Super Friday Night Hockey

February 1, 2019

The Matty Chronicles are alive and well. Episode #???

While Grandma is tied to the train tracks on the outside of town, our hero's are hard at work in the rink fighting evil and villainy! Or there friends on the other team!

Enter Manny's Hockey Shop. In some peoples eyes (most of anybody who doesn't play for Derek) are the villains. I think they are hero's. As the gold splashed onto the ice, enter Green Goddess in a cloud of vape. The Goddess would strike first BAMM!!! with a goal from Shane McCormick (aka Shane McShane Shane, or the Hanger) set up by Brian Pendergast (AKA Mr. Stretch). The lead would not last long as Dillon Rapitore (aka the paralyzer) would pop one passed the Emperor (Aka Mike Dussault, Jr.) with the feed from Glen Marshall (aka Mr. Clean). The first would end in a tie. The second opened up the Mr. Clean and The Paralyzer getting together with Anthony Lisi (aka Ant Man), to take the lead. Mr. Clean would get the next one which would turn out to be the game winner. Helped out by yours truly. No AKA needed. Not sure what people call me. Ill just ask Showtime. In the final period Green Goddess would get one back with Mr. Stretch setting up Shannon Caverly (Aka The Chick) to close the gap for the Green, it would not be enough as Manny's Wins 6-2.

In chapter 2 of this story, Final Touch would pit themselves against Votta Properties. Votta would strike first with a goal POWWEEE. The Young Apprentice Steven Albertelli ( AKA the Bitten). put the puck and the net unassisted. Midway through the second, Votta would strike again WAMMO! this time it would be another young one Adam Babikian (aka the better Babikian) with The Bitten would set up the Better B. Late in the second Final Touch would get on the board and cut the lead in half. Richie Dias (Aka The Pawtagee) would take it in alone to carry the team on his back KA-POW!!!. Votta would take the reins, literally, Ricky Votta (AKA VEE) would get the game winner early in the third. Kevin Webster (Aka The Webmaster or dictionary) would get his team back into it but it was already 4-1 at that point and the turmoil would end 5-2 Votta Properties.

Roman Law would take out the red capes (NO CAPES) running into the Evil Empire Manville Palace Pizza. Tim Sheehan (Aka The Tin Man) would get the game going early with the help of Shawn Smith (Aka Captain America). These two would get together, again for the game winner 4 minutes into the contest. On the Manville side, Sean Forrant (Aka Cannon Ball) would be set up by Larry Lefebvre (Aka The Junk Man). Roman would crush its opponent in the end declaring ...IS THERE NO ONE TO CHALLENGE US! Lets be clear, they are no general Zod's. Roman would take care of business 6-1.

Yes we are all back from Vermont.

What the FUCK!!! Like a hairy dinner plate next to an aspirin!

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Live, Breathe, Love.....Hockey!!!