The end of the season is heating up

March 9, 2018

Manville Pizza has climbed the ladder and are just outside the first place spot. Manny's is clinging to the spot by one point. This will all be settled next week when they face off in the late game against each other. The winner of that game will either take over first or settle in and stay in first.

Last night Votta Properties faced off against Final Touch to start the evening off. Votta in the royal purple and Final in the royal blue. The blue had to don the yellow to distinguish themselves. Up and down the ice they came in the first with no score. The goalies pulling off the shutout. Hell of a fight between Jay Pires for Votta and Mike Baro for Final. Baro even came out a few times, i mean really out. like top of the circles out. In the end the former Captain of the team, Ahab himself would score the game winner and the cappah with the help of Rich Dias, current captain, and Jim Gallagher, President of the league (BTW PAY UP if you haven't), to finish off the game.

Manny's would try its best to get as many points as they could within the 36 minutes of ice time. Mike Thomas was the MAN scoring twice and getting 5 assists. Mike Strayer would end up with the Hatty. In the end it would be 11 - 2 Manny's.

Lets talk about the debacle that was the final game. I don't know what the strippers did to you Boo, but damn....... My boo Ralphie Espilat would get the scoring going. It is always interesting when there are as many penalties as goals. If we were counting penalties as points Green Goddess won 5-4, but we are not. Manville Pizza's very own Mark "i am a C player, i swear" Kosinski would get the first goal for Manville. Goddess would lead after one as Aaron Crossett would get the next one. and then ended up in the box shortly there after. The third really got scrappy. "Why do you need a lighter". Hey Mike Bragan, I guess that nap did you good. Bragan would score 4 goals with the help of Tommy Gaboriault. Manville Palace Pizza would prevail.

Please let James Gallagher know if you are playing next season. Also, please clean up your account by paying if you need to and then you should give Gallagher your deposit for the summer season. Please see previous news feed for the info on the summer league.

Have a great week bitches.

Live, Breathe, Love..............Hockey

And now Al Bundy has some words of wisdom. This is for the Boo-Bee crew.