Alive and Kicking

November 21, 2020

 November 20, 2020 and still playing hockey. Great night of hockey. First game was Quick Dam Versus Final Touch. What an epic effort by both teams. Quick Dam did all their damage in the first period. First goal by Paul Bergeron, getting the party started. Final Touch would tie the score with Stephen Albertelli getting involved from Scott Reilly, who called his daughter cousin IT", what an asshole. lol. Later in the period, Quick Dam would strike again, with Kevin Webster getting past the goalie with help from Derek Franco. Late in the period, Derek Franco would manage a break away and finish for the third goal. It wouldn't be until the third where Final Touch would mount the comeback. Locked and loaded shot by Jim Galvin would get them a step closer. Albertelli would net the tie in the mid third. Quick Dam would stave off and call it a draw. 3-3 what a game.

On to game two of the evening. Manville Pizza came out to win this one and win they did. Facing Vescera Law, Manville Pizza's Mark Kosinski got the early goal in the first. Then it was Derek Signoriello filling in to get the second goal all by himself. In the second, VL would cut the lead in half, unfortunately it was short lived, as MPP came back with Richie Dias banging one home from Sigs pass. Late in the period the Pizza would continue to rise. Another goal set up by Kieth Kraunelis and Richie. All MPP in the third with 2 more goals one by Keith, and another by Kosinski to finish the game. 6-1 in the end.

Hope every one has a great Thanksgiving.

I hope you gather in whatever fashion is good for you. Family is the most important thing. Enjoy them.

Live, Breathe, Love..............HOCKEY!!!!