November Begins with a bang

November 2, 2018

Happy Friday everyone. Well I am actually writing this on Saturday.

Come on guys are you serious! 18 goals in the first game alone? and all of 5 in the other 2.

Ok, here are the highlights. Green Goddess got started off the face off. Literally off the face off. 19 seconds in to the game Shand McCormick would get the first goal. Wow right? No. Manville Pizza would answer 32 seconds later, with Jarred Martin answering the bell. Gary Ouillette would get the next one and they were off. Gary "Orr" would get the Chapeau for his efforts. Mark Kosinski would get 4 for his efforts. Dan Claire would get the game winner that being the 9th, yep the 9th goal. Shane McCormick would get a hatty himself for the Goddess. Shannon Calvary would get 2 goals at the end of the game to try to inspire the team. Unfortunately time would run out for the Green. Manville Pizza would out last the Goddess and win 10-8. What a marathon. Where were the fire trucks cause the "barn was a burnin"!

Now for the prom with my cousin game. Yep, Votta Properties and Manny"s Hockey Shop would go at it tooth and nail. Votta Properties would get the game started midway through the first. Ralphie "My Boo" Espilat would put the first goal in with the help of Andy Morrison. Steve Owens would get the equalizer for Manny's by sheer will. Votta would not be done in the first. Andy Morrison would get the hail Mary pass from Ricky Votta. He was stopped but was able to sweep the puck in for the go ahead. Late in the second, Joe Martin would shake it up and tie the game once again. He was helped by the hard work of Anthony Lisi and Steve Owens. Do you what happened in the third? Absolutely nothing. yep that was it 2-2 tie. And Manny's stays in the top spot undefeated. Great Job by Both Goalies Jay Pires and Mike Baro.

Here we go for the third game. And what a battle this would be. The defense on both sides was stout as they battled back and forth. The goalies Dan Alberrtelli and Mark Clarkin would thwart the efforts of the sharp shooters. Paul Pradeirio would finally break the egg for Vescera Law. It would end up being the only goal for either team. What a battle. Speaking of battles looks like Roman had a tough time skating under the sticks of Vescera, tripping a couple of times. They would also get a nice hug, lets call it holding shall we? And Check Please. yep one of those too. Someone wasn't playing nice. In the end a really good game. 1-0 Vescera. Vaults themselves into the second spot.

Great Season thus far.

Hope everyone has a great week.

See you all next Friday!!!

Live, Breathe, Love...………………………..Hockey!!!!!