Veni, Vedi, Vici! ROMAN LAW WINS 2015 WINTER

March 29, 2015

Law completed its mission set forth by drafting a well balanced team top to


Dan Albertelli finished the year off with a shutout. Then went in and shut out the
2 games to launch Roman Law into the annals of NRIAHL history. Pete Meegan put
a great team together. Roman Law stayed in first place most of the season and
won the President’s trophy. This trophy can prove to be a curse, like getting
your picture on the cover of SI. The curse has been broken once again by a
Meegan team. Sean Smith and Richie Dias would score a couple of goals each for
the Red. Final Touch just could not match the determination of Roman Law.


Another great Winter season is in the books. Congratulations again to Roman



LIVE BREATHE LOVE.....................HOCKEY!!!!!