Im Back In the Saddle Again

November 12, 2022

After a short hiatus, I am back. Yes, I know, the lack of a story has been hard for the 3 of you to deal with. Thanks for your support.

Last week, Shawn Smith, Mark Schaivone, Frank Nardone, Craig Pizzo and Myself were in Manchester, NH for a charity hockey tournament. It was a draft tournament. I had never even heard of anything like this, but it worked out well. We had a blast. Manchester has a cool downtown area, if you ever have the chance. By the way, I beat Frank Nardone in a beer chug contest. Just saying.

Lets get into last week. Manville Pizza played Vescera law. Both teams were all tied up in the first with 2 goals a piece. In the second, Pizza got cooking with an early goal by Mark Kosinski and they were off with 4 unanswered. Vescera managed to get one back in the early goings of the third, but it was not enough. Manville would win this in the late goings with a 7-3 margin.

How did I miss this? Final Touch and Green Goddess. I think I will miss all the games we play against GG. Its our 2 wins after all. I was out the last time we played them as well. Coincidence? I think not. In any case Neil Yee got a hatty and Sean Coffey got the game winner on this 7-5 game. On the Goddess side, Richie Dias and Steve Lombardi did the damage, but it wasn't enough to get by Frank Zabatta in net.

Late game. Yeah, this article is far from over. Buckle up buttercup.

Votta Properties and Edge Doctor went after it. Suffice it to say, this must have been a grind. Nothing happened in the first. I am sure a lot happened but nothing on the sheet. In the second, Votta scored after they just had a power play. It was the third that pulled Votta away, stretching the lead to 3-0. Glen Marshall doing what Glen Marshall does, did put a kink in the armor of Votta and getting Edge on the board. It was too little too late. Votta puts this one in the books 4-1.

Welcome to this weeks fun. Maybe, I should have started with this? hmm. Nah fuck it. Hi this is part two.

Green Goddess versus Votta Properties. Green Goddess was doing great, first period ended 2-1 with Steve Lombardi and Jay Cinq-Mars putting the biscuit in the basket. You heard me, Steve got a goal so weird. Oh and Jay just being Jay, no big deal. On the other side the Turk, Sandy Anderson fitting in nicely with the league, put one in on the Votta side. Lots of subs. In any event, Richie Dias got himself a hat trick with the wrong number on his back. Along with Anderson, Timmy Pincinse would put a couple in on the Votta, in the end, it was a tie. boring. 7-7

Game 2, did you hear, I got to play with Kreg Labelle and Shawn Smith and got 2 goals and 2 assists. Yep, I just took poetic license and patted myself on the back. In any event, Vescera Law came out on fire, Mike Thomas would get his team on the board with help from Robbie Edelman. (isn't it great to have Rob back in full force). Late and I mean Late, Quick Dam would get on the board. Craig Pizzo would put 'er in the net. I actually thought it was Larry Lefebvre. Really think it was, but Pizzo was credited. In The second, Yours truly tucked one by, just beating the goalie to the left side. Mike Thomas would tie it up late in the second. In the third it was all Quick Dam. Shawn Smith would get a couple as well as Anthony Lisi and myself. Did I mention I got 2. HAHAHA. Just kidding, but seriously 2 goals. Quick Dam wins 6-2.

Ahh the effing late game. Manville Pizza versus Glen Marshall apparently. Glen got Edge on the board with a late goal in the first. In the second, he would pull the same rabbit out of his hat, unassisted, unless you count Nate Patterson putting it in for him. It wouldn't be over yet. Frank Nardone would muscle his way down the ice, give and go from Mark Kosinski and go he went. (sounds weird). But yes Frank scored a great goal. Also, Manville would tie it up a minute later. Late in the third, Glen would complete his hat trick and get the game winner. Son of a bitch. I mean great job Glen. Yes, Edge, edged out Manville 3-2.

What a beautiful day. If you guys are around, come up Norton and see Wicked Rhode at Tavern On the Hill. Great venue, great band and me. So, 2 out a 3 aint bad. "I want you, I need you, but there aint no way I'm ever gonna love you, but don't feel sad"

Hope to see you tonight.

Have a great week otherwise.

Live, Breathe, Love...............................Hockey!!