Summer Season YEAH BABY!!!

April 12, 2019

The teams are reshuffled and the season is underway!!

Green Goddess and Final Touch started the season out with the 820 game. The Goddess got it started early with a goal in just 50 seconds. They would challenge Final Touch again with another goal in the middle of the first. It turns out that is all they needed.  Goddess would go onto win 3-1.

Votta Properties and Roman Law took to the ice in the second game. It would be Ricky Votta showing the way with an early goal. Roman would match them with a minute later and then late in the period. Gary Ouilette would get the game winner late in the first for Roman. They would go onto win 4-1.

In the final game, Manny's would face the evil empire Manville Palace Pizza with the evil Emperor between the pipes. In the first Manny's came out strong, getting a goal early. Early in the second, Manville would tie it up. Back and forth they went. It would take almost the entire game, but the MPP, YEAH YOU KNOW ME, pulled it off. Larry (try to pronounce my name a dare you) Lefebvre shot from the point off yours truly Matty and Kevin Bartels, sneaking past Pires for the game winner, leaving only 4.6 seconds on the board. 2-1 Manville Wins.

Wow what a start of the season. This one is going to be great.

If you would please send me your players Jersey numbers, that would be helpful. I am talking to Vescera and MPP specifically.

My apologies to GG they did give me their jersey numbers.

Please remember and please never forget! LIVE, BREATHE AND LOVE............HOCKEY!!!!

ps. Lets hope Mike Thomas gets back on the ice soon! Shoulder injury, and feeling much better this morning.