The Matty Chronicles: "Vini Vidi Vici"

October 8, 2016

From Augustus to Constantine, The Roman Empire ruled Europe. 521 years later Roman Law rules Friday Night hockey. For the time being anyway. Roman Law conquered MSCCC in the latest of its quest for greatness. Captain Shawn Smith led his team with 5 points, a goal and 4 assists. Ralph Espilat added 2 goals and an assists as well. Ricky Vota was out to impress Sophia, who was watching patiently in the warm room, Daddy Vota scored 2 and got an assist as well. Gary "Showtime" Myers was trying to impress his girl, Mrs. Show, with a goal and 3 assists. Capt. Gary added a hatty for MSCCC, unfortunately it was not enough. Roman wins 9-5

In game 2, Manny's Hockey Shop gets up on Manville Pizza Palace. Mike Strayer would be the hero for the hockey shop as he would grab a hatty and an assist. His first goal was the only one they needed as the the Pizza was sliced up for 5 goals and kept off the board by Rob Schiavone, who kept it clean between the pipes.

Game 3, Rob Shiavone would help Final Touch to a compelling win, allowing only 2 goals in the first period and then settling in and shutting out the next 2 periods. The A's on both teams would be the difference, as Tom Gaboriault and Peter Meegan would score 2 goals each. On the other bench Nate Arruda and Rob Edleman would score for Vescera Law.

Next week is sure to be entertaining. Manny's and Final Touch are pitted against each other trying to climb in the top spot.In the second game, it will be LAW V. LAW, who will be awarded the decision? Don't judge them yet. In the late game the Goddess returns with the munchies, is Pizza going to allow them to satisfy their hunger?

See you all next Friday to find out!

Live, Breathe, Love..................HOCKEY!!!!!!