Life is but a dream

October 1, 2022

Good Morning.

When you got up, did you expect the news to be ready and done? Aha you didn't! Did you? Well here we are.

I got up really early. Then I looked at 6 score sheets. And then I felt like going back to bed. In any case here we are. If you are sitting there and thinking of me? Please be kind, regarding how I look in your mind. Or think of the most handsome person. Same thing.

Last week Final Touch had gotten the best of the juggernauts of Green Goddess in the 8:20. A little help from Webby on a couple and Paul DeCataldo in net.

In the second game, the Edge Doctor, got the edge on Votta Properties for a 4-1 final. Peter Meegan on the vanguard of this one with a couple to win the game.

In the late game, Vescera Law improved there standings with a win over Manville Palace Pizza, getting 7. Kevin Schlecher sporting the sombrero at the end of the game with 3 on the sheet. The Law wins 7-3.

I know what your thinking. If this is the bland sort of writing, what the ever loving hell did I wait for? Well it is early. And this is two weeks of shhhtuff.  Maybe next week it will be better or maybe not.

In the first game this week, Edge Doctor continues there dominance of the league, putting up 8. Did anyone see Steve Owens with a layup and sent it back to the defense? Yep, when you are up by 7, even the hardened hockey player can have a soft spot. Glen Marshall put up 3, nice job coach. The captain put a couple by, Adam Babikian leading the way. My Boo even got a breakaway and finished to impress ms. Rosie. In the end, it was Edge 8-3.

Game 2, This was a freaking barn burner! The Steve's put up most of the goals for their respective teams. Steve Albertelli put up 5 for Votta. Lombardi put up 4. Wait, the other part of the teams was the difference. Tommy Martins kept the purple in this one. Andy Morrison put up a hatty for the purple as well. Richie Dias had a beauty back hander for the Goddess. In the end, Votta held on to the 8-7 win.

Did you ever notice how the late game is so late? Quick Dam and Vescera Law had a blast playing I am sure. The scores in each period were Quick Dam 2-1. Period 2, tie 2-2 Third Period Quick Dam 2-1. Are you not entertained! Look, it is super early in the am. Kreg Labelle scored a couple and looks great in orange. Shawn Smith got a couple as well. Vescera put up 4 by several different players. Like the diamond, club, heart and spade. My kind of deal. In the end 6-4 Quick Dam.

On to bigger and better things. The standings. Final Touch is in second. That's right and they didn't even play. Who knows how long this will last with the Doctor burning up the score sheets. Votta winning last night over the upstart Goddess was huge. Let's see how long that lasts.

I hope everyone has a great week. IF you are at all interested, Wicked Rhode, Motif Magazines Favorite band of the year, is playing at Badgers Pub tonight at 8! We would love your support. Great venue, great people, great show. Hope to see you there.

Peace, Love, Tranquility! Namaste! What, that isn't my sign off. Namaste, who says that, unless you are doing Yoga. By the way, the inventor of those pants, must have been a guy. And thank you.

Live, Breathe, Love....................................HOCKEY!!!!