The Matty Chronicles: Shallow Thoughts

February 11, 2017

It was as it was, but what, what was what it were?


It was a cold and wintery night at the onset of the February
in New England. The game of the night was a game for the ages. The heavyweights
of NRIAHL were facing off at 9:30ish. Manville Palace Pizza and Roman Law, both
at the top of the standings, came out on fire. Roman Law would be at the top of
their game leaping out to a 6-1 lead. Like a prospector looking for silver and
gold, MPP started chipping away. In the end, MPP (yeah, you know me) pulled
ahead with just a few minutes to go. An empty net would put the game to rest. The
whole of both teams would chip in, scoring 14 goals in total. Manville Palace
Pizza would pull it out 8-6.


The beginning game was the Gary “Showtime” Myers game. The
Show would put on a show with a Natty Hatty and a couple of helpers for 5 total
points. It was all MSCCC from there. In the audience was Ollie Arruda. Thought
to be a good luck charm for Vescera Law, Ollie left his displeasure for the
game in his diaper. Asked about the game, Oliver simply said “hockey?”. The
question mark was inferred.


In the final match up, Final Touch would keep themselves in
second place.


The race is on to the top. The Pizza cannot stop delivering,
the Touch seems to have it, Romans Empire is far from falling. Manny’s is
looking for the back to back championship. MSCCC shows, SHOWS they have what it
takes for a push. Do not make the mistake of counting out last summers’ goal
leaders on Green Goddess. Vescera Law could be the top team in the end, with
the goal tending and top end talent. So what does Vegas say? In any event this
is the last of the rounds. There are 6 weeks to go to the playoffs. Who will
put themselves in the best position to carry themselves to the championship?

 Live, Breathe, Love..................HOCKEY!

Pay attention to Peter Puck!