Fire and Brimstone coming down from the skies......

February 15, 2019

Welcome to the Matty Chronicles.

It is with a heavy heart that I report, Manny's second loss of the season. With one perspective, Votta Properties perspective, joy to the world. On the Manny's side, what the hell just happened. I'll tell you what happened, Adam Babikian is on steroids or some sort of PED's. That is the only explanation for a 4 goal game. Manny's came out with a goal in the first period. Dillon Rapitore would pop the goal in the middle of the first. The first period started to get chippy. There was a definite playoff feel in the air. In the second, Adam Babikian came down and scored five hole. Later in the period Mike Strayer would set up Babikian again out in front. Paul Bergeron and Mike Strayer would buzz around the net later in the period, setting up Adam again. That would be all Votta would need. Bill Babikian would get his first goal of the season late, but it would not be enough. Votta stuns the league beating Manny's 5-2.

Roman Law and Vescera Law came out to be judged. Instead they settled. It was Roman coming out in the first, right at the bitter end, and Shawn Smith would break the 0-0 tie with less than a minute to go in the period. Vescera would have fight tooth and nail to get pop one in themselves. Jay Arruda would start the scoring coming up from the blue line. Late in the period, Shawn Smith would end the second as he did the first with a goal in under a minute left. Tim Sheehan would set up both of the late goals. Within a minute of the third opening up, Peter Meegan would make it 3-1, extending the lead for Roman. Don't change the channel kids, the show will continue. In the middle of the third, Rob Edleman would score set up nicely by Paul Praderio. Vescera would not give up and kept coming at Roman. Nate Arruda with under 2 minutes left would tie the game. And that is how it would end. Kiss the cousin, go to the prom with your sister, yes ladies and gents, it ended 3-3.

In the final game, Shane McShane Shane... McCormick would be the hero for Green Goddess. Mike Dussault would be the Robin to Shane being Batman. Ray Iannuccillo would match Shanes performance like a Superman or maybe Aquaman? Nah Aquaman sucks, he sucks under water. Mike would keep MPP from scoring. This is what happens when you bring your girl to the rink and try to impress. Manville Palace Pizza would star the scoring early in the first, as Scott Hawes would get the game going with a pass from Mark Kosinski. The lead would not last as Yellow socks himself, Ray Iannuccillo would get Green Goddess on the board, from Tommy Gaboriault and the new chick, Aimee Accinno, there's  a new kid in town people started talking, filling in for the veteran chick Shannon Caverly.  Later in the period Greg Landry would get the next one from Ray and Aimee. Before the period would end, Shane would start his run of four goals and it would be enough as Green Goddess would win 8-2. Shane would have four goals and Ray would have 3 goals and 2 assists.

So here is where we stand. 6 games left, Manny's stubs its big toe. Roman and Votta are tied in the standings. Vescera is nipping at the heals. Green Goddess is starting to make its run. Manville PP, missing their captain and acting captain Steve Manning forgot his jersey, what the hell is going on there? Final Touch was off but Rich Dias was ready to play last night. Every team makes the playoffs, but only one will lift the cup. You can feel the energy of the season getting closer to the prize.

Have a great week everyone.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................HOCKEY!!!