Ground hog day came and went

February 8, 2019

Groundhog day came and went.

Punks-a-gin-and-tonic Phil, the drunken ground hog shot the puck top corner, where momma don't dust. Eh, coach. nice job buddy. snipe snipe celli. Giving us 6 more games of hockey

In the 820 game which started at 831, whoever subbed for Richie Dias (Mike Thomas maybe) got a goal at 08:31:20. Yep right off the face off. apparently the defense was not ready. A few minutes later, Mike Bragan would start the beginning of his sombrero. Ray Iannuccillo (god dammit your name is long) used every bit of the first period and scored a buzzer beater to cut Final Touch's lead in half. In the second Brian Pendergast would tie up the game and it was on! Until Bragan got his stick on the puck. The hero of pond hockey, extended his winning ways scoring 3 more in the second yep 4 goals altogether. He would have scored more but it was moot as Craig Pizzo came back from China. Apparently, China they play put the puck in your own net. Doesn't translate very well here. Neil Foley got the credit, but we know it was Pizzo. So that was that and Final Touch in the pinny's won 8-5.

The 9:30 game started promptly at 9:42. Votta Properties is vying for the top spot. They have to get by Roman Law. "the line is drawn here! No further"! Roman came out breaking the egg midway through the first. Shawn Smith, captain my captain, would score from Derek Franco. In the second, The Meegan brothers would get together, Jimmy would feed Peter, I sure this does not happen at home. Turns out this would be the game winner. Late in the second Votta would get one back with Mike Strayer bending the twine from Steven Albertelli. That would do it for Votta. Roman would pop one more in thanks to Franco and Peter, putting the nail in the coffin. Roman Law wins. Remember Tekken? LAW WINS 3-1

And here is where I came in... 3rd game. Vescera Law up against Manville Palace Pizza. Vescera went to work early and often. Nate Arruda would have back to back goals literally with in 21 seconds of each other. Little Robbie Edleman would get the next 4 points scoring 2 and getting 2 assists. he would end up with 4 points. All of a sudden it would be 6-1. Mark Kosinski would get the only goal for MPP in the first from Dan Clare and Dan Dussault. In the second within the first minute, Manville Palace Pizza would get on the board again, with Dussualt putting his team on his back from Kosinski. A couple of subs would help the cause making cutting Vescera's lead in half. Vescera would string out the lead with Glen Medeiros putting 2 goals in the second and that would pretty much do it. Vescera Law wins with a Texas size 10-4 good buddy.

So here is where we stand. Manny's still out in front. With the win, Roman Law leap frogs over Votta Properties to put them in second and Votta in third, just a point apart. Right behind them is Vescera Law also within a game of second. Any predictions? Votta plays Manny's next week. Need I remind you, Votta is the only team that has beaten Manny's this season. Will Votta get another win against the top seed? Roman Law will face Vescera Law. Law V. Law. Who will be judged as the better office. MPP yeah you know me, will go up against Green Goddess. Yep, the Dussault boys will be against each other. Always a treat for Mr. D. Who is your favorite Mr. D? Dan? or  Mike? Come on.... All I know is Final Touch will not lose next Friday.

Another great night of hockey folks.

See you all at the rink.

Live, Breathe, Love.....................HOCKEY!!!!!