March 21st Games

March 26, 2014

401 Consulting slows down Vescera Law 7-4 while improving to 3-0-1 in their last four games.  The Consultants are chasing after Manville Pizza for Second place, with both teams having four games remaining, including tonight's games.  This team is built around offense, leading the league with 116 goals, averaging over five goals per game.  Captain Eric Robichaud is confident in the way his team has been built.  "We have the scoring line, with The Beck's and Campbell, and we have the checking line.  So far it has worked out great, with both lines getting their job done.  I think it is fair to say, the scoring line has to be considered the most potent line in the league, and our other line has held serve all season long."  You can't really argue with that.  This team appears to have a strong hold on third place, and they have not given up on second place.  If you are going to get past this team in the playoffs, you are going to have to figue out a way to slow down this offense.

Roman Law B slaps Final Touch with their weekly smack down, 4-1.  Defense Attorney and Captain Brian Roman believes his team has what it takes to win it all.  "It all starts with goaltending in hockey, and to put it simply, We've got the best goalie.  I made a conscious decision early in the draft this year to get Mike Baro for obvious reasons.  It's all about the playoffs, and great goaltending wiins championships.  This year the league is really balanced, and Baro could be just what it takes to put us over the top."  Everything Roman says makes sense, and in addition to all that, guys like Mike Strayer, Chris Hammond and Joe Martin have had sensational seasons as well.  It really does make for an interesting playoff scenerio coming up at the end of April.

In the late game MSCCC battled Manville Pizza to a 3-3 tie.