March 20, 2020

Happy stuck at home and this sucks Friday.

I don't even know what happened this past week. So lets tell you another story. The story of 9 weary hockey players and their companions. The story of Vegas baby.

Gather 'round chidren Uncle Matty has a story to shaya.

Like any great story we start with some drama. With the looming threat of the Covid-19 virus, the prices of the hotel dropped dramatically. Our hero, Boo Smith, found out he could harass the hotel and get a significant savings. He shared this knowledge the following day, unless you were Shannon, than it was immediately shared. Damsel in distress I suppose. So we all scrambled and some of us were able to save more than others. I was not as fortunate. By the way, PSA fuck PRICELINE they suck. No such thing as price match guarantee. It is a bunch of bullshit. Again fuck them. I did end up saving $400 but could have saved $700. Crooks I tell you!!! So, we fly out to lovely Nevada. However, because we had Shannon the weather was not as beautiful as it normally is, as a matter a fact they had down pours overnight. They have never had rain, but they do when you have a 'bitch-eastah' come to town. (Just kidding Shannon). We finally got to the airport after flight delays because some asshole wouldn't get off our plane. Almost forgot to mention that fact. We flew in at roughly 1 am instead of 11. Not cool man. After much negotiations, yours truly was able to procure a double upgrade to a small SUV the Sante Fe through National. Honestly, never underestimate the power of apathy. I asked the girl in the parking lot, she said I could have it. Leaving the rental lot, the lady at the vestibule said I couldn't have this upgrade. I said "the girl said I could and she even asked her manager". The lady said, "OK". Really tough negotiation. Meanwhile, our traveling companions, Ralph (Boo Smith), Rosie (Mrs. Boo Smith), Eric, Kelsey and Shannon, waited impatiently at the Dollar rental line. A ride to the hotel, check in, 2 beers and some gambling later, our companions arrived at the hotel. As we all went to bed, Boo decided to have some 4am Steak and Eggs. You go boo, that's what im talkin bout. Next day we did some site seeing on the strip, pretty standard stuff. Had a nice dinner and breakfast the next morning at or around the hotel. Did some gambling. And then there was hockey. We had an Afternoon game at this pretty cool arena called City National. It is apparently where the Knights practice. Happily we destroyed the other team, 8-1 with Richie and Ricky getting the majority of the points as well as most of the team getting points as well. Shannon actually started off the scoring. That night we went about the sight seeing again and drinking of course. Next morning some of us got up early for them fancy hotel room egg sandwiches that are made with the little machine. And then went off site seeing. Later in the afternoon, we played a team that had a much worse schedule than we did. They had to play a team at 10:15 the night before and lost in OT. That sucks. Oh well. We beat them 6-4. Again, Richie was instrumental as well as Junior in net. Fine performances by everyone though, as we wouldn't be beaten. That night I was able to go see my Niece who lives out in Vegas and is the executive chef of the restaurant Flower Child. Real healthy eats at this joint. In fact it was very good. Junior and Lori, myself and Donna enjoyed the Hippy Dippy eats. I believe the rest of the crew went to see Richie at the South Point resort hotel. On Saturday, we had our biggest challenge of the hockey week. We had to face the same team 2 times in one day. We were awarded the finals and so were they. In the first game, we scored first. We were than quickly down 3-1 in period one. This was my shining moment, of my life and the tournament. I actually scored the next two goals to tie up the game and rally the troops. Richie and Ricky finished them off with another tying goal and the game winner. Ricky Vasconcelos got the puck over to Richie who scored from the other side of the crease as Vasco was hitting the boards. In the OT ti was sort of mirror DeJa Vu. as Richie fed Ricky for the game winner. Which is on video. and was really cool. Also, Mike Dussault stopped 33 shots against the 20 the other goalie saved. We all went our separate ways to relax and retool. We ended up getting back to the rink altogether after some nervousness on timing. In the last game, we just couldn't muster any goals against their goalie. Richie did get the loan goal. All in all it was a ton of fun. Everyone got to play a bunch and had some fortune along the way. The next day we went out to see Red Rock and Hoover Dam. Which was awesome. As we started dwindling in numbers. Mike Jr., Lori, Donna, Boo, Rosie and I toured what was left of the Strip on Monday. Boo and Mrs Boo left in the middle of the night. I was under the weather on Tuesday. Irish flu and what not. The rest of the crew did some site seeing. but laid pretty low. That night went to dinner, back by 9 to find out the casinos are closed and you can get whatever money back in 30 days. I quote Junior "This is bullshit". Which apparently works because he was able to cash out. Played cards in our hotel room until we decided it was enough. Flew out fairly uneventfully on Wednesday. Now stuck at home for awhile. This sucks.

Thank you to all the friends on this lovely trip. It was a blast. Some of this may be inaccurate, timing wise and I am sure I missed some stuff. I know we went to Freemont street. Did some Karoke. Did a lot of drinking, some of which is a blur. but fun none the less.

Sorry there is no hockey tonight. I will be drinking in my back yard or driveway tonight at 2am just cause I feel like it is my duty. LOL

Live, Breathe, Love...……………………………..Hockey!!!!