Welcome to Week 4

October 5, 2018

So last week was much more exciting than this week. We had no fire trucks. However some players on the ice were on fire.

A late start did not stop the action, despite the lack of Refs. Yep, no refs, no problem. In comes Shawn Smith and Derek Signoriello to the rescue for game one. My Boo, Pat Smith...(Ralph Espilat) would help out reffing game 2 and 3 with Tommy Gaboriault.

Vescera Law would get the night started with 3 goals in the first from the Arruda brothers Nate and Jay. Lots of subs helped as well apparently, Shane and Craig Pizzo notably. Nate Arruda would end up with the Hatty. It was more than enough to get over on Votta who had 2 goals by Mike Strayer. Just not Votta's night. Vescera Law 6-2 over Votta Props.

In game 2 it was all red. Roman Law tilted the ice for a great portion of the game. When Final Touch did have chances, sub goalie Mark Schaivone, ma ma ma Mark Schaivone, took care of business. A lone goal at the end by Richie Dias would not be enough. In the First Shawn Smith would get his team going from Peter Meegan. Meegan would get the next one with the assist by Captain Shawn. Smith and Meegan would share goals and assists to finish the game. Roman Law 4-1.

In the third game, Manny's came out strong, getting 3 goals in the first. Mike Thomas would pop one in from Joe Martin. Later that pesky Matt Connell would keep the unicorns coming and grab a goal from a great pass by Derek Signoriello. Mike Thomas would stash another goal in his pocket, as time was expiring in the first. Early in the second Thomas would complete the sombrero and get his third and Manny's would be up 4 - 0 early in the second. (great kid... don't get cocky). Manville Pizza would chip chip chip away as Gary Ouilette would steal the puck and pop the first in for The Pizza to finish out the second. The Pizza would own the third, starting with a goal by Steve Manning assisted nicely by Sean Forrant. Jarred Martin would get the game to 4-3 and all of a sudden, the comeback is real. Manny's just had to hang on a few more seconds, but with 27 seconds left in the game, Gary Ouilette would attempt a pass to slot from behind the net. Unfortunately for Manny's Derek would block the shot and put it between Baro's legs and we now have a tie. That is how it would end 4-4. Hell of a comeback by Manville Palace Pizza.

Sorry about lack of stats and news over the last week. I hope to keep you up to date as the action continues throughout the season.

On the plus side, no fire trucks this week. Yay.

See you all next week as Green Goddess will be back. Junior will have nice pedicured toes. We assume this will make him even more nimble in net.

I hope everyone has a great week.

See you next Friday.

Live, Breathe, Love....................Hockey!!!