8 Games In only 7 more weeks til XMAS

November 9, 2018

North Smithfield- Under a blanket of rain outside the rink, the action was heating up like a warm summer day. As NRI goes this first game epitomized the evening and the league.

Vescera Law is looking to climb the ladder to the top of the standings, while Final Touch is at the bottom holding it. Vescera started the scoring as Nate Arruda got a hole in five, getting the pass over the line by Glen Medeiros. A few shifts later, Final Touch would tie up the score. Rick Mercuri brought the puck in with a beautiful move and finished with a slap out of the air from the pitch of Mark Ferreira. Home Run. They are calling this the Bohemian Rap it in city. Just a few minutes later The Touch would put the puck in again and take the lead. Peter Meegan would sub in for them, getting the pass from Kevin Webster. The lead wouldn't last as Lil" Robbie Edleman would pop the puck in from the pass of Jay Arruda who was rushing the puck from the blue liners. That would end the first in a tie. In the second Nate Arruda would get the lead back. Glen Medeiros would put the next one in with patience in front of the net and get some just rewards and the game winner Brandon Bell would get the assist. Kevin Webster for Final Touch would put in one of his own from the face off, helped by Meegan and Neil Foley. It would not be enough. No goals would be scored in the last period and Vescera would get the win 4-3.

In meat part of the action sandwich, Roman Law posted up against Manny's Hockey shop. The Red Peril would come in to this game hoping to bring down the Mighty gold. Like 2 heavy weights sizing each other up, back and forth they went. It would be just minutes before the first ended when Scott Reilly would take the pass from Captain Derek Signoriello and Manny's would be on the board. Roman Law would come back quick. Early in the second Brian Roman, the namesake and sponsor, would load the gun and shoot from the point. This puck had eyes as it was like the knuckle puck. It found the right side of the net and tie the game. Signoriello would take the team on his back. Anthony Lisi would make a pass from the corner on Derek's tape and boom chug-a-lugga, bent the twine. Derek Antunes would set up the next goal as Sig would get the pass and take another shot. Lisi would follow up the rebound and get what would turn out to be the game winner. GO TO THE NET KIDS, good things happen. Late in the second Matty C on Ice would get a silver platter shot after a pass from Mike Thomas to Steve Owens, shot and rebound and score. Manny's would now be in the driver's seat. The Law would convene between periods, as Manny's was still chatting among themselves. (Derek made sure he got their attention). "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN", hey that sticks expensive. Roman had a set play from jump street. Before the puck was dropped Derek Franco would be halfway to the net. No whistle, keep playing. Franco would bring it to the corner and pass right on the tape to Shawn Smith. and bingo-bango they get a quick one. In a surprise development, Connell would score again. Very similar to the last goal, taken the puck from the rebound of Mike Thomas and Steve Owens. This play would earn him the little stick award. Matty has a little stick. Yay??? Scott Reilly would finish the scoring as he started it and Manny's would win and keep the top spot. 6-2.

In the moist bottom end of the sandwich, Green Goddess would set sail against Votta Properties. Not 100% sure what happened in this one, but i did see both the Labelle boys (actually 3, if you count Chase). I am thinking the story really should start with the goal tending. Mike Dussault was outstanding, as was Jay Pires. Early in the first from #12 sub would get a pass from #13. I am guessing that was Kevin from Kreg or Kreg from Kevin, either way GG gets the lead in the first. This combination would do it again, vice versa, to put the goddess up by 2 early in the second. Late in the second Adam 'the better' Bilbikian would get Votta Properties on the board. Meantime, Junior would be landed on and hurt his back. Big Tree Fall Hard, with Kazarien on your back. In the third just a few seconds in, an actual player for the green, Brian Pendergast, would seal the deal, getting the pass from Ray Iannuccillo. Green Goddess would get the gigantic upset and stun Votta P with a 3-1 victory.

Next week Vescera and Manny's face off for the top spot. Manville Pizza is back from hiatus, where ever the hell that is against Final Touch. Roman Law will be taking on Green Goddess to open up the action next week.

It was another fun night of hockey. Hope everyone has a great week.

See you all on the weekend.

Thank you Veterans for your Service.

Live, Breathe, Love...................Hockey!!!!!!!