Purple prevails as well as Red and Black

June 7, 2019

Green Goddess let a big one slip away or did Manville Pizza grab victory out of the jaws of defeat? Maybe a bit of both. Green Goddess started out with Mike Thomas putting one off of yours trulies foot for a goal in the first minute. Thomas would again strike midway through the first. Mike Bragan would put one in himself on the Thomas line from Thomas with 30 seconds remaining in the first. The Goddess were feeling great about themselves going into the second. Less than 5 minutes in, they would score again, it would been Sean Coffey from Kevin Bartels to get them to 4. And then came the evil empire, (queue the Vadar entering music). just 9 seconds after the 4th tally for GG, Eric Rondeau would pump one in from Brian Duboc's rebound. With a comfortable lead Goddess entered the third without another goal. Mike Dussault was brilliant keeping the green off the board. We will be checking the film on one of them however. Enter the third and it was all black all the time. within a minute and 2 seconds, between 5:42 and 6:44, Mark Kosinski would make the green his bitch. 2 goals and an assist, the other goal coming from Tommy Gaboriault, scorching one in from the mid circle to tie the game. Another minute ticked by and black would strike again, Larry Lafevbre would have a seeing eye shot from the point. Eric Rondeau would put the nail in the coffin and Danny Dussault would put the EMPTY NETTER in to put it away. MPP wins 7-4

Roman Law meant business coming out strong in the first getting up 4-0 Sean Smith started it off against Vescera Law with the help of Anthony Lisi getting 2 and Tim Sheehan Chipping in for 1 as well. But Vescera would not be thwarted so easily. Dan Claire would get the Law on the board to stop the bleeding. Back and forth they went, the scoring was plentiful. Shane McCormick would get the next one and cut the lead in half. Anthony Lisi for Roman would make it 5 and stretch their lead. Back came Vescera with another goal set up by Rob Edleman before the buzzer went off in the first. (Damn I should have just written the score on this one and been done with it.). Back to the regularly scheduled programming. In the second it was a defensive affair, with Shawn Smith getting one 5 minutes in to get his team to double the lead. Shawn would have to leave for a family matter. We hope all is ok. Dan Clare would own the period however, getting the next two and giving him the privilege of donning the hat of tricks. Tim Sheehan loved what he saw from Clare and decided to get a natural Hat Trick finishing the scoring in the first and stretching it through the third. My fingers are tired on this one. Somebody scored for Vescera early in the third number 11 maybe Brandon? not sure. And that would do it for the white law. the red law was not quite done Neil Foley would get one, wait Neil ? really?? yep that's what it says and Paul Bergeron would cap the scoring. Roman Law would finish this one with a heathy 11-6.

ahhh fuck me. Another baseball score. Votta Properties is on a roll and stretching their dominance over the league once again. Not sure who 6 was, but I think it was Teddy on a comeback stint to the league. Or maybe it was Jay Goyette? It would be nice to know. In the end, always good to have new blood. Sean Forrant would get the next one from Ricky Votta. Mike Riendeau would start the second from Adam Babikian and Steven Albertelli. Adam would get the next one from Riendeau. The next one would be Albertelli from Adam and Mike, this line was clicking. Number 6 would complete the hat trick late in the third. However, Final Touch would get on the board with less than 3 minutes left. Dominic Assini and everybody's favorite boo, Ralph Espilat, would find the chink in Mike Baro's armor, but it would be too late. Sean Forrant would finish off the Touch and crush their dreams of winning for their absentee captain.

Ok, it is a beautiful day. We need to start thinking about pool parties and backyard get togethers. Not saying 77 folks are coming out to someone's house but, you know, we would. Have a great day. BTW I don't have a pool, so sorry. Go BRUINS!!!!

Have a great week everyone.

Yours truly - the guy who talks a lot.

Live, Breathe, Love...……………….Hockey!!!!!!!!