Another great week of Hockey

November 30, 2018

In the first game of the action, Manville Palace Pizzas very own Ole Mac Dave MacDonald was the story. In his best effort of the season, he thwarted and stymied Manny's Hockey Shop at every turn. The Gold came out flying in the first couple of shifts and welcomed Gary "Showtime" Meyers to the team as a call up. The Show started the show with a doorstep goal from Steve Owens and Derek Antunes. The lead would not last as in the next shift, the hockey whore himself and traitor, mind you, Scott Reilly would pop in the equalizer on his own doorstep goal. This one from the shot of Scott Hawes and the circling of White Gloves in black gloves Mark Kosinski. Joe Martin would put the gold back ahead in the first shift of the second. That lead would not last either as Martin's son Jarred, would punch one in with the help of Kosinski. Derek Signoriello had had it with the lackluster performance of the entire Manny's team. Carrying them on his back, he would get the next one before the second period expired with the help of Joe Martin and Mike Thomas. All was well, until the last minute of the 3rd when, you guessed it, Manville scored again and from Mark Kosinski. AND another freakin tie, but still undefeated. Derek Antunes has said many times in the last few weeks, "if ever a team needed a by week, this is the one".

In the second game Manny's Hockey shop was all eyes on what was happening, as Vescera Law is nipping at their heals in the standings. Votta Properties, who is still trying to find out their identity, came out storming. Adam Babikian, trying to impress his guest, put the first one in the bucket from Mike Strayer. Adam saw his dad being a little too chummy in the warm room, that old rascal. They skated the rest of the first goal free. Off the face off in the second, Shane, McShane Shane, McCormick would pop in the next one to make it a mexican standoff. That would not last as Ricky "Property boy" Votta would score off of the other Ricky V, Vasconcelos, lets just call him fluffy and Ralphie " My Boo " Espilat. Another one trying to impress our friend Rosie. That would end the second on this close game. The third belonged to the One Eyed,One Horned, as the Flying Purple People Eaters, did just that. Andy Morrison, also having a guest (actually 3) in the warm room was out to impress went down, even tried to pass it but ended up scoring, again with Boo's help. Mike Strayer would pop one in and it was now pretty much over, this one from the young Steven Albertelli. He is calling the mustache a "Clooney". However, it looks like he should bring the handle bars down and go full porn star. He was trying to impress his Papa, by helping put it by him. At the Boo put a stamp on the game with the Two Ricky V's helping. Votta wins 5-1.

Now for the 1040 kid to show why he is so sought after. I recommend that if you want to get him to play like that, you make sure his daughter is there. I mean seriously, bribe Deena to get the Baby there. Lets just say, I do not remember ever seeing a dominating 3 goals in one period, by one player in all of Friday Night Hockey. It started in the second shift of the game. Shawn Smith set up Kreg for his first one. 3 shifts later, Kreg would go unassisted. At the end of the first, it would be Labelle again, this time from Tim Sheehan. Damn natty HATTY!!!! And as the second started, it was deja vu for our friend wearing 27. just 27 seconds in, he would get number 4 from number 4 Tim Sheehan. Ok so now it is just getting sick, right off the next face off, bing bang boom, from Sheehan and Shawn Smith, yep LaBelle scored again. He had the warm room in an uproar, and Charlotte was all smiles and high fives for daddy. Final Touch would struggle at this point with a 5 - 0 deficit. Jay Cinq-Mars said eff you all and scored unassisted, to put Final Touch on the board. Eric Campbell would score the next one for Roman Law in this Kreg Labelle boat race. Shawn Smith would end up with 3 assists in this one. Final touch would put another one in with the help of big and handsome Ricky Votta filling in. But in the end it would be all Red, all Roman and mainly all Labelle.

So here we are, on the 11th week of the season. Manny's still has not been beaten. However, they are vulnerable. With the by week, Vescera and Votta can make up some ground, and likely will. Manville Pizza is the story, with all the tools working, they are the toughest team on the ice. I blame Vadar. Where is Green Goddess and Final Touch in all this? They are just waiting to strike. The chemistry lab is open and they are just finding the right mix. This is a banner season for all. Who will make the playoffs though? It is anyones guess.

Stay tuned readers, off the record, on the Q-T and definitely HUSH HUSH.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love....................Hockey!!!!

This is what happened when Kreg LaBelle got on the ice.