win. Final Score 3-2 Final Touch.

The second game was another thriller. 401 Consultants are leading the standings and not looking back. Except they still had to face THE LAW, Roman Law. In the first period it was all knotted up, nothing, nothing (or nil/nil for you soccer freaks). All the action heated up in the second. Law would break open the scoring early on. The Consultants would come right back less than a minute later. In the same period, while the clock was running down. Roman Law would score again. Not to be denied 401 grabbed another one to tie it up once again. However with 8 seconds left, Red would go ahead. It would come down to the third period. 401 would tie it up just over a minute in the final stanza. Roman's would put 2 more tallies up to go ahead and for good. Although, 401 never gave up even scoring a late goal, it just would not be enough. Roman wins 5-4

In the third game, it was all Manville Pizza all the time. Capt. Dan Dussault made a slight change and it paid dividends. The line of Dussault, Rob Edelman and now centering, Kelley 'The Other Girl' Hoover, would do much of the scoring. Dussault would grab 2 goals and 4 assists, Hoover would grab a goal and 5 assists and Edelman would have 2 goals and 2 assists. Vescera law would have a rough night. There was a bright spot however, with Gary Ouillette scoring both the Laws goals. One goal would come with just .1 second left in the first. Manville Pizza with this definitive win, put them into second place, overcoming the stagnant Hockey Shop.

Just a couple of weeks until the playoffs. Don't forget folks, we have playoffs on Friday August 22nd, 8:20 (first place vs. last), 9:30 (teams 2 and 5) and 10:40 (teams 3 and 4). On August 23rd, 9:30 and 10:40. The final game will be played on August 24th at 8:20.

Money talk!!!! If you owe, please Pay! If you are playing in the winter, please see Jim Gallagher and pay a deposit.

In other news: Happy Birthday to Shannon Caverly and congratulations on her graduation.

See you all at the rink.

Live, Breath, Love......HOCKEY!!!!!