It almost looked like spring and then, well shit.

February 19, 2022

Ok Refresh Button hitters, here is what you have been waiting for! I pray I do not disappoint. 

Let's get right into this. In the first game, Green Goddess pitted against Manville Pizza. This was a really good game. In the first it was Pizza Roll'ing. Get it pizza roll, love them things. Don't eat them right out of the toaster oven. You'll burn the roof of your mouth. It's awful. Ruins your day. Oh yeah, Pizza got on the board first with a goal by Nick Nardone. Ben Dussault's dad, Dan, set up Nardone to grease his way to the top of the circles and snipe. For whatever reason, Green Goddess got only one shot off in the first. Not going to win many games like that eh Gretzky? In the second, Goddess got off to a much better start than the first. Neil Yee would put the puck in the net from Gary Ouillette and Andy Morrison. Manville got ahead minutes later with a goal by Greg Landry from Shane McCormick. Let me describe the horror of this goal. Mark Clarken plays the puck. No big deal he is on it. He tries to pass it through the one guy from the other team that is in the zone. Little ole me made a bad decision on who to cover. Greg Landry got a pass over and empty net of the post. Somena bitch. Any who, ten seconds later Andy Morrison from Green Goddess tied it up again. Gary Orr and Rick Vasconcelos would be on the helpers. Bing bang boom. I understand we all touched the puck on this goal. Later in the period, Neil Yee had a crushing blow to the Pizza dough. Putting it upstairs on a bad angle, from Jay Cinq-Mars and Jimmy Meegan. Next goal Yee would do a double fake just 30 seconds later putting the puck in the net, from JW Preston and Al Whitton. That was a bit of a back breaker. But still a lot of game left. Shane McShane Shane McCormick would get a goal of his own from, Yep Pizza Captain Dan Dussault. In the third it would be all Goddess. Andy Morrison would get 2 in the period both with the help of Vasconcelos and Gary Broken Stick Ouillette. That would be all she wrote (or I wrote). Goddess takes the win over the all star team that is Manville Pizza. Fun Fact these two teams did not have subs. 

In Game 2 Quick Dam would face the Edge Doctor. In the first, Quick got off to a quick start. A minute 40 in Shawn Smith would flex his captains muscles getting on the board. he was helped by Chad LaBaste. The Doctor would answer the call in 13 seconds. Neil Foley would put his team on his back. He would be set up by Adam Babikian. Quick Dam would get another to take the lead early. Chad Labaste would get himself a goal assisted by Eric Campbell. Late in the period, Edge Doctor would tie it up. Sean Coffey set up Kreg Labelle who always delivers the goals. In the second, Kreg Labelle would strike again. Set up by a slew of doctors last included Brian McDonald and Derek Franco. Late in the second, Edge extended the edge with a goal by someone wearing 8 unassisted. In the third, Kevin Bartels got a goal. I love when Kevin gets a goal. The unsung hero of the league. Kevin has been in the league for-EV-ER. Late late late in the game, Jay Cawley put it in the hole with Franco and Labelle on the assists. Edge Doctor is the victor 6-2. See, if you score 6 you will get a point with Junior in net, its a scientific fact!!!! 

Ok, the late game. This one had 8 subs in it. I heard anyway. Apparently, ZZ Top was called to sub. New dude that JW brought. He was rusty according to Preston. Not like the rust on us old dudes. We don't shake the rust off, it is what holds us together. In any event, this was the clash of the titan goalies. Christopher Santiago with his Jaboo in tow, versus Frank Zabata for the Votta. It rymes. In any event, did you notice Ricky Votta with his European jersey. The story goes, the Captain Lost his jersey. I blame his adorable children. I am adding a lot of side shit, because, this was a back and forth game with very few goals. This is not the kind of score adult leagues expect. Ok so in the first, nothing happened. In the second Kevin Schleicher would get the game winner for Vescera unassisted. In the third Nick Nardone, the younger of the Nardone brothers, would stick a fork in the game with help from Bill Vescera and Gerry Fahey. Fun fact, Nardone played in the first game and scored and in the late game. Pretty, Pretty good. Anyway Vescera would get into first place with 2-0 victory. Leap frogging Votta Properties.

The standings are tight, like a tiger. Games will be meaningful down the stretch. Like I said, Manville Pizza and Green Goddess would not have subs tonight. Both teams looked good. Come the playoffs, this will have to be the case for all teams. Can we say for sure, what team is really the best? We will find out come playoff time. 

I hope this was everything you expected. Love you all. Come see Wicked Rhode, featuring Mike Dussault's angelic voice. You may even see yours truly get on stage for some shredding of the 6 strings. The Tavern on the Hill, 336 Old Colony Road, Norton, Ma. show starts around 8. Come on by, have a drink, enjoy some 80-90's 2000's and some 70's as well. All rock, some dancy stuff. Right Rosie? Where's my boo!! 

Have a great week if we don't see you. 

Live, Breathe, Love..................................................HOCKEY!!!!