Week 2 and what a week it was

April 19, 2019

The summer season is in full force in week 2. Now that we have seen Vescera Law. In the first game, the White Law Vescera, went against Ricky Votta and the Votta Properties. The purple pride came out first with Steven Albertelli getting one with help from Steve Garneau and Adam the better Babikian. That would be all she wrote in the first. In the second Nate Arruda would stretch the lead to 2 against his brothers team. Vescera came back with a goal of the own. Not sure who 11 is but he was said up by Edleman and #3. late in the third Ricky Votta took over boom and bam 2 goals in within 15 seconds, wait what??? holy smokes. Sean Forrant and Steve Albertelli had the helpers in goal 1 and Forrant and Garneau in goal 2. It looked like Votta was all set and would be an easy win. Not so, Vescera came storming back getting 3 goals in the third to tie the game. As it was in the beginning it will be in the end. From the alpha to the omega, Steve Albertelli would get the game winner with 2:02 left on the board, helped by Mike Riendeau. What a great game. This helps Votta to stay in second in the standings. With everyone else.

In the second game of the evening, Manny's Hockey Shop and Final Touch would take the ice. Early in the first Manny's very own Rink Guy, Jack Russ would put the Maze on the board. Later in the period after Brian Pendergast would get sent to the box after Greg Louganis hit the ice, Peter Meegan would be sent on a break away from Derek Signoriello and Matt (me, lol) Connell. Pete would get the shorty. In the second, Manny's would put another one on the board, as Brian Pendergast would get the next one from Russ to stretch the lead to 3-0. It was not even close to over. Ralphie, hey boo boo, Espilat would say 'fuck you Manny's' and start the scoring for the touch. The second would finish 3-1. Final touch had the Mo and decided to make some changes. The other Ricky V (Vasconcelos), would switch to forward. The plan worked as he scored early in the third and make it 3-2. Now the Touch is really feeling great about themselves. However, guess whose back and brought the storm with her, Shannon the cannon Caverly!!! just 11 seconds after V scored, Shannon would put the puck in with authority. Pete got it to her from behind the net and she wasnt missing. Turned out this would be the game winner as Final touch would get another one late, again from Vasconcelos, it wouldn't be enough. Shannon earned the little stick in the locker room. Excuse me?? what was that?? hahahaha

In the late game, after the Bruins blew it, Roman Law was up against Green Goddess. In the first Roman Law had the edge. Shawn Smith would get his team on the score sheet twice in the first five minutes, book ending Andy Morrison would also scored. Morrison would get the helper on Shawns goals and Smith would help Morrison on his. Gary Ouilette started the whole thing off with a helper of his own. It looked like the Red Army would have an easy game. not so fast, Glen Medeiros would get the hook up from Mike Bragan and fill in Mark Kosinski. Andy Morrison said no sweat and scored off the next face off beginning the second. This time Smith helped with Derek Franco. And then it was the Green and all green making it rain. In the second Jim Galvin would nip one, next 2 were by Bragan. All of which was helped by Mark Kosinski and Glen Medeiros. (is there a theme here). Those three goals would tie up this late game going into the third. New game. Green Goddess would take the momentum into the third. Galvin would score 2 more to get the chapeau early in the third. Mid third Gary Ouilette would get it close, but not enough as Green Goddess would hold on to win.

It was hot outside and hot in the rink last night. Great games all within a goal. Just great back and forth action all night long.

Pete asked me to write something, but I forget. He felt it was important and said it was the story of the night. Hmm. ??

Anyway, have a great week!

Live, Breathe, LOVE...............................Hockey!!!