The Matty Chronicles : Episode 6 : Return of the LAW

October 18, 2016

An exciting game to start the Hockey Evening.

Manny's with a huge comeback, down 4-1 in the waning minutes of the game. Mark Ferreira comes up big with a couple of goals and an assist and Jay Cinq-Mars with great pass setting up Derek Signoriello with the tying tally at 19 seconds. Final Touch had fallen apart at the end. Anthony Lisi, had all but sewn up the game in early play, along with goals by Paul Praderio and Peter Meegan. Apparently something was missing? What was it? In any event Manny's felt like the victor and out played Final Touch to grab the 4-4 tie.

Game two pit Law Vs. Law. Vescera Law would come out victorious on a 5-3 tilt. Roman Law has been stalled on the conquest to rule Friday night! What is the LAW?!?! Vescera on this night.

The late game also had a few surprises. The Green Goddess' donning their new attire. Was it the new togas? In any event, Manville Pizza was stunned by the 6-3 loss. On the Green side, Shane McCormick, Rich Dias and Mike Ferreira were able to tally the goals. The other surprise, the Goblins grabbed their first victory.

Love the parody of this league!

Come and watch the games! Bring the kids, its fun for the whole family!

Live, Breathe, Love..... Hockey!