Pause WTF is a PAUSE last game before it.

November 28, 2020

Friday-November 27 the day after Thanksgiving game.

The normal smell of a locker room is pretty distinct in hockey. Today, I thought I smelled gravy. Must have been coming out of some pores. In the first game Shannon the new Captain and her Final Touch calendar team, went against Green Goddess, who is cursed with Boo and Gary Orr. Early on, GG took advantage of the substitute goalie, (SHOW) and scored in the first 2 minutes. Andy Morrison was set up by the Green Goddess' Captain, Eric Robichaud. It wouldn't be long, Chris Burkle (pilot) would get Final Touch on the board. Jimmy Galvin would would bless the team with a goal from JW. JW liked what he saw and put one away as well, helped by Jay Cawley and Jimmy Galvin. Period two would come up Goddess. After a stellar performance in the first, Showtime had some let down. Rick Vasconcelos would start the comeback. Next Ralphie My boo Espilat would tie the score, from Shooter Dionne. Mike Riendeau would tip the scales pulling the team out in front. In the Third, Shannons team would get to work. Jim Galvin would put in a second one for the team FT with help from Pilot and Dan Clare. Dan Clare would put the team ahead later in the period, again from Pilot. With just a minute forty left, GG would tie the game, Jimmy Meegan would put the pie crust on this one and make a barn burner a tie game. Great game. 5-5

As the kissing the prom queen and finding out its your sister continues, Manny's and Manville would face off. The First period belonged to Manville Palace Pizza as the rise was on in the first. Kevin Webster and Shawn Smith, filling in for the MPP would get the first two goals. Captain Dan Dussault would get the third and MPP would be up 3-0. Late in the period, Manny's would crack the egg, with the new guy Todd Corriveau getting the goal. On to the second, off the face off wearing my jersey, some sub scored for Manny's. Who the fuck was wearing my jersey? Manville would get the equalizer to keep their 2 goal lead just 30 seconds later. Manny's would cut into that lead again late in the second. Eric Campbell would beat the buzzer for the Maize and Royal. In the third, back and forth they would go. It would be at the 3 minute mark when Captain Derek Signoriello would knot it up with his signature backhander from Corriveau. And there you have it another tie. 4-4 another great game. I always feel like even though it is a tie, one team feels relief and another feels failure. what happened. Anyway, seems like great drafting to me.

I am sorry to say, we will not see you guys for another couple of weeks thanks to the Pause and this bullshit Covid virus.

I hope you all stay healthy and happy. Do some xmas shopping. You can gather at Walmart and Target, but just not your home.

Have a great one. See you on the 18th of December. Yuck what a wait.

Love you all.

Live, Breathe, Love............................Hockey!!!