The Matty Chronicles: There is a Cluster at the Top

October 29, 2016

With the win by Final Touch and Manville Pizza the top of the standings are all knotted up at 9 points. Manny's Hockey Shop is technically in the lead with a game in hand. It is a long season and nobody has dominated just yet.

Final touch and Green Goddess' duked it out for second time around through the league. These two teams opened up the season. Final touch would come up with the win as they did in week 1, but it was a mighty struggle. The Touch had the Touch and was up by 3 going into the second period. The Goddess would come roaring back and put themselves within one. Although they would come close, Captain Ahab and Crew would just stay ahead and win the game.

In the late going, as close as close could be, Bill Vescera and his Law Machine, squeaked by MSCCC. Bill Figuerido would get 2 goals and 2 assists to lead the team. Mike Prudhomme would get the game winner. Mike Thomas would get 2 goals and Gary Ouilette would get a goal and assist to lead MSCCC in scoring.

In the early going Manville Pizza would get its second win in a row with Mike Dussault's return between the pipes. Manville story starts and ends with Dan Dussault and Frand Notorianni's play. Those two would hook up for a goal and 2 assists each. Roman Law just couldn't seem to get on the same page the entire night. Looked like they were chasing the puck much of the game. Ricky Vota and J.W. Preston would do the scoring for Roman in this tight match up.

With Next weeks schedule the way it is, not sure you will see much movement on the top of the standings. Although, an upset in the making with Vescera Law playing Manny's. It is quite possible that MSCCC could upset Final Touch in the early going. Plus, don't count on Green Goddess' to give up another game. They are a scoring machine as a team and could get the upset over Roman Law.

This is why we play the games.

Hope to see you next week. Please bring money as it is time to pay the piper.

Live, Breathe, Love................Hockey!

The end of this video reminds me of the locker rooms in mount when you bump your head.