Nashville? Who's in Nashville? WTH

March 26, 2022

Hello everyone! Hi Shit Shooters down in the land of the broken country star dreams. How is that pedal car/bar treating you? Who was the first to say "fuck this shit"? I'm going with Gary or Dubs. Good luck to all you down there. Get Greg to dress, he's really good. 

In other news, the rest of us stayed home and played hockey at 146. The home of the cold shower and bud lights. Coming soon to a parking lot near you "Can Jam" and possibly Cornhole. 

Let's get to the games. First game meant something and all the rules were out the window. Clappers for goals, yep those are ok. Sorry Handsome, but you got away with a couple. In the end Votta overcame the onslaught of Green Goddess. Goddess was missing 4 players, Orr, Dubs, Yee and Vasco. Replaced with Kreg Labelle, Steve Albertelli (birthday boy), Adam Babikian and Andy Meegan. It wasn't enough. Votta started the scoring with Kosinski and Ricky himself getting together for the first one. Goddess game back with a goal of there own from Albertelli. Next goal got the Green up one. This time it was Adam Babikian or LT Jr. Andy Morrison and Brian Pendergast. The lead was short lived as Votta came over the line and smoked one in from the circles. On to the second, Albertelli would put the Goddess on his shoulders and get his second. Again Morrison with the Apple. Votta Props would come back in droves. They would get 3 in the second, 2 from subs, Assisted by Ricky Votta. The third was another smoked shot by Ricky. Just throwing caution to the wind. Midway through the third Green Goddess would make it interesting, getting another goal by Albertelli. This would complete the Chapeau for the chappo. Kreg Labelle on the assist. It would not be enough. Votta would hold onto the lead and the win and enters first place on their own. 5-4. 

Even more interesting was game 2 because eff game one! yeah I am bitter so what? In any case hi! welcome to game 2. Vescera law and Final Touch. White versus some very Yellow. The first period belonged to the FT with a goal just at the end. It was scored by Mark Ferriera? I didn't See him so i bet it was actually Kreg Labelle. But either way both good guys. In the second they would get the lead 2-0, also by another mystery guest #66. This was helped by, probably Kreg, still don't know. Could have been Jimmy Crack Corn. Final Touch was feeling pretty pretty good. However, Vescera would come back with one at the 8 minute mark from Nate Arruda who was helped by Kevin Schleicher. Holy Shit, two guys who are actually on the fucking team. Yeah that wouldn't last either some other dude got a goal to tie it up late in the second. the third was full of almosts but not enoughs especially at the bitter end. 2-2 

Let's all go the late game, let's all go to the late game. I am not going to say this is a coincidence or if this has any bearing, but Quick Dam won by a lot, without some of their main guys. I don't think it has any correlation at all. (or does it? ) . Just Kidding SHAUN! Love you buddy. Nashville. Still Jealous. Again the thief of joy. In any case Quick Dam got 3 in the first to 1 by Manville Pizza. Eric Campbell was not even here and got 2 out of the 3. Helped by Anthony Lisi, who actually was there. While Manville would get their goal from Rick Mercuri, by the way out of the air, from Jack Babineau. In the second it was all Quick Dam. A goal by the wearer of 66 and a goal by the wearer of 7. Good job you 2, whoever you are. In the third, 66 would get another in the early going. Manville would stage a late comeback with a goal by Nick Nardone. A goal by Glen Marshall would make a bit closer. Mike Dussault Jr in his lumberjack jersey would seal the deal along with the empty netter by number 6. Unless Campbell was here and I didn't see him. I thought he was in Nashville. That said, he got a hatty. 7-3 blowout for the Dam. 

I hope all of you down south are seeing some cool things. Great music is everywhere in Nashville. Have fun, make good decisions. I expect you won't, so I am eagerly awaiting some stories. I know with this crew, there will be stories. 

Hope everyone has a great week. Some playoff hockey going on Sunday and Wednesday. Good luck to those involved. Congrats to the Meegans for winning with Johns Drywall in the Burrillville league. That is all. 

Live, Breathe, Love.........................................HOCKEY!!!!!!